Huw Ware

Huw Ware, born on 4. October 1993, is the youngest of the BDO/WDF callers.
He started his career in 2010 and in 2012 already stood on the stage during the BDO World Championship . After the World Championship 2016 he announced he will withdraw from calling due to other commitments.

Ware lives in Barry in South Wales and still is at university studying to be a reporter. Ware started to get interested in darts when he was 11 years old. Soon he joined a local league and already on his first evening there was asked to referee a match. 2011 he was nominated for the Welsh national team and took part in the WDF Europe Cup Youth - where he reached the semi-finals - and the British Internationals.

When he was asked the same year to work as a referee in the Winmau World Masters he ended his active career in the sport. Ware as most callers works in exhibitions, sometimes as a spotter and commentator. He does not only darts but other sports for example rugby as well - mainly on BBC Radio Wales Sport. Ware has done interviews as well.

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