Andree Welge
Birthday: 6. May 1972
Lives in: Bremen, Germany
Born in: Bremen, Germany
Darts: 24 g
Organisation: PDC

Andree Welge for many years played the DDV tournaments with success. Two times he was German Champion and four times he was nominated for the national team for the World Cup. 202 he coudl qualify for the BDO World Championship.

From the start he played the GDC (now PDC Europe) ranking tournaments and was member of one of the teams of the GDC Premier League which had to be cancelled in 2010 because there were not enough participants.
In 2006 he got a wild card for the PDC World Championship but lost first round to Alan Warriner-Little. In the following years Welge was banned from playing in the national team and in the DDV tournaments.
When in 2008 the European Order of Merit was introduced he manged to qualify with this ranking a second time for the PDC World Championship 2009 but again lost first round this time to Mark Dudbridge.
In 2008 Welge qualified as well for the first European Championship but was again a first round loser.

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