World Matchplay 2015 - 4

Darts, only Darts
On Sunday morning the wind still was rather strong and the temperatures were fresh. The holiday makers were not filling the beach they all seemed to move into the shops probably attracted additionally by the sale. I myself had no time for shopping other then some food for a long day of darts with an afternoon and an evening session.

I thought I was quite early but the press room was already well filled, perhaps due to the weather as well - it was not a day to stay outside. For the crowd the doors were still closed - they only open around one our before the matches begin.

When the first match gets closer and closer the commentators start to get hectic and collect their notes, might be look for another coffee or a water and than disappear to the commentator box which is somewhere upstairs. At the same time the loud music in the venue will begin and for the first time John MacDonald appears on stage to tell everybody the action will start soon. Why John MacDonald speaks his introducing words with his back to crowd I still don't know. But it looks a little bit strange.

The afternoon session brought some upsets and was very entertaining. Andrew Gilding really managed to overcome Mervyn King, a match which paced back and forth all the time. When one of the players threw 1 80 to be sure the opponent threw one as well. After the match I thought that to be sure would be the highlight of the evening, but Bunting against White was no less interesting. Though might be that was due to the fact that John Gwynne was for the match as a guest commentator in the commentators box. Hopefully that will happen again!

Justin Pipe against Jamie Lewis was a surprise match as well as Pipe couldn't contrive ways and means to overcome him. Michael Smith couldn't find a foothold against Gerwyn Price, he looked lacklustre and somehow not interested while Price showed a will to win and put his back into it. Really a very entertaining afternoon!

The evening was not quite so entertaining. Brendan Dolan really just did his job against Vincent van der Voort who had started well with almost hitting a nine-darter, but than somehow lost the thread. Terry Jenkins against Mensur Suljovic was dramatic but not a high class match. Jenkins looked from the beginning he didn't want to be on stage this evening. With all his experience he forced the tiebreaker but then was running on vapours. Gary Anderson to sure played better matches then the one against Steve Beaton but admitted he was a little bit rusty. Lucky for him Beaton had not his best day on the doubles.

The best match of the evening came at the end: James Wade against Kyle Anderson. Kyle Anderson showed another strong performance and threw nine 180s. But is was Wade despite his only three 180s, who was even stronger and won in the end 10:7.

That was the end of a very long day of darts and most of the first round was over but a clear favourite not yet emerged. The best performances so far were from Peter Wright, Ian White and James Wade - none at least with the bookmakers one of the top favourites...

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