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PDC Premier League will be played every Thursday from 6. February - 21. May.
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Januar 2020

Coaching Clinic 57:
We take you back to the late 70's for coaching advice from Welsh legend Leighton Rees

Dartoid in Puerto Vallart:
Darts in Paradise

Adam "Thorn" Smith still in Dominical :
"Flocks, Crocs And Oches"

Interview with Gabriel Clemens

Gabriel Clemens qualified for the PDC World Championship 2020 by the Pro Tour Order of Merit.
To the Interviewnew

1. April
A Danger for the Sport of Darts?

As you can read in the newest issue of the Dr. Dart's Newsletter, a new organisation was set up in England, which considers itself in competition to the PDC and the BDO.
Here the link to the article:

30. March
Corona News
Kyle Anderson has tested positive for Coronavirus. Anderson has returned 10 days ago to Australia to stay with his family during the pandemie. But first he now is in isolation. His wife and son were tested negative.
The tournament calendar is updated regularily.
Tournament Calendar

27. March
Win free participation in Flight School. The price will be drawn among all who till Monday evening have registered interest. Just send a mail to Gewinnspiel.

Darts Performance Centre

Which is the best Out-Shot? Well, that depends on several factors, but the the infamous Double Double can sometimes be the right choice. And is not real a new route!

23. March
Darts in times of the Corona virus - and a competition
As in other sports for the sport of darts at the moment applys - no public events. And due to the restraining order and the closed pubs you can't just meet with friends to play a few games. But dart is a sport ideally suited as an indoor pasttime. you can play just for fun but you can use the time for real practice as well.
For all those looking for practice advice you'll find on the site over the next few weeks some tips for varied practice including some not so well known practice games. Beside we'll run a competition and you can win taking part in the Flight School for free, the darts performance centre practice plan, some flights to fiddle around with and even a set of darts (hopefully the shipment will not take too long...)
This week you can win free participation in Flight School. The price will be drawn among all who till Sunday evening have registered interest. It would be nice would you not only just send your name and e-mail address but perhaps tell how your darting live looks like at the moment or send a dart related picture as well. But that is not essential to take part!!! Just send an e-mail to Competition.

Tournament Calendar
By now the PDC postponed all Premier League days in April. The new dates will be in May, in July, in September and October.
Tournament Calendar

21. March
Dartoids World

It looks Texas is not really safe for dart players - might be...

Is somebody murdering dart players?new

Tournament Calendar
More Cancellations and Postponements were added to the calender. with the exception of the Premier the PDC now postponed all April dates.
Tournament Calendar

Even though by now around the world dart events are cancelled or postponed there are still a few results to catch up.
The Australian West Coast Classic were won by Peter Machin and Tori Kewish. Winners of the youth events were Bailey Marsh and Abbey Morrison.
Winners of the HUB City Open in Canada were Dave Cameron and Karrah Boutilier. Winners of the Halifax Open - in Canada as well - were Nick Smith and Patricia Farrell. And winners of the Candian Greater Vancouver Open were Rory Hansen and Carole Herriott.

18. March
Isle of Man Darts Festival
The Isle of Man Darts Festival was played last weekend.
In all three ladies event in the final Beau Greaves and Fallon Sherrock met and every time Sherrock won. From the men's events Cameron Menzies won the Men's Classic, Thibault Tricole was the winner of the Men's IOM Masters and the IOM Open were won by Michael Warburton. The IOM youth title went to Luke Littler.

Des Jacklin resigned
Des Jacklin, BDO chairman, resigned with immidiate effect. Jacklin took the chair in a for the BDO difficult time in 2018. Till than he more and more came under citicism - among others when he relocated the BDO World Championships from the Lakeside Country Club to the O2 Arena in London and when due to financial problems the price money for the World Championships was reduced and payed out very late. The conditions at the start of the World Masters last year seemed to have been chaotic for which Jacklin was blamed as well.

17. March
Tournament Calender
More tounrmanet postponements and cancellations were added - for example this weeks Premier League Day which was postponed to 1. October.
Tournament Calender

UK Open Day 3 - "And Now For Something Completely Different"
Here comes finally the third UK Open article, due to the Corona Virus outbreak I just didn't find the time till now to publish it. Beside with the not so surprising darts of the finals day it deals with another well-known character from Weston-super-Mare, with John Cleese, one of the founders of Monty Python.
Day 3 - "And Now For Something Completely Different"

16. March
Tournaments cancelled or postponed
Not only the PDC events are affected by the Corona Virus outbreak many other tournaments are cancelled or postponed as well. The Tournament Calendar is actualised correspondingly.
Tournament Calendar

Aspinall and White win in Barnsley
Nathan Aspinall and Ian White were the winners of the two Players Championships at the weekend.
Aspinall won the seventh Players Championship on Saturday, he defeated in the final Brendan Dolan with 8:4. In the semi-finals stood Danny Noppert and James Wade. Aspinall eliminated in the quarterfinals Michael van Gerwen.
Ian White won on Sunday - he prevailed in the final with 8:3 over James Wade. The semi-finals reached Derk Telnekes and Kim Huybrechts. For White it was the first Pro Tour win this year while Aspinall already could celebrate his second win.
For the players from the continent the weeekend was overshadowed by the Corona Virus outbreak. Some withdrew, some only played the Saturday as they had to try to fly home before the imminent closing of the borders.
Participants and Results

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championship Order of Merit were updated.
PDC Rankings
Pro Tour

13. March
PDC Pro Tour
Today in Barsnley the fourth Pro Tour weekend of the year started with the Tour Card Qualifiers for the European Tour Events 3 and 4.
The tournament weekend will continue on Saturday and Sunday with the Players Championship 7 and 8.
Participants, Results

Premier League - Six League Day
After the sixth League Day Glen Durrant still heads the table - he defeated Daryl Gurney with 7:5 and has one point more than Michael van Gerwen who - as in the final of the UK Open - defeated Gerwyn Price. The Challenger of the night Stephen Bunting draw in a from both players nor really high-class match with Rob Cross. Peter Wright won against Michael Smith and Gary Anderson and Nathan Aspinall ended the nigth with another draw.
Results, Table
Report, Statistics

Premier League League Days postponed
Due to the Conora Virus the PDC now postpooned the two Premier League Days in Rotterdam which were planned for the 25. and 26. March. They will now take place on 9. and 10. September. On 10. September the Play-Offs will be played. The former Play-Off League Day in der London's O2 Arean will now be a "normal" Premier League day, while Jugdgement Night will take place in Sheffield on 9. April.

11. March
Premier League
The Premier League still takes places and travels tomorrow to the sixth league day to Liverpool. Challenger of the night will be Stephen Bunting who will play agaist Rob Cross.
In the limelight will probably be the repeat of the UK Open final - Gerwyn Price will meet Michael van Gerwen.
Preview sixth League Day

European Tour Event 2 postponed
The second European Toor Event of the year which should have been played in Sindelfingen has to be postponed as now Baden-Württemberg prevents gatherings with more than thousand people as well.
The PDC added another Players Championship weekend from 28.-29. March to the calendar.

10. March
European Tour Events 3 and 4 postponed
While the UK Open were not affected by the Corona Virus - in the UK there are still a lot less cases than on the continent - the European Tour Events 3 and 4 in Leverkusen and in Munic have to be postponed. Both the federal governments in North Rhine- Westphalia and in Bavaria prevent gatherings of more than 1000 people. It could well happen Baden-Würtemberg will adopt the same attitude. That would mean the European Tour Event 2 in Sindelfingen from the 20. - 22. March will be postponed as well.

UK Open Day 2 - Ritchie Blackmore
As you can already see from the title the article about the second day of the UK Open deals not only with darts but as well Deep Purple's guitarist Ritchie Blackmore who might not have to do much with darts but at least a lot with Weston-super-Mare.
Day 2 - Ritchie Blackmore

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated after the UK Open.
PDC Rankings

8. March
Van Gerwen wins UK Open
Michael van Gerwen wins the UK Open with 11:9 over Gerwyn Price. The final was a quite close match and Gerwyn Price had his chances as well. After he had got the lead in the middle of the match he had a somehow weaker phase and missed too many of his doubles. For van Gerwen it is the third UK Open title.
In the quarterfinals van Gerwen defeated a chance lesss Rob Cross and prevailed in the semifinals without any problems over Daryl Gurney. Gerwyn Price won his quarterfinal against Dimitri van den Bergh and defeated in his semi-final his fellow country man Jonny Clayton, who nevertheless looked quite happy with what he had achieved.
Report, Statisticsnew

On the other side of the bay
Despite the Corona Virus I this year again traveled to the UK Open. Hand Sanitizers and and desinfection wipes are sold out here as well but people seem to be still rather calm.
My first tournament article deals with the town Weston-super-Mare which can be find on the other side of the bay across from Minehead. But of course it deals with the darts of the first tournament day as well and that were quite a lot...
On the other side of the bay

UK Open
Today the UK Open will be played to the end.
In the afternoon the quarterfinals will take place, tonight semi-finals and final. The quarterfinals are Best of 19 Legs, semi-finals an final Best of 21 Legs.

7. March
UK Open - Day 2
While on the first day of the UK Open there were no really big upsets on the second day of the event we had quite a few surprising results and in the sixth round a nine-darter from Jonny Clayton.
From the Top 16 players of the Order of Merit were eliminated Michael Smith, Mensur Suljovic, Gary Anderson, James Wade and Peter Wright. Through to the quarterfinals are Gerwyn Price, Michael van Gerwen, Jelle Klaasen, Daryl Gurney, Jonny Clayton, Jamie Hughes, Dimitri van den Bergh and Rob Cross.
Results, Draw Quarterfinals

UK Open - Day 2
On the second day of the event in the afternoon session the fifth round will be played, in the evening the sixth round will follow. In the afternoon it will be still played on four boards, tonight only on the main stage and the second stage. Format will be best of 19 legs throughout.
Results, Draw Sixth Roundnew

6. March
UK Open - Day 1
Reigning Champion Nathan Aspinall was eliminated on the first day of the event. He was drawn against Michael van Gerwen who defeated him in the end 10:8. Eliminated as well were all Riley's Qualifiers and all players who qualified by the Development Tour. From those who qualified by the Challenge Tour only Kyle McKinstry is still in the event.
Results, Draw fifth Round

UK Open
Today in Minehead the UK Open started. In the afternoon session the first, second and third round were played. Tonight the fourth round will follow in which the top 32 of the Order of Merit will join the event. While the draw for the first three rounds took place before the event the draw for the following round will take place after the previous round has ended. All Tour Card holders have qualified for the event.
Max Hopp had to withdrew short notice due to glandular fever. One of the players will now get a bye in the fourth round.
Schedule, Results

5. March
Premier League - Fifth League Day
The fifth League Day was a night full of upsets. Rob Cross and Daryl Gurney played 6:6 and sit in the last two places of the table. Gerwyn Price played well but had nevertheless no chance at all against Glen Durrant who is back on the top place of the table. Nathan Aspinall had similar little chances against Peter Wright. Luke Humphries really defeated Gary Anderson and won as first Challenger his match - it was the weakest match of the night and Anderson experienced a lot of double trouble. In the final match of the night Michael Smith again defeated Michael van Gerwen - van Gerwen now sits behind Smith in the third place of the table.
Results, Table

Premier League
The PDC braves the Corona Virus - the fifth League Day of Premier League in Exeter will take place. Challenger of the night will be Luke Humphries.
Michael van Gerwen against Michael Smith will be the last match of the night and probably as well the most anticpated match after Smith eliminated last weekend van Gerwen from the Belgian Darts Championship geworfen hat. Luke Humphries will play against Gary Anderson, Nathan Aspinall against Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price against Glen Durrant and the till now luckless Daryl Gurney against Rob Cross.
Schedule, Results
Preview Fifth League Day

2. March
PDC Development Tour
At the weekend in Hildesheim four events of the PDC Development Tour were played. Ryan Meikle won two of the events and now heads the ranking, Winners of the other two tournaments were Berry van Peer and Wessel Nijmann.Most successful German participant was Martin Schinlder who twice reached the final but first time lost to van Peer and second time to Nijmann.

Development Tour

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit, the European Tour Order of Merit and the Development Tour Order of Merit were updated.
PDC Rankings
European Tour

1. March
Price wins in Hasselt
Gerwyn Price defeats Michael Smith in the final with 3:8 and wins the Belgian Darts Championship - the first European Tour Event of the year. Both players impressed throughout the tournament with consistent performances.
Michael Smith defeated on Finals Day Michael van Gerwen, Mervyn King and Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price reached the final with wins over Jamie Hughes, Mensur Suljovic and Dirk van Duijvenbode. Dirk van Duijvenbode and Peter Wright showed great performances as well and the semi-final between Smith and Wright was a hard fought affair. Van Duijvenbode however run out of steam in his semi-final against Price and couldn't keep up any longer.

Belgian Darts Championship - Day 3
Today the tournament will be played to the end in an afternoon - and an evening session.
All Belgian players were eliminated from the event. From the seeded players Glen Durrant, Joe Cullen, Ian White, Jermaine Wattimena and Jonny Clayton didn't survive the second round. There were many high class matches in the second round. In the matches Danny Noppert v Jermaine Wattimena and Jonny Clayton v Steve West all players averaged over 100. The highest average of the tournament so far had Danny Noppert with 108.96.
Schedule, Results

29. February
Belgian Darts Championship - Day 2
On the second day of the tournament the Top 16 of the Pro Tour Order of Merit will play against the first round winners.
From the Belgian participants four progressed into the second round, Geert de Vos and Jeffrey van Egdom were eliminated. The best performances of the first day showed Australian Damon Heta with an 102.48 average at his 6:0 win over Michael Barnard and Dutchman Dirk van Dujivenbode with an 101.59 average at his 6:4 win against Luke Woodhouse.
Schedule, Results

27. February
Premier League - Fourth League Day
While Michael van Gerwen with a win over William O'Connor regained the first place in the table Daryl Gurney lost against Michael Smith as well and still is last in the table. Michael Smith threw a nine-darter during the match. Nathan Aspinall prevailed over Glen Durrant and has as van Gerwen 6 points. Beside there were wins for Gary Anderson and Gerwyn Price who defeated Peter Wright - who had a pitch black night - with 1:7.
Results, Table
Statistics, Report

European Tour 1 - Belgian Darts Championship
Tomorrow in Hasselt in Belgium the first European Tour Event of teh year will begin.
As always in the first round - which will be played tomorrow in an afternoon and an evening session - only the qualifiers will stand at the oche.
By the Host Nation Qualifier tonight Jeffrey van Egdom, Ronny Huybrechts and Geert de Vos qualified for the tournament, by the Associate Members Qualifier Wesley Plaisier and Ryan Harrington.
Participants, Schedule, Resultsnew

Premier League
The Premier League travels for the fourth League Night to Dublin. William O'Connor will be the Challenger of the Night.
Michael van Gerwen hopes to get back to the head of the table - he has to defeat William O'Connor. Daryl Gurney hopes to leave the last place of the table - he has to win against Michael Smith. In the last match of the night Gerwyn Price will play against Peter Wright - both players are in top form at the moment.
Participants, Schedule, Results
Preview Fourth Night

25. February
UK Open
After the field of participants the PDC now published the draw and the schedule of the rounds 1 - 3 of the tournament which will take place in Minehead from 6. - 8. March. The other rounds will be drawn - as always in this tournament - after the conclusion of the preceding round. All Tour Card holders and several qualifiers will take part in the tournament.
UK Open

World Series of Darts
This year again two events of the World Series of Darts will take place in August in Australia - but in new venues in in Wollongong and Townsville.
By now the PDC announced which players beside Fallon Sherrock wil represent the PDC in New York and in Copenhagen.
World Series of Darts

24. February
UK Open
At the weekend the last Rileys Amateur Qualifiers for the UK Open took place. Among the qualifiers are with Alfie Thompson, Justin Smith and Jason Askew three UK Open debutants. Beside Darren Beveridge - second successive UK Open - and James Richardson - seventh UK Open - won a place in the tournament.
The field of participants is now complete and confirmed.
UK Open

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championship Order of Merit were updated.
PDC Rankings
Pro Tour

Wins for Wright and Price in Wigan
Already the third Pro Tour weekend and still no win for Michael van Gerwen - on Saturday he lost in the fifth Players Championship in the Last 32 against German Christian Bunse, on Sunday he lost in the final of the sixth Players Championships against Gerwyn Price.
The fifth Players Championship wos won by a great playing Peter Wright who prevailed in the final over Gerwyn Price. In the semi-finals stood Devon Petersen and Steve Lennon who threw a nine-darter during the event.
On Sunday Gerwyn Price won a close final with 8:7 against Michael van Gerwen. The semi-finals on Sunday reached Krzysztof Ratajski and Stephen Bunting.

21. February
PDC Pro Tour
Tomorrow already the third Pro Tour weekend of the year will begin - again in Wigan. On Saturday and Sunday Players Championships 5 + 6 will be played.
Kyle Anderson is back on the Pro tour but some other Tour Card holders will not take part. They will be replaced by players from the Challenge Tour Order of Merit.
Participants, Results

20. February
Premier League - Third League Day
The Welsh Premier League league day was for the two Welsh players not really a successful night. While Gerwyn Price against Daryl Gurney at least managed a draw Jonny Clayton despite an over 97 average lost 1:7 against Michael Smith. Peter Wright prevailed 7:5 over Rob Cross. Glen Durrant heads after his 7:4 win against Gary Anderson now the table while Michael van Gerwen lost 5:7 against a determined Nathan Aspinall.
Results, Table
Statistics, Report

Premier League
The third league day of Premier League will take place today in Cardiff. Challenger will be Welshman Jonny Clayton.
Today is the "Welsh day" of the Premier League - both Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton will stand at the oche. Gerwyn Price hopes after two draws against Daryl Gurney for his first win of the season. Challenger Jonny Clayton - who last month eliminated Michael van Gerwen from the Masters - will play against Michael Smith.

Participants, Schedule, Results
Preview Third Night

19. February
UK Open
By the Riley's Amateur Qualifiers some more players qualified for the UK Open which will begin on 6. March in Minehead. Rhys Hayden and Lewis Williams will take part for the first time in the UK Open, Scott Taylor for the fourth time, Adam Smith-Neale qualified for the first time since 2012 for the event, Kevin Burness qualified for the second successic year. Welshman Robert Owen will take part for the third time in the UK Open - 2018 he played himself into the semi-finals.
UK Open

17. February
Jim Williams and Beau Greaves were the singles winners of the Scottish Open at the weekend, Greaves defeated in the final Fallon Sherrock. Ryan Hogarth and Cameron Menzies won the men's pairs, Deta Hedman and Beau Greaves the ladies pairs.
Winners of the Camellia Classic in the USA were Leonard Gates and Theresa Quan. The youth event won Ben Knight-Moreau. The Canadian Quebec Open titles won David Cameron and Samantha Gibbons.
Winners of the singles of the Dutch Open were Ross Montgomery and Aileen de Graaf. Montgomery won together with Martin Adams the men's pairs as well, Lorraine Winstanley and Margaret Sutton won the ladies pairs. The youth titles went to Mark Tabak and Lena Rietbergen. The paradarters event was won by Kwanghee Cho.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championship Order of Merit were updated.
PDC Rankings

16. February
Searle and Ratajski win in Wigan
Ryan Searle and Krzysztof Ratajski won the two Players Championships at the weekend in Wigan.
Searle won on Saturday Players Championship 3 - he defeated in the final Michael van Gerwen with 8:6. In the semi-finals stood Jeffrey de Zwaan and Peter Wright. Danny Noppert and Mervyn King threw a nine-darter during the event. For Searle it was the first PDC Pro Tour win.
On Sunday Krzysztof Ratajski won the fourth Players Championship 2020. he defeated in a close final Ian White. The semi-finals reached Danny Noppert and again Peter Wright. It was already Ratajski's fifth win on the Pro Tour.
European Tour Event 1
European Tour Event 2

13. February
PDC Pro Tour
Tomorrow the second Pro Tour weekend of the year will begin - this time in Wigan - with the Tour Card holders qualifiers for the European Tour Events 1 + 2. This year for each event only one qualifier will be played for all Tour Card holders. On Saturday and Sunday Players Championships 3 + 4 will be played.
The only Tour Card holder not taking part is Kyle Anderson who will be replaced in both Players Championships by Scott Mitchell.

Premier League - Second League Day
The second league day started with a close 7:5 win of Rob Cross against Nathan Aspinall and ended with a clear7:1 win of Michael van Gerwen over Daryl Gurney, by which van Gerwen moved up to the first playce of the table. In between were three close matches which all ended with a draw. Michael Smith was already 6:3 in the lead against Gerwyn Price who somehow managed to win the last three legs of the match. Neither Gary Anderson nor Peter Wright, who suffered from an ankle injury turned up in top form but it was a thrilling game. Glen Durrant had a lot of double trouble against Fallon Sherrock but in the end hit the double for the 6:6 in his first attempt.
Results, Table
Statistics, Report

Premier League
Tonight the Premier League comes for the second league day to Nottingham. Today's contender will be Fallon Sherrock.
Of course the match between Fallon Sherrock and Glen Durrant will be in the limelight. But it will probably not be the only highlight as Gary Anderson will play against Peter Wright and both players look to be in top form at the moment. And might be we'll see another outstanding performance of Nathan Aspinall who dominated the second Players Championship of the year last Sunday.
Participants, Schedule, Results
Preview Second Nightnew

9. February
Anderson and Aspinall win in Barnsley
Gary Anderson and Nathan Aspinall were the winners of the first Players Championships weekend of the year. Gary Anderson won on Saturday the first Players Championship, he defeated in the final Canadian Jeff Smith. In the semifinals stood Brendan Dolan and Adrian Lewis. During the event Mickey Mansell and Mike van Duivenbode threw a nine-darter.
The second Players Championship on Sunday was dominated by Nathan Aspinall, who impressed all day with high averages. The highest came in the quarterfinal against Peter Wright with 117,5. Wright had in this match an average of 113,7. Beside Aspinall threw a nine-darter Neun-Darter. The semi-finals reached Gabriel Clemens and Dirk van Duijvenbode. Beside Aspinall Scott Baker and Keegan Brown threw nine-darters.
Pro Tour

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and der Players Championship Order of Merit were updated after the first Pro Tour weekend.
PDC Rankings

7. February
PDC Pro Tour
Tomorrow the PDC Pro Tour will begin in Barnsley with the first two Players Championships of the year. With the exception of Kyle Anderson all Tour Card Holders - among them for the first time Lisa Ashton - will stand at the oche.
Participants, Results

6. February
Premier League - First League Day
After the first League Day the two debutants among the permanent participants head the table - both won their matches with 7:3; Nathan Aspinall defeated John Henderson in the weakest match of the night, Glen Durrant prevailed over Michael Smith who one again had problems to hit his doubles. Michael van Gerwen defeated Peter Wright with 7:5. Gary Anderson won with the same result against Daryl Gurney - so the Scottish crowd at least could celebrate one Scottish win. In the last match of the night Rob Cross was already 6:4 in the lead but Gerwyn Price didn't give in and managed to draw 6:6.
Results, Table
Statistics, Report

Premier League
Tonight in Aberdeen this year's Premier League will begin. As last year Premier League will have only nine permanent participants and till Judgement Night every League Day a different challenger will stand on stage as well. In Aberdeen it will be again John Henderson who managed a draw last year against Michael van Gerwen. This year he will play against Nathan Aspinall. But of course the newly crowned Scottish World Champion Peter Wright will be in the limelight who in a repeat of the world championship final will play against Michael van Gerwen.
Participants, Schedule, Results

3. February
DAZN Super League Darts Germany
After the first weekend of Super League Germany Gabriel Clemens heads the table with 12 wins. On second place follows Martin Schindler, who won 11 matches at the weekend. Kevin Münch and Dragutin Horvat sit in third and fourth rank after 10 wins each..
DAZN Super League

Winners of the Romanian Classic at the weekend were the newly crowned BDO World Champion Wayne Warren and Amanda Harwood. The Romanian International were won by Nick Kenny and Deta Hedman gewonnen. Romanian Laszlo Kadar reached the final - he is the first ever Romanian who stood in a WDF Final.
Matt Campbell and Darlene van Sleeuwen won the Canadian KW Try City Open, Jim Edwards and Crystal Chaisson the Snowflake Open - as well in Canada.
Winners of the Australian Victorian Classic were Arron Morrison and Tori Kewish. During the International Games in Reykjavik in Iceland for the first time a darts event was played. The men's winner war Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir, the ladies winner Páll Árni Péturson.

UK Open
By now the first five from all in all 16 Rileys Amateur Qualifiers for the UK Open were played.
Qualified till now are Jason Heaver, Jamie Clark, Adam Huckvale, Kevin Self and Fallon Sherrock. So in this year's UK Open two women will stand at the oche in Minehead as Lisa Ashton as Tour Card holder is as well qualified for the tournament.
UK Open

2. February
Wright wins Masters
In a very close final Peter Wright prevailed with 11:10 over Michael Smith and won the Masters title. Wright dominated the match most of the time but was not get rid of Smith. Smith forced the match into a deciding leg but missed three matchdarts on the double 20 while Wright hit with his last dart the double 8 for the win.
Smith defeated on his way into the final today first Adrian Lewis and then Nathan Aspinall. Wright reached the final with wins over Dave Chisnall and Gary Anderson.
Report, Statistics, Finals Daynew

1. February
The Masters - Day 2
The second evening with the last four First Round matches was a highclass and thrilling evening - all the matches were close. Dave Chisnall - for the first time with glasses - defeated Daryl Gurney with 10:8. With the same result a convincing Gary Anderson defeated Ian White. World Champion Peter Wright impressed with an 103.55 average - the till now highest of the tournament - and defated a persistent Joe Cullen with 10:7. In the last match of the night due to an unbelievable comeback by Simon Whitlock it suddenly became very tight for Gerwyn Price. But in the last leg of the match the Australian couldn't keep up his scoring and Price won 10:9.
Report, Statistics, Second Daynew

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