German Darts Championship

The German Darts Championship is the tenth event of the PDC European Tour 2018 and takes place from 31. August - 2. September in Hildesheim.
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31. July

Coaching Clinic 50:
You Loser!

Is North Korea's Jong-un a darting talent?:
Dear Jong-un...

Adam "Thorn" Smith travels again :
The Barbados Darts Festival

Interview with Mark McGeeney

Mar McGeeney is one of the BDO/WDF top players. This year he reached the final of the BDO World Championships and as last year he will take part in the Grand Slam of Darts.
To the Interview

13. August
Nordic and Baltic Tour
At the weekand in Gothenburg in Schweden the Events 7 and 8 of the Nordic and Baltic Tour took place. The winners were Daniel Larsson and Marko Kantele. During the weekend the qualifiers for the European Tour Events 11,12 and 13 were played as well. for the 11. Event Darius Labanauskas qualified, for ET 12 Magnus Caris and for ET 13 Marko Kantele. Beside the qualifier for the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship took place as well and Nicolai Rasmussen and Hampus Norrstrom got the two places for qualifiers from Scandinavia.
Nordic - and Baltic Tour

PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship will take place this year for the eight time and the PDC announced some chances in the event. The number of participants will increase to 96 - 24 international qualifiers and 72 players from the Developement Tour Order of Merit. Beside the format will be changed - the tournament will begin with a group phase with 32 groups of 3 players each. The 32 group winners then will play knock out.
PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship

Who is already qualified for the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship you can find here:
PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2018

The titles of the Mongolia Open went to Odkhuu Khundaganai and Erdenechimeg Dondov. winners of the Mongolia Masters were Altantulkhuur Myagmarsuren and - in the women's event - again Erdenechimeg Dondov.
Winners of the Events 7 and 8 of the Championship Darts Circuit were Chuck Paleo and Nick Linberg. The final of the CDC Youth Tour won Gavin Nicoll.

12. August
Wright wins Melbourne Darts Masters
With a hard fought 11:8 win over Michael Smith Peter Wright secured himself the Melbourne Darts Masters title. Before Wright defeated in the semi-finals Michael van Gerwen with 11:7 while Smith prevailed 11:5 against Gary Anderson durchsetzte.
On Friday the World Series will continue with the event in Brisbane.
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11. August
Melbourne Darts Masters - Day 2
After the second day of the Melbourne Darts Masters with Damon Heta the last of the qualifiers is out of the tournament though it was no easy win for Gary Anderson. Michael Smith against Rob Cross and Michael van Gerwen against Simon Whitlock had to battle as well before they progressed into the semi-finals. Only Peter Wright had no problems at all with Raymond van Barneveld and won 10:4.
Tomorrow in the semi-finals Michael Smith will play against Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen against the Peter Wright.
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10. August
Melbourne Darts Masters - Day 1
On the first day of the Melbourne Darts Masters with the exception of Kyle Anderson all PDC representatives won their matches. Kyle Anderson was defeated by Damon Deta - his best friend and school mate who celebrated his 31. birthday today. Michael van Gerwen showed a great 112.16 average against Raymond Smith while Peter Wright was clinical on his doubles: he hit his six doubles all in his first attempt.
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8. August
Melbourne Darts Masters
Tomorrow the World Series of Darts will continue with the Melbourne Darts Masters. For the PDC Michael van Gerwen, Simon Whitlock, Peter Wright, Raymond van Barneveld, Rob Cross, Michael Smith, Gary Anderson and Kyle Anderson will stand at the oche. Among the Australian qualifiers with Mike Bonser and Raymond O'Donnell there are two World Series debutants. As the tournament was won last year by Phil Taylor there'll be a new champion this year.
Matches, Schedule first round

7. August
Coaching Clinic
Almost every darts player is accompanied by fears wehn he walks to the oche. In this Coaching Clinic means are shown how to handle those fears and might be even to get rid of them completely.
The F Word - Fear!

Winners of the Belgium Open on Saturday were Glen Durrant and Lisa Ashton. The youth titles got Daan Bastiaansen and Rosanne van der Velde. The Belgium Masters titles on Sunday won Justin van Tergouw and again Lisa Ashton. The youth events were won by Danny de Graaf and Lena Rietbergen.
Winners of the Luxembourg Open were Deta Gedman und Roger Janssen. Deta Hedman won the Luxembourg Masters as well, the men's title went to Mario Vandenbogarde.
The Kuching City Open Darts in Malysia were won by Michael Viola and Melania Maidi.

5. August
Van Gerwen wins in Auckland
Today in Auckland the semi-finals and the final of the Auckland Darts Masters took place. As van Gerwen defeated in the semi-finals Peter Wright and Raymond van Barneveld prevailed against Simon Whitlock we had an all Dutch final. Van Gerwen was in the final not as brilliant as in his other matches of the tournament but dominated nevertheless and defeated his fellow country man with 11:4.
Next Friday the World Series will go on with the event in Melbourne.
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4. August
Auckland Darts Masters - Day 2
On the second day of the Auckland Darts Masters with Mark McGrath the last of the qualifiers was eliminated from the tournament by Raymond van Barneveld. As well out after the second round are Rob Cross and reigning champion Kyle Anderson. In the match of the day Michael van Gerwen got rid of his frustration to lose first round in the World Matchplay and defeated Gary Anderson with 10:4.
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3. August
Auckland Darts Masters
Today in Auckland the Auckland Darts Masters began. Due to problems with his visa Corey Cadby had to withdrew and was replaced by Ben Robb.
Some of the PDC representatives had their problems in the first round but won - with the exception of Michael Smith who was defeated 6:4 by Mark McGrath - their matches. McGrath is the only of the eight qualifiers who progressed into the second round. The best performance of the first round showed Michael van Gerwen who won with an 102.45 average with 6:2 against Cody Harris. Reigning champion Kyle Anderson is still in the tournament as well..
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31. July
Adam "Thorn" Smith around the World

After the cruise is over Adam "Thorn" Smith travels to Central America. His first stop is Panama.
A Lucky Draw in Panama

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated after the World Matchplay.
PDC Rankings

29. July
Anderson wins World Matchplay
In a thrilling and very close final Gary Anderson defeated Mensur Suljovic with 21:19 and for the first time won the World Matchplay title.
During the match the lead changed several times and both players had some weaker periods in a very highclass match, which the opponent always used to turn the tide. After Suljovic had managed to win four legs in a row to level 17:17 the match went into the tiebreak and to win a player now needed a two legs lead. Only when it was 19:19 Anderson managed to win those necessary two legs.
Statistic, Report Finale

World Matchplay
In the final of the World Matchplay tonight Mensur Suljovic and Gary Anderson will meet. For both players it is the first World Matchplay final. Mensur Suljovic defeated in the semifinals under playing Peter Wright with 13:17. The second semifinal was really highclass and Jeffrey de Zwaan once again impressed but had no chance in the end against an outstanding playing Gary Anderson. Anderson gewann won 17:12
Statistics, Report Semifinals

28. July
World Matchplay - Quarterfinals 2
The second quarterfinals night was not as close and thrilling as the first one. Darren Webster was not easily shaken off but in the end Mensur Suljovic won 16:13 nevertheless. Even more clearly dominated was the second match by Peter Wright and his clinical finishing he won 16:5 over Simon Whitlock.
Tonight in the semi-finals Mensur Suljovic will play against Peter Wright and Gary Anderson against Jeffrey de Zwaan.
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27. July
World Matchplay - Quarterfinals 1
Jeffrey de Zwaan continued his World Matchplay dreaum debut in the quarterfinals with a 16:8 win over Dave Chisnall. It was a close match till the 7:7 after which chisnall couldn't keep up any longer. The second quarterfinal was very close and thrilling. Gary Anderson threw already in his fourth leg a nine-darter but experinced a lot of double trouble on the double 20 as well. Joe Cullen used his chances but missed a few match darts and in the end Anderson progressed with a 19:17 win into the semifinals.
Statistic, Report

25. July
World Matchplay - Day 5
The last second round evening was not as highclass as the first one but we saw the next upset: Robd Cross lost 8:11 to Darren Webster and another favorit to win the event was elimnated. In the first match of the evening, in which both players experienced some double trouble, Simon Whitlock defeated James Wade. After that Mensur Suljovic won against Ian White whose comeback came too late. In the last match of the evening - and the second round - a strong playing Peter Wright had no problem to defeat Kim Huybrechts 11:5.

The third pier
The first evening of the second round of course is in the lime light of the fourth article - that really was a great evening. Beside I make a sligh detour to a Blackpool singularity: Blackpool has not one or two but three piers!
The third pier

World Matchplay
Tonight the second round of the World Matchplay will be played to the end. First Simon Whitlock will play against James Wade. After that Mensur Suljovic and Ian White will stand at the oche. In the third match World Champion Rob Cross meets Darren Webster. The final match of the night will be the match between Peter Wright and Kim Huybrechts.

World Matchplay - Day 4
What an evening of darts! On the first evening of the second round we saw three thrilling matches and one one sided in which Joe Cullen defeated a not good playing Daryl Gurney 11:3. The other three matches were rather close. Surprisingly Dave Chisnall defeated Michael Smith 11:8 - Smith just couldn't keep up in the second half of the match. Jeffrey de Zwaan eliminated after Michael van Gerwen a strong playing Adrian Lewis as well and Gary Anderson won after a slow start 11:9 against Raymond van Barneveld.He had with 104.17 the till now highest average of the tournament.
Statistics, Report

24. July
Dancing along...
The third article from Blackpool has a closer view on the venue. After all the Empress Ballroom is not called Empress Ballroom without a reason. But of course the darts on the last first round evening come into their own as well.
Dancing along...

World Matchplay
Tonight in Blackpool the first four matches of the second round will be played. Dave Chisnall plays against Michael Smith, Daryl Gurney against Joe Cullen, Jeffrey de Zwaan against Adrian Lewis and Gary Anderson against Raymond van Barneveld.

World Matchplay - Day 3
The last evening with first round matches was a quite entertaining evening with two matches which went into the tie break and two qite one sided matches. The first match was won by Kim Hiybrechts in a Sudden Death leg against John Henderson. The second match was won 10:2 by Simon Whitlock. Match three between James Wade and Jermaine Wattimena was won by Wade in the tie break. The last match was dominated by Peter Wright though Jelle Klaasen had a few more chances then Richard North against Simon Whitlock. Wright won in the end 10:5 und threw even a 170 finish to get his ninth leg.
Statistics, Report

23. July
World Matchplay

On the third day of the tournament the last four first round matches will be played. The last two debutants Ricard North and Jermaine Wattimena will stand at the oche. They will play against Simon Whitlock and James Wade.

The Second Day

The second article only deals with darts. Day two was a very long day of darts with no big surprises but quite a lot of darts...
The second day

World Matchplay - Day 2
On a long day of darts in Blackpool eight first round matches were played. There were no real upsets - from the seeded players only Gerwyn Price was elimnated by Joe Cullen. With Steve Lennon and Max Hopp two more debutants didn't survive the first round. The first match which went into over time this year was the match between Daryl Gurney and Steve West which was won by Gurney as West missed too many matchdarts. Gary Anderson and Rob Cross played the so far highest averages of the tournament.
Statistics, Report

Superleague Germany
On the third league weekend of Superleague Germany Martin Schindler was the most successful player winning 13 of his matches. Due to this he now heads the table. Maik Langendorf won 12 matches and mved up to third place. Gabriel Clemensas well had a good weekend winning 10 matches and even throwing a nine-darter on Saturday.
Superleague Germany

22. July
World Matchplay - Day 2
On the second day of the World Matchplay an afternoon and an evening session will be played with four first round matches each. In the afternoon German Max Hopp will play against Ian White. In the evening session Gary Anderson and Rob Cross, now the fvorites to win, will play against Stephen Bunting and Mervyn King respectively.

Eeverybody is here,...
Once again Globaldarts is for a few days in Blackpool to report live from the World Matchplay.
Of course the first articles deals with the so surprising darts of the first night of the tournament but you'll hear about a well known musician as well who was born in Blackpool

Everybody is here,...

21. July
World Matchplay - Day 1
The first day of the World Matchplay brought the probably biggest upset of this year's tournament - Michael van Gerwen, favourite t0 win the tournament - was eliminated as in the UK Open by his fellow country man Jeffrey de Zwaan. Beside this all other matches of the night seemed to fade. Adrian Lewis celebrated a comeback win over James Wilson, Dave Chisnall had no problems with a weak playing Keegan Brown and Michael Smith defeated Jonny Clayton.
Statistics, Report

World Matchplay
Today in Blackpool the World Matchplay will begin. Tonight the first four matches of the first round will be played. Among others the fovourite to win the title Michael van Gerwen will stand at the oche against Jeffrey de Zwaan.
This year the Sky Team will be joined by Phil Taylor who won the tournament last year for the 16. time before he withdrew from his active career at the start of this year.

18. July
World Matchplay - Preview Part 2

The top favorites to win the title are more or less the same as last year only that Rob Cross replaced Phil Taylor. But of course there are some outsiders with chances in the mix as well.
The Favorites

16. July
World Matchplay - Preview Part 1
This year six debutants will enter the World Matchplay and will for the first time walk on the Stage of the Empress Ballrooms in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Who are they and what are theit chances in the tournament? In the first part of the preview they are introduced.
The Debutants

The singles titles of the WDF Europe Cup Youth won Dutchman Jurjen van Velde and Beau Greaves from England. The pairs boys title won the Irish pair Heffernan/Barry, the girls title the English pair Greaves/Reeves. The Team contest of the boys won the Dutch team.
Winner of the BDO Wolverhampton Classic was Scott Baker, the Wolverhampton Open were won by Dave Parletti.

14. July
Smith wins in Shanghai
With an 8:2 win over Rob Cross in the final of the Shanghai Darts Masters Michael Smith won his first World Series title. Smith before defeated in the quarterfinals the last Asian representative Royden Lam and eliminated in the semifinals Michael van Gerwen. Cross - who couldn't keep up in the final his perfomances in the earlier rounds - defeated in the quarterfinals James Wade and prevailed in the semi-finals against Peter Wright.
Matches, Results, Statistics

12. July
Shangai Darts Masters
Tomorrow in Shanghai the Shanghai Darts Masters will begin, the next event of the PDC World Series. For the PDC again Gary Anderson, Michael Smith, Michael van Gerwen, Daryl Gurney, Rob Cross, James Wade, Peter Wright and Gerwny Price will stand at the oche. They will play against the Asian qualifiers Royden Lam, Xiaochen Zonh, Lihao Wen, Lourence Ilagan. Chengan Liu, Hailong Chen, Segio Asada and Yuanjun Liu. Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen will play first round against Lihao Wen.
The tournament will again be streamed live by the Official PDC Stream.
Matches, Results, Statistics


Welshman Jim Williams and Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova won the Gateway BDO International Open. Winners of the RedDragion Welsh Open were David Parletti and Fallon Sherrock.
The Apatin Open titles won Serbian Oliver Ferenc and Hungarian Veronika Ihasz. Winner of the Open Youth event was Austrian Nico Langer.

Auckland Darts Masters
By now the field of participants of the Auckland Darts Masters is complete. The tournament will take place from 3. - 5. August. By the last qualifier qualified Mark McGrath, born in England who took part in the PDC World Championship 2015, and John Hurring.
The PDC will be represented in Auckland by Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Rob Cross, Gary Anderson, Simon Whitlock, Kyle Anderson, Michael Smith and Raymond van Barneveld. The PDC Spieler will play against Corey Cadby, Cody Harris, Warren Parry, Hauoai Puha, Tim Pusey, Tahuna Irwin, Mark McGrath and John Hurring.
World Series of Darts

9. July
World Matchplay
The PDC now published the deteailled schedule of the first and second round of the PDC Wolrd Matchplay. The first round of the event will be played on 21, 22. and 23. July and the match between Adrian Lewis and James Wilson will open the tournamnt. Michael van Gerwen, favourit to win the event, will as well play on the first evening against Jeffrey de Zwaan. The match between Peter Wright and Jelle Klaasen on Monday night will be the last first round match. On 24. and 25. July the second round will take place, on 26. and 27. July the quarterfinals will be played, on 28. July the semi-finals and on 29. July the final.
Schedule, Participants

Dartoids World

Dartoid thinks from all what he reads and hears about North Korea's head of state Kim Jong-un he could well be a talented darts player. Will he invite Dartoid to learn more about the sport???
Dear Jong-un...

8. July
Anderson wins U.S. Masters
With an 8:4 win over Rob Cross Gary Anderson won in Las Vegas the U.S.Masters. Anderson defeated on the second day of the tournament Dawson Murschell - the only North American player who had survived the first round and a strong James Wade in the semi-finals. Cross prevaied over Michael Smith and Peter Wright. Last year's winner Michael van Gerwen lost in the quarterfinals with 3:8 against James Wade.
The eight players and the PDC now travels on to Shanghai where on 13. and 14. July the Shanghai Darts Masters will take place.
Results, Statistics

6. July
World Matchplay
During the North American Championship in Las Vegas the draw for the World Matchplays took place. The bookmakers favourit to win the event - Michael van Gerwen - will open his tournament against Jeffrey de Zwaan who defeated him during the UK Open. Debutant Max Hopp will play first round against Ian White who recently defeated him in Hamburg.
World Matchplay Draw

U.S. Darts Masters
Today Las Vegas the U.S.Darts Masters will begin, the second event of the World Series of Darts 2018.
In the first round eight PDC Pros will play against eight Northamerican players. Those will be the same eight players who qualified by the qualifiers for the North American Championship. Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen will play in the first round against the newly crowned North American Champion Jeff Smith. The only North American who survived the first round of the event last year - Dawson Murschell - will this year play in the first round against Gerwyn Price.
The tournament again is streamed by the Official PDC Stream.
Matches, Results, Statistics
Tournament Information

Jeff Smith wins North American Championship
With a 6:4 win over John Norman Jnr Jeff Smith wins North American Championship and so cecures himself a place in the PDC World Championship 2019.
Smith reached the final with wins over Ross Snook and Danny Lauby while Norman first white washed David Cameron and than won a close match against gewann Dawson Murschell who missed the winning double in his attempt.

5. July
North American Championship
Before the U.S. Darts Masters, the second event of this year's PDC World Series of Darts, the North American Championship will take place today in Las Vegas. The winner of the event will get a place in the PDC World Championship 2019.
Four qualifiers took place by which eight players qualified for both the North American Championship and the U.S. Darts Masters. Qualfied are: Jeff Smith, Dawson Murschell. John Norman Jnr, DJ Sayre, David Cameron, Ross Snook, who already took part in the PDC World Championship 2017, Joseph Huffmann and Daniel Lauby.
The North American Championship will be streamed tonight from eight p.m. BST by the Official PDC Stream.

Darts Performance Centre 01 Darts (Elementary range)
Of course beside the Elementary 02 Darts there exist as well the Elementary 01 Darts of the Darts Performance Centre. They as well came on the market recently and stand out due to a very special grip. Here the first of two reviews of this dart.
DPC Elementary 01 Darts

2. July
World Matchplay
After the European Darts Matchplay the field of participants in the World Matchplay in Blackpool now is known.
With Jonny Clayton, Max Hopp, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Jermaine Wattimena and Steve Lennon there will be five debutants in Blackpool this year.
World Matchplay

1. July
Van Gerwen wins European Darts Matchplay
Michael van Gerwen won in Hamburg the European Darts Matchplay with an 8:2 win over William O'Connor. His way in the final on finals day went over wins against Robert Thornton, Ian White and Stephen Bunting. William O'Connor - who entered the tournament as unseeded qualifier - defeated on finals day Kim Huybrechts, Mensur Suljovic and Andy Boulton. Van Gerwen won in Hamburg already for the third time, O'Connor reached the final of an European Tour event for the first time.

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