European Tour 9
The Dutch Darts Masters are the ninth event of the PDC European Tour and will be played from 1. - 3. September in Maastricht, Netherlands. The Top 16 of the Pro Tour Order of Merit and 32 qualifiers will take part.
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7. June

Coaching Clinic 44:
How to practice hitting the doubles

Why no team from the Philippines in the PDC World Cup:
An Open Letter to Barry Hearn - about the Philippines.

Adam "Thorn" Smith in Mallorca :
My Oche in Mallorca

Interview with Diogo Portela

Diogo Portela is the first dart player from Brazil on the PDC Circuit.
To the Interview

18. August
Melbourne Darts Masters - Day 1
Corey Cadby was not to be stopped in Melbourne - he defeated in the first round Raymond van Barneveld with 6:4. All other local qualifiers didn't survive the first round. The winner in Auckland, Kyle Anderson, was defeated 1:6 by fellow country man Simon Whitlock - in the best match of the first day.
Results, Statistics Day 1
Schedule Day 2

17. August
Melbourne Darts Masters
The PDC caravan by now arrived in Melbourne in Australia were tomorrow the Melbourne Darts Masters will begin.
The winner in Auckland, Kyle Anderson, will play in the first round against his fellow country man Simon Whitlock. The two Australians stood during the PDC World Cup as Team Australia together at the oche. Auckland's runner-up Corey Cadby will play in Melbourne against Raymond van Baeneveld.
World Series of Darts

15. August
The Secret Formula ...
Does there exist some kind of secret recipe when you want to improve your game??? Karl Hartmann asked himself this question when he once again s got expasperated during practice.The reply he found was disillusioning...
The Secret Formula ...

Winners of the Nordic and Baltic Tour Events at the weekend were Kim Viljanen and Marko Kantele. By the qualifiers for the European Tour events Daniel Larsson (ET10), Dennis Nilsson (ET11) and Madars Razma (ET12) qualified.
Winners of the Antwerp Open were Jim Williams and Deta Hedman. The youth titles won Owen Roelofs and Lerena Rietbergen. Winners of the Antwerp Masters were Martin Atkins and again Deta Hedman. The youth events were won by Lerena Rietbergen and Danny de Graaf.
The New Zealand Open were won by Darren Herewini and Judy Fenton. Winners of the USA Classic werevon Larry Butler and Paula Murphy. The youth titles got Tyler Burnett and Jenna Yazbek.
Winners of the Belgium Open were Derek Telnekes and Aileen de Graaf. The youth events won Daan Bastiaansen and Beau Greaves who won the Belgium Masters youth titles as well. The other winners of the Belgium Masters were Deta Hedman and Andy Baetens.
Nordic und Baltic Tour

13. August
Kyle Anderson wins Auckland Darts Masters
For the first time one of the local players managed to win a World Series event: with a close 11:10 against his fellow country man Corey Cadby Australian Kyle Anderson got the title. Before Anderson defeated in the semi-finals James Wade while Cady overcome Phil Taylor who celebrates today his 57. birthday.
Results, Statistics Finals Day

12. August
Auckland Darts Masters - Day 2
The local players again prevailed on the second day of the Auckland Darts Open: Kyle Anderson defeated Simon Whitlock and Corey Cadby won gainst the in the first round so strong playing Michael Smith. After the second day from the PDC Top players only James Wade and Phil Taylor are still in the tournament. Tomorrow in the semi-finals James Wade will play against Kyle Anderson and Phil Taylor will meet Corey Cadby.
Results, Statistics Day 2

11. August
Auckland Darts Masters - Day 1
While the first six matches on the first day of the Auckland Darts Masters were won by the PDC Top players Michael Smith, Daryl Gurney, James Wade, Raymond van Barneveld, Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock Gary Anderson and Peter Wright lost against strong playing local opponents Kyle Anderson and Corey Cadby.
Results, Statistics

10. August
Auckland Darts Masters
Tomorrow in New Zealand the Auckland Darts Master will begin - a tournament of the PDC World Series of Darts.
Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis will not take part. From the PDC Top players Gary Anderson, Phil Taylor, Peter Wright, James Wade, Michael Smith, Daryl Gurney, Raymond van Barneveld and Simon Whitlock will stand at the oche and play against players from New Zealand and Australia.
Reigning champion Gary Anderson will play against Kyle Anderson and Phil Taylor will open his last Auckland Darts Masters against debutant Darren Herewini.
World Series of Darts

Outshot Table
There are a lot of possibles ways to get from 501 to zero points. Quite a headache often cause the finishes. George Silberzahn published within the context of his flightschool an outshot table we here present to you.
Outshot Table Flightschool

7. August
Kyle Anderson and Dave Chisnall win in Barnsley
Kyle Anderson won on Saturday in Barnsley his first Pro Tour Event. He defeated in the final Kevin Painter. The semi-finals reached Jermaine Wattimena and Michael Smith. Anderson not only won but threw a nine-darter as well during his fourth round match against Kim Huybrechts. As well a nine-darter threw Jamie Lewis in his match against John Part.
On Sunday the win went to Dave Chisnall den Sieg. He defeated in the final Richard North. In dthe semi-finals stood Stephen Bunting and Ryan Searle.

Qualifiers ET 10 and 11
The Pro Tour weekend in Barnsley started already on Friday with the qualifiers for the European Tour Events 10 and 11. Already in those Kyle Anderson was successful and managed - as Darren Webster, Mick McGowan, Steve Beaton and Keegan Brown - to qualify for both events. Mickey Mansell threw a nine-darter during the ET 10 Qualifier while Rob Hewson threw one during the ET 11 Qualifier.

ET 10, known participants
ET 11, known pariticipants

Auckland Darts Masters
The Auckland Darts Masters will be the next World Series of Darts event. The will be played from 11. - 13. August in Auckland, New Zealand. The field of participants is now complete - by the DPNZ Qualifier Mark Cleaver, Darren Herewini and Mob Modra qualified.
World Series of Darts

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and der Championship Order of Merit were updated after the Pro Tour Weekend in Barnsley.
PDC Rankings

3. August
Pro Tour Weekend
This weekend in Barnsley the next Pro Tour weekend of the PDC takes place.
The weekend begins on Friday with the UK Qualifiers for the European Tour Events 10 and 11 in Mannheim and Riesa. On Saturday and Sunday the Players Championships 17 and 18 will be played. Gary Anderson, Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright and Raymond van Barneveld didn't register for Barnsley.
Participants, Results
German Darts Grandprix
International Darts Open

Coaching Clinic
A reliable technique is obligatory for an ambitious dart player. What do you have to consider when you practice your technique?
Beside the Coaching Clinic offers a practice game you can play with a practice partner.
We discuss technique and have another practice game for you

Winners of the Mongolia Open were Ganzorig Sharavsambuu and Erdenechimeg Dondov. The youth event was won byPurevsuren.B. Erdenechimeg Dondov won the ladies event of the Mongolia Masters as well, the men's event was won by Sainbayar Khayankhyarvaa.
The Pazifik Masters - which were played in Australia this year - were won by Andrew Townes and Tori Kewish - both from Australia.
Winners of the India Nationals youth tournaments were Manav Babaria and Sanyogita.The ladies event won Aneesha Mehta, the men's event Piyush Chauhan.

2. August
Champions League
The field of the Champions League 2017 - which will be played on 16. and 17. September in Cardiff - was announced. Beside reigning Phil Taylor Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Adrian Lewis and Gary Anderson will again stand at the oche. Completed is the field by the three debutants Raymond van Barneveld, Dave Chisnall and Mensur Suljovic.
Participants, Groups

World Series Of Darts
Due to his performance during the World Matchplay Daryl Gurney was invited to the World Series of Darts Events in Auckland, Melbourne and Perth. The field of the PDC Top players is complete.
David Platt, Dave Marland and Koha Kokiri qualified by the DPA Qualifier for the World Series Event in Melbourne. Cody Harris is the DPNZ Qualifier of the event. Two DPA Qualifiers for the event in Perth are known as well - Adam Rowe and as in Melbourne Koha Kokiri.
World Series of Darts

31. July
World Matchplay Gallery

The World Matchplay Gallery with my pictures of the first and second round in blackpool is now online!!


PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated after the World Matchplay.
PDC Rankings

30. July
Taylor wins World Matchplay
The Blackpool fairytale had a happy end for Phil Taylor: with a 18:8 win over Peter Wright Phil Taylor secured himself his 16. World Matchplay title. At the start it had been a very close match between Taylor and Wright, but in the middle of the match Wright- though he showed a good performance - could no longer keep up as he had a lot of problems hitting his doubles. Taylor was much more consistent and took command.
Taylor has dominated the World Matchplay for many years. That he was able to win it for a last time in the last year of his career was richly deserved. He was the outstanding player of this year's tournament.
Report and Statistics Final

World Matchplay - Semi-Finals
In the first slightly slowly but close semifinal in the end Peter Wright prevailed 17:15 over Daryl Gurney. The second of the semi-finals was better - again Phil Taylor was the most convincing player of the four players tonight. He dominated his semi-final against Adrian Lewis and won it 17:9.
So tomorrow in the final Phil Taylor will play against Peter Wright.
Report and Statistics Semi-finals

29. July
World Matchplay - Quarterfinals 2
A sensational Phil Taylor defeated in the quarterfinales reigning champion Michael van Gerwen with 16:6. In the first quarterfinal if the evening Adrian Lewis won 16:13 over Alan Norris.
Report and Statistics Day 7

28. July
World Matchplay
World Matchplay - Sixth Day - Quarterfinals 1
On the sixth day og the tournament the first two quarterfinals were played. Both matches were close and therilling and both ended spannend with a comeback win. in the first nmatch Daryl Gurney defeated Mensur Suljovic with 16:13, in the scond match Peter Wright Darren Webster with 12:16
Report and Statistics Day 6

27. July
World Matchplay - Fifth Day
The second evening with second round matches was another interesting evening of darts which began with another thriller - Alan Norris defeated Dave Chisnall in the tiebreaker with 12:14. An highclass and thrilling match between Adrian Lewis and Rob Cross followed which Lewis won The last two matches of the evening were rather one sided: Phil Taylor one from beginning having given inn Raymond van Barneveld and Simon Whitlock had no chance at all against Michael van Gerwen.
Statistics Day 5

26. July
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Part of the entertainment in Blackpool were and are always the concerts of the popular pop and other music groups. In one case the roots can even traced back to Blackpool! After the musical part we once again concentrate on the darts entertainment offered by the World Matcplay.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

World Matchplay
Tonight the second round of World Matchplay will go on.
In the centre of the interest the match between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld will be. Beside reigning champion Michael van Gerwen will stand on the stage for the second time - this time against Simon Whitlock. And his second appearance as well will have debutant Rob Cross who will play against Adrian Lewis.
Schedule, Results

World Matchplay - Fourth Day
On the fourth day of the World Matchplays the first four second round matches were played. While the first two matches not really surprisingly were won by Mensur Suljovic and Darren Webster the third match between Gary Anderson and Daryl Gurney was dramatic and in the end Anderson was out of the tournament. Peter wWright had no problems at all with Cristo Reyes who couldn't keep up the form of his first round match.
Report and Statistics Day 4

25. July
The National Theater of Variety
In the times before the World Matchplay came to Blackpool of course other entertainment was found here. Part of it was the Grand Theatre which exists till today. But the article doesn't neglect the darts of the third day of the World Matchplay.
The National Theater of Variety

World Matchplay
Today in Blackpool the second round of the World Matchplay will begin.
From the seeded players still in the tournament Mensur Suljovic, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright will stand at the oche. Beside a match between two non seeded players will take place: Darren Webster v Steve West.

Only Darts

The second article is only about darts - about the players and the matches on the second day of the World Matchplay. Eight first round matches were played. wurden.
Only Darts

24. July
World Matchplay - Day 3
On the third day of the World Matchplay the first round was played to the end and for the first time a markedly jovial reigning champion Michael van Gerwen stood on stage. As Simon Whitlock, with whom Kyle Anderson couldn't keep up at all and Adrian Lewis he won his match against Stephen Bunting. Only the as well seeded Ian White was eliminanted by a slightly emotional Rob Cross from the tournament.
Report and Statistics Day 3

World Matchplay - Day 2
The second day of the World Matchplay was a thrilling and long day of darts and of course Phil Taylor stood in the limelight. In the afternoon from the seeded players only Mensur Suljovic survived the first round and Cristo Reyes showed the most impressive performance. In the evening with Dave Chisnall, Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld three seeded players prevailed. Only Kim Huybrechts lost to a triumphant Alan Norris.
Report, Statistics Day 2

23. July
The first Day
Of course as long as I am in Blackpool I'll write a few articles again. The first one not only deals with the darts of the first day of the tournament but witha player who this year is not in Blackpool as he ended his career.
The first Day

World Matchplay - Day 2
On the second day of the World Matchplay in an afternoon-and an evening session eight first round matches will be played.
In the afternoon session we can see the debut of Cristo Reyes who'll play against Robert Thornton. In the evening Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld will play their first matches.

Darts Performnce Centre and the World Matchplay
Of course the Darts Performance Centre has a look on the World Matchplay as well. In the blog over the first evening it elaborates on Gary Anderson's complaint hat the the top players due to the PDC schedule had no time to prepare properly to the tournament.
The first day

22. July
World Matchplay - Day 1
On the first day of the World Matchplay the debutants made the top players work hard. Steve West defeated a somehow tired looking Michael Smith im the opening match with 5:10. Gary Anderson had against a strong playing Christian Kist probably more problems than awaited and James Wilson made a weak playing Peter Wright wobble. A dramatic match developed between entwickelte sich Darren Webster and James Wade, who after he had been in the lead in the beginning lost in the overtime 11:13.
Report and Statistics Day 1

World Matchplay
Today in Blackpool the World Matchplay will begin.
On the first evening of the tournamen four first round matches will be played. Out of the top players Michael Smith, James Wade, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright will stand on stage. Global Darts will report live from Blackpool.

PDC World Championship
As the PDC announced today the PDC World Championship 2018 will begin on 14. December and will be played till 1. January 2018. First round and preliminary round will be played from 14. - 21. December, second round from 22. December to 27. December with the Christmas break on 24., 25. und 26. December, third round starts on 27. December, on 29. December the quarterfinals take place, on the 30. December the semi-finals and the final will be played on 1. January 2018.
Tickets for annual PDC TV subscribers can be bought from 26. July, on 31. July the general sale will begin.
PDC World Championship 2018

19. July
World Matchplay Preview 2 - The Favourites
The second part of the World Matchplay preview deals with those players, the betting companies have on their list of favourites to win the tournament: Dave Chisnall, Phil Taylor, Peter Wright, Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen. What really are their chances and who will be their opponents?
The Favourites

17. Juli
World Matchplay Preview 1 - The Debutants
On Saturday in Blackpool the World Matchplay will begin - after the World Championship the most important tournament of the PDC. This year five debutants will stand at the oche: Christian Kist, Steve West, James Wilson, Cristo Reyes and Rob Cross. This preview has a closer look on the players and their chances.
The Debutants

Target Superleague Darts Germany
At the weekend the third Superleague Darts weekend was played in Darmstadt by which the table was whirled around. Most successful were Rene Berndt and Stefan Stoyke with 12 wins each. So Stefan Stoyke is now head of the table while Rene Berndt got closer to a place in the final - he is now placed ninth. Not happy with the weekend was Martin Schindler who only managed to win five of his matches.
Target Superleague Darts Germany

Overall winners of the WDF Europe Cup Youth were the Dutch boys and the Dutch girls teams. The single titles won Jarred Cole from England and Turk Emine Dursan. The boys pairs won the Austrian pair Rodriguez/Langer, the girls pairs the Dutch pair Rietbergen/Brussel. The boys team event won the Dutch team.
Winner of the Wolverhampton Open was Ross Mongomery, the Wolverhampton Classic won Glen Durrant.
Winners of the Australian Grand Masters were Peter Machin and Judy Fenton. The titles of the Serbian Apatin Open won Serbian Oliver Ferenc and Veronika Ihasz from Hungary.

16. July
Van Gerwen wins in Las Vegas
With a 8:6 win against debutant Daryl Gurney Michael van Gerwen won the first U.S. Darts Masters in Las Vegas.
Of the eight Northamerican Qualifiers only Canadians Dawson Murschell and Dave Richardson reached the second round. But there they had no chance against Gerwyn Price and Michael van Gerwen. While the German PDC debutant Max Hopp in the first round didn't manage to get going and lost to Dave Richardson the Northern Irish PDC World Series debutant Daryl Gurney showed a strong performance and eliminated Dennis Sayre, Perter Wright and Gary Anderson before he lost in the final to Michael van Gerwen.
Report Final

14. July
U.S. Darts Masters
Today in Las Vegas the U.S. Darts Masters will begin - a World Series of Darts Event which is played for the first time this year. Adrian Lewis and Phil Taylor withdrew both due to health reasons. They are replaced by James Wade and Gerwyn Price. Two World Series debutants will stand at the oche: Max Hopp and Daryl Gurney.
The eight PDC players will play in the first round against eight North American qualifiers.
Fixtures, Results, Statistics
Tournament Information

PDC World Championship
By the North American Championship 35 years old Willard Bruguier qualified for the PDC World Championship in London. Bruguier for the first time takes part in the World Championship.
New Zealand will be represented by a debutant as well: Cody Harris won the New Zealand qualifier.

13. July
World Matchplay - Schedule
After the draw the PDC now announced the deteailed schedule of the World Matchplays The tournament will be opened on Saturday 22. July be the match between Michael Smith and Steve West. Mensur Suljovic will play in the afternoon session on Sunday against John Henderson, Phil Taylor will meet in the evening session on Sunday Gerwyn Price. Reigning Michael van Gerwen will open his campaign to defend the title on Monday evening against Stephen Bunting.
Participants, Schedule, Draw

PDC Events Las Vegas
By the qualifiers in Las Vegas eight players qualified who will take part both in the US Masters on Friday as in the North American Championship today by which the North American participant in the PDC World Championship will be decided. None of the well-known North American players managed to qualify so we will probably see a debutant in the World Championship - unless Dave Richardson will qualify. Qualified are Chris White, Jayson Barlow, Shawn Brenneman, Willard Bruguier, Dawson Murschell, Dave Richardson, Dennis Sayre and David Cameron. David Cameron already took part four times in the BDO World Championship where he represented Canada. Dawson Murschell plays since last year on the PDC Development Tour and der PDC Challenge Tour. At the momeent he is ranked 13 in the Development Tour Order of Merit.
World Series of Darts

12. Juli
Level 5 Darts - Review
The Level 5 Darts were designed by Neil Birkin who plays with them himself. Important for him was that "his" dart has a high level grip without sharp edges but durable. The Level 5 is available at the Darts Performance Centre Shop. Here a first positive feedback by Barry Gribben.
Level 5 Darts

World Matchplay
The field of participants for the World Matchplays - which will begin on 22. July - was known after the Pro Tour weekend in Barnsley. Now the PDC announced the draw for the first round.
This year with Steve West, Cristo Reyes, Rob Cross, Christian Kist and James Wilson will give their World Matchplay debut. Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen will meet Stephen Bunting in first round. Phil Taylor will begin his last World Matchplay campaign against Gerwyn Price.
Participants, Draw

10. July
Joe Cullen wins in Barnsley
Joe Cullen was the winner of the second Players Championship in Barnsley. He defeated in the final Austrian Zoran Lerchbacher. For Lerchbacher it was the first final of a PDC ranking event. In the semifianls stood Daryl Gurney and Justin Pipe. By his good result Pipe secured himself a place in the World Matchplay in Blackpool.

PDC Rankings
Th PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championship Order of Merit wurden updated.
PDC Rankings

8. July
World Series of Darts
After Adrian Lewis now Phil Taylor had to withdraw from the next World Series of Darts Event - the U.S. Darts Masters in Las Vegas. Taylor didn't feel well in Shanghai and instead to fly to Las Vegas decided to return home to England.
World Series of Darts

Darren Webster Surprise Winner in Barnsley
Darren Webster won today 15. Players Championship in Barnsley - his first ranking tile in 12 years. He defeated in the final Daryl Gurney with 6:1. In the semi-finals stood Kyle Anderson and Justin Pipe. Adrian Lewis had to withdraw due to surgery from the weekend.

7. July
Pro Tour Weekend in Barnsley
Today in Barnsley the next Pro Tour weekend will begin with the UK Qualifier for the ninth event of the European Tour, the Dutch Darts Masters in Maastricht. On Saturday and Sunday the Players Championships 15 and 16 will take place - the last opportunity for the players to qualify for the World Matchplay in Blackpool.
Dutch Darts Masters

Van Gerwen defends Shanghai Darts Masters Title
With a 8:0 win over Dave Chisnall in the final Michael van Gerwen defended his Shanghai Darts Masters title. Before van Gerwen defeated a little bit luckily in the quarterfinals Phil Taylor - who missed with his match dart - and than in the semi-finals prevailed over James Wade. Dave Chisnall won in the quarterfinals against Gerwyn Price with 8:4 and defeated in the semi-finals Raymond van Barneveld with the same result.
Results, Statistics

World Series of Darts
The PDC now announced the already known participants in the World Series Events in Australia and New Zealand. Due to the approaching birth of their children both Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis will not take part in the events and Dave Chisnall will not be among the participants either. Instead Michael Smith and Simon Whitlock will stand at the oche. The last free place is not yet taken.
World Series of Darts

5. July
Shanghai Darts Masters
Tomorrow the Shanghai Darts Masters will begin - the second event of the World Series of Darts this year.
Adrian Lewis withdrew from the topurnament and was replaced by Gerwyn Price. By the Chinese Qualifier Cheng An Liu, Xiao Chen Zong, Hai Long Chen and Wei Hong Li qualified for the event. Hai Long Chen will play against reigning champion Michael van Gerwen.
The tournament is streamed on PDCTV-HD gestreamt.
Schedule, Results, Statistics
Tournament Information

4. July
Winners of the single events of the British Gold Cup were Ryan Jones and Fallon Sherrock. Fallon Sherrock won together with Felicia Blay the ladies pairs as well. The men's pairs won Scott Baker and Dan Nicholls.
Winners of the Open Vienna were Begian Belgier Sven Wens an Hungarian Vivien Czipo. The youth titles went to Hungarians Vivien Czipo and Nandor Pres. Best Austrian participants were in the men's event Hannes Schnier ranked 9 and in the ladies event Jasmin Schnier, Sophie Fasching, Sylvia Ehrenhofler und Catalina Pasa - all ranked fifth
During the third weekend of the American Championship Darts Circuit both John Part and Larry Butler won an event.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the European Tour Order of Merit were updated.
PDC Rankings

3. July
Wright wins in Leverkusen

Peter Wright won in Leverkusen the European Darts Open - it was his fourth European Tour title of the year. In the final he defeated Mervyn King with 6:2. The semi-finals reached Michael Smith and Mensur Suljovic. Michael van Gerwen was eliminated third round by Rob Cross.

Overall Statistics European Tour 2017

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