European Tour 7
The Austrian Darts Open are the seventh event of the PDC European Tour and will take place from 23. - 25. June in Vienna. The Top 16 of the Pro Tour Order of Merit and 32 qualifiers will take part.
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7. June

Coaching Clinic 44:
How to practice hitting the doubles

Why no team from the Philippines in the PDC World Cup:
An Open Letter to Barry Hearn - about the Philippines.

Adam "Thorn" Smith in Mallorca :
My Oche in Mallorca

Interview with Diogo Portela

Diogo Portela is the first dart player from Brazil on the PDC Circuit.
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26. June
Overall winners of the Six Nations Cup were the English Ladies Team and the English Men's Team. In both events the teams from the Netherlands were the runner-up.
The ladies singles title won Fallon Sherrock who defeated in the final Robyn Bryrne from the Repiblic of Ireland. In the men's final Northern Ireland's Kyle McKinsey prevailed over Scotsman Ross Montgomery.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the European Tour Order of Merit were updated.
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25. June
Van Gerwen wins in Vienna
In a highclass, close and thrilling final Michael van Gerwen defeated Michael Smith and got his third European Tour title of the year.
Before van Gerwen defeated in the quarterfinals German Martin Schindler and prevailed in the semi-finals over Cristo Reyes. Michael Smith reached the final with wins against Joe Cullen and Mervyn King.
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Austrian Darts Open - Day 3
On the third day of the Austrian Darts Open the third round, quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final will be played.
German Martin Schindler and Finnland's Kim Viljanen win their third round matches - so two not seeded players progress into the quarterfinals. The last Austrian participant - Mensur Suljovic - lost third round to Mervyn King. The seeded players beside King who reached the quarterfinals are Michael van Gerwen, Joe Cullen, Cristo Reyes, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney.
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24. June
Austrian Darts Open - Day 2
On the second day of the Austrian Darts Open the winners of the first day will play against the seeded players.
While both German participants and three Austrian qualifiers could celebrate first round wins after the second round from all German speaking players only Martin Schindler is still in the tournament. Beside Ian White - who was defeated by Schindler - other seeded players who didn't survive the second round were Steve West, Alan Norris, Stephen Bunting and Peter Wright. Peter Wright lost a close match against Kim Viljanen who had a much lesser average but a much higher checkout percentage - till now the biggest upset of the event.
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World Series of Darts
The PDC announced the World Series of Darts will this year be extended by an event in Germany. It will take place on 20. and 21. October in Düsseldorf. Beside eight PDC top players eight German qualifiers will take part.
Due to the new tournament Players Championships 21 and 22 will be moved up to 10. and 11. October and the World Series of Darts Finals Qualifier will take place before the last event of the series on 9. October.
World Series of Darts

23. June
Austrian Darts Open
Today in Schwechat near Vienna the Austrian Darts Open will begin, the seventh event of the PDC European Tour.
As always on the first day of these events only the qualifiers will stand on stage. Adrian Lewis has withdrewn, for him a fifth Host Nation Qualifier got a place in the tournament. By the Host Nation Qualifier - which took place last night - all three Rodriguez brothers managed to qualify. Beside them Christian Kallinger and Zoran Lerchbacher play for Austria. The only 16 years old Rusty-Jake Rodriguez will give his European Tour debut. He will play against Richie Edhouse.
Last night two more East Europe Qualifier were played as well - Krzysztof Ratajski won both which means he will stand both in Schwechat as in Leverkusen at the oche.
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22. June
Introduced - Adrian Gray
Tomorrow in Vienna the Austria Darts Open will begin - the seventh event of the European Tour 2017. Among the participants: Adrian Gray, who till some years ago was a well known face on the PDC Circuit. When he started to slide down the rankings he changed into the soft-darts scene. Now it seems he wants to return.
Introduced - Adrian Gray

The World
The second event of this year's soft-darts tournament series - which took place in La Rochelle in France stattfand, was won by Paul Lim. He defeated in the final Francis Emonts. The semi-finals reached Frenchman Bivand Mathieu and Croatian Alan Ljubic. Due to his win Lim now heads the ranking in front of Alexis Reyes.
The World


Winner of the Canadian Open was David Cameron. The women's event won Karrah Boutilier.
The titles of the New Zealand Masters went to Cody Harris and Tina Osborne.

20. June
Coaching Clinic
Another important chapter of the "Practice Makes Progress" campaign. This time the Darts Performance Centre tries to help you with your counting. And there is another practice game - for practicing 3- and 2.Dart finishs.
Can we count on you to practice your darts?

"Dartin' For St. Martin"

After he left Mallorca Adam "Thorn" Smith is now cruising through the Carribian Islands. Till now he could't find a dartboard but there are other things he can do to pass the time.
"Dartin' For St. Martin"

19. June
Wins for Beaton and Anderson in Wigan
Steve Beaton won the first of the Players Champions in Wigan and defeated Gary Anderson in the final. In the semi-finals stood Rob Cross and Daryl Gurney. For Beaton it was the first PDC tournament win since September 2013.
In the second Players Championship Gary Anderson won the final against Ian White. Again beside Robert Thornton Rob reached the semifinals.
Beside Michael van Gerwen Simon Whitlock, Adrian Lewis and Max Hopp had withdrawn from the Players Championships

European Tour
Last weekend on Friday in Wigan before the two Players Championships the UK Qualifier for the European Darts Open in Leverkusen was played. The event will take place from 30. June till 2. July.
Among the 18 qualifiers are beside James Wade and Adrian Lewis Australian Kyle Anderson and South African Devon Petersen.
European Darts Open

DDV German Masters
During the German Masters weekend in Kirchheim first on saturday the team events took place. Winners of the men's and the women's event were the NWDV1 Team`s 1. On sunday the German national singles championships took place.The titles went to Steffi Lück and Tobias Seibert. Denise Schuler and Nico Blum were the winners of the youth titles.
The teams for the Teams for the WDF World Cup in Cobe in Japan were nominated at the end of the weekend.Among others Stefanie Rennon, Irina Armstong and Anne Willkommwill be in the ladies team. 17 men were nominated for the men's team. Among them are the new German national singles champion Tobias Seibert and Martin Schindler.

The titles of the EDO England Open at the weekend went to Lorraine Winstanley, Geert de Vos, Beau Greaves und bei an Alex Gurr. The mixed pairs won the pair Claire Brookin/Chris Fidler. The National Singles were won by Deta Hedman and Scott Mitchell. Deta Hedman won the Ladies British Pentathlonas well which opened the tournament weekend.
Nach dem letzten DPA Pro Wochenende steht Gordon Mathers an der Spitze des DPA Pro Tour Rankings und hat damit als erster Spieler überhaupt einen Platz bei der nächsten PDC Weltmeisterschaft sicher. Mathers wird zum ersten Mal an der PDC Weltmeisterschaft teilnehmen. Corey Cadby und Robbie King qualifizierten sich beide für die PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit and the Players Championship Order of Merit were updated.
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16. Juni
Pro Tour Wochenende in Wigan

Today in Wigan the next Pro Tour Weekend will begin with the UK Qualifier for the eight event of the European Tour, the European Darts Open in Leverkusen. On Saturday and Sunday the Players Championships 13 and 14 will follow.
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PDC World Matchplay
The next PDC Major Event will be the World Matchplay in Blackpool. Cutoff day for the field of participants will be the 9. July. Till than two European Tour Events and four Players Championships will take place.
How the list of participants looks at the moment you can find here:
Participants - On 13. June

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit, the European Tour Order of Merit and the Challenge Tour Order of Merit were updated.
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12. June
PDC Challenge Tour
At the weekend in Milton Keynes Events 13 - 16 of the PDC Challenge Tour took place.
There were four different winners. On Saturday Sout African Warrick Schaffer and Kevin Mcdine were the winners of the two events. On Sunday Mark Dudbridge and Matthew Edgar won. For Dudbridge it was already the second Challenge Tour win of the year, on Saturday he had reached the final against Scheffer as well.
Again Lisa Ashton was among the participants. On Sturday she once reached the last 16, on Sunday in Challenge tour event 15 she reached the quarterfinals.
Challenge Tour

Winners of the Swiss Open last Saturday were Welshman Jim Williams and Fallon Sherrock from Bngland. players from Switzerland were Rosine Tagan and Jorge Fonseca under the last. Winner of the pairs event was the Germen Jochen Graudenz/Markus Reger. The youth title went to Dutchman Wessel Nijman. The Helvetia Open on Sunday were won by Mark McGeeney and Deta Hedamn from England. Again the best players from Switzeland reached the last 16: Fiona Gaylor, Daniela Buee, Jeanette Stoop and Tobias Anliker. The youth titel again won Wessel Nijman.
Winners of the Canterbury Open in New Zealand were Bernie Smith and Jane Harrington.

Michael van Gerwen wins in Hamburg
With a 6:3 defeat of Mensur Suljovic Michael van Gerwen wins the European Darts Matchplay in Hamburg.
Before van Gerwen had defeated in the semi-finals Michael Smith who unlike as in his earlier matches suddenly had problems to hit his finishes. Mensur Suljovic prevailed over Cristo Reyes who as Smith couldn't keep up his earlier great performances. Peter Hudson - the last qualifier in the evening session - lost against Michael van Gerwen.
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European Darts Matchplay - Day 3
Today the European Darts Matchplay will be played to the end.
Five of the seeded players were already eliminated yesterday: Kim Huybrechts who couldn't keep up with Peter Hudson in the end, Simon Whitlock who still is in pain due to his wrist injury, James Wade who played really weak, Jelle Klaasen who had surgery in the meantime but who's wrist is not yet completly healed and Benito van de Pas who similar to Adrian Lewis just was surpassed by Vincent van der Voort.
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European Darts Matchplay - Day 2
On the second day of the European Darts Matchplay in Hamburg the first round winners will play against the seeded players. Again an afternoon- and an evening-session will take place.
During the evening session world number 1 Michael van Gerwen will play against John Henderson.
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9. June
European Darts Matchplay - Day 1
During the first day of the European Darts Matchplay in Hamburg all four German participants were already eliminated from the tournament. Most thrilling match of the day was the match between Vincent van der Voort and Adrian Lewis. Lewis almost hit a nine-darter but lost in the end 4:6 due to his problems to hit the doubles. As high class was in the afternoon session the match between Krzysztof Ratajski and Justin Pipe. Pipe had with 98.52 the highest average of the day and won 6:4.
Tournament Statistics

European Darts Matchplay
Today in Hamburg the European Darts Matchplay will begin - the sixth event of the European Tour 2017.
As alway on the first day the qualifiers will play against another in an afternoon- and an eveneing-session. By the Host Nation Qualifier las night Erik Tautfest, Martin Schindler, Max Hopp and Mike Holz qualified for the event.
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World Series of Darts
Adrian Lewis has withdrewn from the World Series Events in Shanghai and Las Vegas next month due to the upcoming birth of his child. Gerwyn Price will replace him in both tournaments
In Shanghai beside four Chinese qualifiers Paul Lim from Singapurs, Japanese Haruki Muramatsu, South Korean HyunChul Park and Royden Lam from Hong Kong will stand at the oche.

World Series of Darts

WDF/BDO Rankings
All WDF and BDO Rankings including the Finders Masters Ranking were updated.
WDF/BDO Rankings

7. Juni
Coaching Clinic

In this issue of the Coaching Clinic the Darts Performance Centre give tips how to practice hitting your doubles. Added is a practice game. treffen.
This month we look at how to practice hitting the double!

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit, the Pro Tour Order of Merit, the Players Championship Order of Merit and the Development Tour Order of Merit were updated.
PDC Rankings

Winners of the BDO World Trophy were Aileen de Graaf from the Netherlands and Australian Peter Machin who was invited for his win to the PDC Grand Slam of Darts.
Winners of the Polish Open were Krzysztof Ratajski from Poland and Aileen de Graaf from the Netherlands. The youth tournaments won Dutchman Marvin van Velzen and Russian Ksenia Klochek. The titles of the Police Masters went to Englishman James Hurrell and Norwegian Ramona Mostad Eriksen. The youth titles were won as in the Polish Open by Dutchman Marvin van Velzen and Russian Ksenia Klochek.
Winners of the Australian Geelong Dart Club Classic were Justin Thompson and Corrine Hammond. The youth title won Samson Farley. The titles of the Sunshine State Classic went to Danny Graham and Jade Whitworth. Winner of the youth event was Ky Smith.

4. June
Team Netherlands wins PDC World Cup
With a 3:1 win over Team Wales Team Netherlands won PDC World Cup Title. The one point for Wales Mark Webster scored with his 4:1 win over Raymond van Barneveld.
Before Wales had defeated in the semif-finals Team Belgium 2:0. Team nNetherlands had prevailed with the same result against Team England - which played for the first time without Phil Taylor.
Report and Statistics, Final Day

2. June
PDC World Cup - First Day
The first day of the PDC World Cup brought a big upset - Team Singapore Paul Lim and Harith Lim defeated the number 1 seed Team Scotland Gary Anderson and Peter Wright with 2:5. Seeded Teams Australia and Wales had problems as well but won their close matches 5:4 in the end after their opponents failed to hit the winning double. Only Team Belgium got a clear win as Kim Huybrechts showed an impressive performance.
Report Day 1

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