PDC World Championship

The PDC World Championship will be played from 13. December 2019 - 1. January 2020 in the Alexandra Palace in London with 96 participants.
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3. September

Coaching Clinic 55:
Flights and Shafts

Dartoid in Thailand:
Darts near the River Kwai

Adam "Thorn" Smith still in Dominical :
"Flocks, Crocs And Oches"

Interview with Chuck Puleo

Chuck Puleo qualified for the PDC World Championship 2019 and together with Darin Young took part as Team USA ind the PDC World Cup.
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9. December
Interview with Marko Puls

Actually we had planed to publish the interview in the forerun to the WDF World Cup - but somehow we all didn't bring in about. But now it is finally finished and as an alternative program to the PDC World Championship it is interesting when a DDV players has a view on darts in Germany.
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Interview with Gabriel Clemens
Gabriel Clemens will this year stand for the second time during the PDC World Championship on the stage of the Alexandra Palace. Since 2018 Clemens has a Tour Card and he during this almost two years played himself up to the 42. place in the PDC Order of Merit. His highlights this year were the final German Darts Masters and the Last 16 of the Grand Slam of Darts were this interview came into being. In the first round of the World Championship Clemens will play against Benito van de Pas. Should he win his second round opponen will be his fellow country man Max Hopp.
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6. December
Additions "Who is Who"
This year again for the PDC World Championship some additions in the Who is Who were necessary.
Added were: Harry Ward, Ritchie Edhouse, Ryan Meikle, Noel Malicdem, Ciaran Teehan, Callan Rydz, Robbie King, Damon Heta, Nico Kurz, Jose Justicia, Benjamin Pratnemer, Xiaochen Zong, Keane Barry, Danny Baggish and Yuki Yamada.

Leighton Rees
At a time when the future of the BDO World Championship looks more doubtful than ever we have a closer look at the first BDO World Champion, the first Darts World Champion altogether Welshman Leighton Rees.
Linked to the short article are several of the many Leighton Rees' videos you can find in the internet. Among others you can find the link to the last leg of the first World Championship final between Leighton Rees and John Lowe.
Leighton Rees

2. December
Coaching Klinik
How better to attune to a World Championship than with a Coaching Clinic about a World Champion? In this Darts Performance Centre blog the first ever World Champion Leighton Rees occupies centre stage. Even today you can still learn from him...
We take you back to the late 70's for coaching advice from Welsh legend Leighton Rees

28. November
Schedule - PDC World Championship
By now the PDC published the detailed schedule for the first three rounds of the tournament.
The match between Jelle Klaasen and Kevin Burness will open the World Championship on 13. December. Reigning champion Michael van Gerwenwill play in the last match of the first night against the winner of that first round match. The second round will be played till 21. December when the match between Dimitri van den Bergh and the winner of the match Josh Payne v Diogo Portela will end the first round. The third round will be played till after the Christmas break and will end on 27. December.

Winners of the Finder Italian Grand Masters were Scotsman Ross Montgomery and Laura Turner from England. The Open Italia was won by Tony Martin and Aileen de Graaf.
The Korea Open were won by Kwang-Hee Cho and Hye-Jin Choi. Winners of the Latvia Open were Andrey Pontus from Belarus and Fin Kirsi Viinikainen. The youth event won Latvian Ralfs Laumanis.

26. November
PDC World Championship
By the PDPA Qualifier qualified Benito van de Pas, Kevin Burness and Matthew Edgar for the World Championship. The UK/Ireland Women's Qualifier was won by Fallon Sherrock. Now the field of participants is complete.
Yesterday the draw for the first and second round was made as well. In the first round all qualifiers and the players who got their place in the World Championship by the Pro Tour Order of Merit will participate. First round winners than will meet in the second round the 32 seeded players. Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen will open his tournament against the winner of the first round match between Jelle Klaasen and Kevin Burness. The two female qualifiers Mikuru Suzuki and Fallon Sherrock will play in the first round against James Richardson and Ted Evetts.
Participants, Draw

World Series of Darts 2020
The PDC already announced first dates and host cities of the World Series of Darts 2020. Next year the World Series again will visit the USA but the U.S Darts Masters will not take place in Las Vegas but in New York from 5. - 6. June. Already one week later the World Series for the first time wil come to Copenhagen for the Nordic Darts Masters. Retained will be the event in Hamilton in New Zealand which will take place on 21. and 22. August. The final will be played next year already in September might be in Salzburg in Austria.
World Series of Darts

Olly Croft passed away
On Saturday only a few days after his 90. birthday the founder of the BDO - Olly Croft - passed away. Croft founded the BDO in 1973 and till his voting out in 2011 stayed in the board. Croft was many years honorary president of the WDF. Due to his attitude 1994 the now PDC spilt off the BDO. Even though Croft rulings in later years were often not really wise he nevertheless was a big influence in the development of the sport of darts which probably would not even exist without him in today's from.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated after the Players Championship Finals.
PDC Rankings

25. November
PDC World Championship
After the Players Championship Finals at the weekend the seeded players and the players who qualified by the Pro Tour Order of Merit for the World Championship are known.
Today in Wigan the UK and Ireland Women's Qualifier and the PDPA Qualifier will be played by which the last four tournament places will be filled.
PDC World Championship

24. November
Van Gerwen Wins Players Championship Finals
With a very close 9:11 win - Gerwyn Price narrowly missed the 10:10 - Michael van Gerwen won the Players Championship Finals. Before both players had won their semi-finals 11:8 and especially for Gerwyn Price it had been hard work against Chris Dobey.
The afternoon quarterfinals were with the exception of the match between Ian White and William O'Connor all more one-sided matches. Raymond van Barneveld disappointed with a quite weak performance against Chris Dobey.
Report Finals Day

Humphries wins PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
Luke Humphries had no problems at all with his opponent and won with a 6:0 whitewash against Adam Gawlas the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship title. One could see that Humphries has a lot more experience on stage than the with 17 years a lot younger Gawlas who beside only started to play darts this February.
Report, Statisticsnew

Players Championship Finals
Today is the last day of the Players Championship Finals and the tournament will be played to the end.
In the afternoon the quarterfinals will be played, tonight semi-finals and final. Between the semi-finals and the final the final of the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship between Luke Humphries and Adam Gawlas will take place.
Schedule, Results

23. November
Players Championship Finals
On the first day of the Players Championship Finals with Peter Wright, reigning champion Daryl Gurney, Nathan Aspinall and Jonny Clayton several top players already were eliminated. Gerwyn Price schowed the best performance of the day while Raymond van Barneveld won with a strong display against Nathan Aspinall.
Today in the afternoon-session the second round will be played and in the evening-session the third round.Both session will again be played on two stages.
Schedule, Results

22. November
Players Championship Finals
Today in Minehead the Players Championship Finals will begin - the last PDC event before the World Championship. Last year Daryl Gurney won it. He defeated Michael van Gerwen in the final.
Today the first round will be played in an afternoon- and an evening-session on two stages.

Grand Slam Gallery

Just in time before the next PDC tournament - the Grand Slam of Darts Gallery!

21. November
"Black by Day and Red by Night" - 3

Here is a fifth and last article from Wolverhampton as I still was there on the first day of the knockout phase. Of course the main topic are the dasrts of the day but beside you'll find the very sad story of a young football player...
"Black by Day and Red by Night" - 3new

20. November
PDC News
The PDC amended the tournament calendar and in addition published a new structure of qualification for the European Tour.
The amended tournament calendar you can find her:
Tournament Calendar 2020new
The new qualification structure of the European Tour you can find here:
European Tournew

19. November
Winners of the Czech Open were Ross Montgomery and Lisa Ashton. The youth events were won by Tomas Houdek and Denisa Feklova from the Czech Republic.
Winners of the Ted Clements Memorial in New Zealand were Darren Herewini and Desi Mercer. The Hong Kong Open were won by FbLeung and Yi Hong Li. Winners of the Taiwan Darts Open were Yeng Chou Liao and Angelyn Detablan.
Winners of the Colorado Open were Bruce Robbins and Paula Murphy. The youth titles won Ronan Miller and Rianna December.

PDC Rankings
The PDC Order of Merit was updated after the Grand Slam of Darts.
PDC Rankings

18. November
PDC World Championship
Beside the Superleague final in Hildesheim at the weeken the "Rest of the World Women's Qualifier" for the PDC World Championship took place with far less participants then last year. In an all Japanese final Mikuru Suzuki defeated Kasumi Sato with 6:3 and will take part in the World Championship for the first time.
PDC World Championship

Superleague Germany
On saturday the qualifier for the new Superleague season took place. Three places were on offer. Kai Gotthardt, Jens Kniest and Daniel Klose qualified. For all three it will be the first Superleague season.
On sunday to end this year's season the play-offs were played with the winner getting a place in the PDc World Championship. Nico Kurz won the final against Martin Schindler and will give his debut in Alexandra Palace.

17. November
Price verteidigt Grand Slam Titel
An outstanding Gerwyn Price defeated in the Grand Slam final Peter Wright with 16:6 and defended the title. Peter Wright throughout the match couldn't keep up with Price who had an average of 107.86 and threw 11 180s in the final.
In the afternoon first Peter Wright progressed into the final with a win over Glen Durrant. After that Price defeated in the thrilling and high class second semi-final Michael van Gerwen with 16:12. Price was always in the lead in the match.
Report, Statisticsnew

Grand Slam of Darts

Today the Grand Slam will be played to the end. In the afternoon-session the semi-finals between Peter Wright and Glen Durrant and Gerwyn Price and Michael van Gerwen will take place. In the evening-session the final will be played.

16. November
Grand Slam of Darts - Quarterfinals 2
Tonight both quarterfinals were one-sided affairs and Gerwyn Price and Michael van Gerwen progressed deservedly and without problems into the semi-finals.There they will play against another tomorrow afternoon.
Neither Gary Anderson nor Adrian Lewis were good enough to keep up with their opponents and so Anderson lost 9:16 to Gerwyn Price and Lewis 6:16 to van Gerwen.
Bericht, Statisticsnew

Grand Slam of Darts
Tonight the other two quarterfinals will take place. First Gerwyn Price will play against Gary Anderson - a repeat of last year's controversial final. After that Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis will meet who already played against each other in the group phase. There van Gerwen won 5:2.

"Black by Day and Red by Night" - 2

On the fourth day of the tournament the group phase ended with the last gruop matches of the Groups A-D zu Ende and it was an interesting evening. Beside we present an interesting person out of the history of the Black Country - Dudd Dudley.
"Black by Day and Red by Night" - 2new

Grand Slam of Darts - Quarterfinals 1
Peter Wright and Glen Durrant prevailed in the first two quarterfinals and will now meet on sunday afternoon in the semi-finals.
Peter Wright defeated Dave Chisnall with 16:12. Wright - who changed his flights in the second break - had to come from 5:8 behind. He won eight legs in a row. Then his lead was just too big - despite a fightback from Chisnall Wright won. With the same result Glen Durrant defeated Michael Smith. Durrant was in a rather evenly matched game far more clinical on his doubles.
Report, Statisticsnew

15. November
Grand Slam of Darts

Tonight the first two quarterfinals will be played. First Dave Chisnall will play against Peter Wright. In the second match Glen Durrant will meet Michael Smith.
Schedule, Results

BDO World Championships
Despite all rumours about problems in the BDO now the schedule of the World Championships were published - they will be played from 4. - 12. January in London.
The men's tournament will be opened by the match between Marion Vandenbogaerde and Sebastian Steyer. In the women's event Fallon Sherrock and Corrine Hammond will be the first at the oche. The men's number one seed Wesley Harms will play in the afternoon session on Monday against the winner of the match between Andreas Harrysson and World Masters winner John O'Shea while the reigning women's champion Mikuru Suzuki will play in Monday's evening session against Maria O'Brien.

Grand Slam of Darts - Day 6
With a great fightback Adrian Lewis defeated James Wade and progressed into the quarterfinals. Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson had some problems but progressed as well. An easy win had reigning champion Geryn Price over Darren Webster - Price won with 10:1.
Report, Statisticsnew

14. November
Grand Slam of Darts - Day 5
German Gabriel Clemens started strong in his match against Glen Durrant but lost the close match in the end with 9:10. Beside Durrant Dave Chisnall, Michael Smith and Peter Wright were tonight winners. While Chisnall and Wright had no problems with their opponents Ryan Harrington and Rob Cross Smith had no easy match against Daryl Gurney.

"Black by Day and Red by Night" - 1

Of course the darts of the third day of the tournament play their part in the third article but beside we have a view on the region around Wolverhampton, - the "Black Country", which is represented in the event by Jamie Hughes.
"Black by Day and Red by Night" - 1

13. November
Grand Slam of Darts

On the fifth day of the tournament the knockout phase begins and four matches will be played. Among others Peter Wright and Michael Smith will stand at the oche.
Schedule, Results

Grand Slam of Darts - Day 4
While by the last group matches not much did change in the group tables of Groups A-D there were nevertheless some surprinsing results.James Wade and Gary Anderson lost their last group matches against Steve Lennon and Darren Webster and Webster played a really great match. Though Robert Thornton won he really had to fight against Mikuru Suzuki. Dave Parletti defeated Williem O'Connor. Reigning champion Gerwyn Price won his match against Dinitri van der Bergh as well. For the knockout phase qualified in the end beside Michael van Gerwen Ian White, James Wade, Robert Thornton, Gerwyn Price, Darren Webster, Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis.
Results, Tables
Report, Statistics

12. November
Day Two and most is about Darts!!!

As the second day of the event was another long day of darter artcle two is more or less only about darts as well...All participants played their second group matches.
Day Two and most is about Darts!!!

Grand Slam of Darts

Today another thrilling evening of darts awaits us - out of the groups A - D only Michael van Gerwen is already through to the knockout phase. So seven more places are still on offer.

Grand Slam of Darts - Day 3
The last group matches of the groups E-H didn't cause real upsets. Gabriel Clemens, Michael Smith and Dave Chisnall were already through to the next round and won their third group matches as well. Peter Wright got his third win as well and progress into the next round. Thanks to their second wins the following players will take part in the knockout phase as well: Daryl Gurney, Rob Cross, Glen Durrant and Ryan Harrington.
Schedule, Results
Report, Statistics

I am back...
For some time I feared I couldn't Brexit visit the Grand Slam this year but luckily for me the no deal Brexit was postponed. So I traveled to Wolverhampton to watch the group phase of the event once again live.
The first article deals more or laess only with the darts of the first tournament day.
I am back...

Grand Slam of Darts

Tonight the last group matches of the Groups E - H will take place. Only Dave Chisnall, Gabriel Clemens and Michael Smith are already through to the next round so it will be an exciting evening.

Grand Slam of Darts - Day 2
After the second day with group matches Michael van Gerwen, Dave Chisnall, Gabriel Clemens and Michael Smith are already qualified for the k.o phase of the tournament while Ross Smith, Lisa Ashton, Wayne Warren, Richard Veenstra and Martin Schindler are already out.
On a day with many highclass performances Michael Smith played an outstanding 113,62 in an impressive match in which Nathan Aspinall despite an over 100 average as well had no chance at all. Jim Williams got the till now only win for a still BDO player of the event.
Schedule, Results, Tables
Report, Statistics

10. November
Grand Slam of Darts
On the second day of the tournament again an afternoon - and an evening session will take place. In the afternoon session the first the losers of yesterday's first group matches of the Groups E-H will play another and afterwards the winners. In the evening session the same will happen with the losers and winners of the Group A-D.

Grand Slam of Darts - Day 1
On the first day of the Grand Slam all groups played their first group matches.All eight BDO players involved lost their matches including the two women Lisa Ashton and Mikuru Suzuki though Suzuki impressed against Gerwyn Price. All fovourites won their matches - the only surorise winners were Ryan Harrington against Danny Noppert and Robert Thornton against Dimitri van den Bergh.
Schedule, Results
Report, Statistics

9. November
European Tour
The PDC today announced thecompleted line-up of the European Tour 2020. The first event of the European Tour will be played from 28. February to 1. March in Hasselt in Belgium. The 13. and last event will take place from 16. - 18. October in Prag in the Czech Republic.
European Tour

Grand Slam of Darts
Today in Wolverhampton the Grand Slam of Darts will begin.
In an afternoon - and an evening session all participants will play their first group mantches.

7. November
Grand Slam of Darts
The PDC now published the schedule for the first group matches on Saturday. As in the last years in the afternoon session Groups E-H will play and in the evening session Groups A-D.
The match between Nathan Aspinall and Martin Schindler will open the tournament. Reigning champion Gerwyn Price will open his campaign in the second match of the evening session against Japanese Women's World Champion Mikuru Suzuki.
Schedule first group matches

Dartoids World

Not every holiday paradise is a darts paradise as well. Dartoid had this experience in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico...
Darts in Paradisenew

Deta Hedman won in Hungary both the ladies singles of the and of the Masters. The men's event of the Hungarian Classic won Hungarian Janos Vegso and Romanian Gabriel Pascaru the men's event of the Hungarian Masters. Tamara Kovacs won both girl's titles while Zsombor Budvari won the boys Classic and Rajmund Papp the boys Masters. All youth are from Hungary.
Winner of the Turkish Open were Turk Emirhan Kan Gunduz and Iranian Zahra Rajabi. The youthtitles won Isa Furkan Cos from Turkey and Iranian Mashad Avazzadeh. The titles of the Turkish Masters went to Iranian Hossain Arabi Karagani and Turkish woman Merve Erden. Isa Furkan Kos won this boy's event as well while Iranian Ayse Bodur won the girl's title.
The Alan King Memorial in New Zealand was won by Darren Herrewini and Patience Te Moananui. Winners of the Canadian Bob Jone Memorial were David Cameron and Maria Mason.

5. November
Grand Slam of Darts
After the PDC Unicorn Youth World Championship yesterday in Wigan the Grand Slam Qualifier took place in which eight places in the tournament were on offer. Ryan Harrington, Robert Thornton, Brendan Dolan, Jamie Hughes, Ross Smith, Adrian Lewis and Gabriel Clemens qualified. Clemens, Smith and Harrington will take part in the tournament for the first time.
By now the PDC published the group draw for the tournament. The number one seed Michael van Gerwen is joined in Group A by Adrian Lewis, Ross Smith and Jim Williams while reigning champion Gerwyn Price builds Group C together with Dimitri van den Bergh, Robert Thornton and Mikuru Suzuki.
Participants, Group Drawnew

PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
Yesterday in Wigan the 17 years old Czech Adam Gawlas and Luke Humphries reached the final of the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship. The final will take place on 24. November on the finals day of the Players Championship Finals in Minehead. Ryan Meikle and Keane Barry reached the semi-finals.
PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship

4. November
PDC Development Tour
At the weekend the last four events of the Development Tour were played. On both days Ted Evetts and Luke Humphries won one of the events and hold steady on the first and second place of the ranking. Both are at the moment already qualified by the Pro Tour Order of Merit for the PDC World Champion - Geert Nentjes and Ryan Meikle will move up for them. As Meikle is at the moment already qualified as well the fifth ranked Ciaran Teehan probably will have the chance to take part in his first World Championship.
During the last event of the Development Tour Keane Barry threw a nine-darter.
After the end of the development tour the field of participants of the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship - which will take place today in Wigan - are known.
Development Tour
PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship

PDC Nordic and Baltic Tour
At the weekend the last two events of the Nordic and Baltic Tour took place in Latvia. Madars Razma and Darius Labanauskas both won one of the events. So Razma sits on the first place of the ranking and will take part in the PDC World Championship. Darius Labanauskas - who sits in second place - is already qualified by the Pro Tour Order . So Marko Kantele will move up to the qualification place.
Before the two events the Qualifier for the second European Tour event 2020 took place. Latvian Mindausgas Barauskas won it and will take part for the first time in the European Tour.
Nordic and Baltic Tour

PDC Rankings
The PDC Development Tour Order of Merit and the Nordic and Baltic Order of Merit were updated. Both are now on the final standings from 3. November.
PDC Rankings

3. November
Van Gerwen wins in Amsterdam
At the end of an interesting day of darts stood a completely one sided final in which Michael van Gerwen defeated Danny Noppert with 11:2 and won the title.
In the afternoon session we could see three close matches which were won by Mensur Suljovic, Dave Chisnall and - surprisingly - Danny Noppert. Dave Chisnall had prevailed with 10:8 over Raymond van Barneveld. Michael van Gerwen won his last eight match with 10:6 against Jonny Clayton and afterwards demolished Mensur Suljovic in the semi-finals with 11:4 while the second semi-final between Dave Chisnall and Danny Noppert was a highly compatitive match. Might be that was the reason Noppert had no chance at all to keep up with van Gerwen in the final.
Report and Statistics, Finals Day

World Series of Darts Finale
In an afternoon and an evening-session the tournament will be played today to the end. After the second round Michael van Gerwen to be sure starts into the final day as favourit. But should Raymond van Barnevld by able to keep up his second round performance he will have a chance on the win as well.

World Series of Darts Finale - Second Round
The second round of the tournament turned out to be a surprise round - six of the eight seeded players lost their matches and were elimnated. That means from those players who really played in one or several World Series events only Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld are still in the tournament. Michael van Gerwen had some problems to get rid of Gerwyn Price and needed a last leg decider to do so. Raymond van Barneveld played last night the highest average and probably his best match of the year and progressed with a 6:4 win over Jermaine Wattimena into the quarterfinals.
Report and Statistics, Second Round

2. November
World Series of Darts Finale
Tonight the second round of the event is played and the seeded players join the tournament.
Yesterday's first round was without upsets. Michael Smith lost to Gerwyn Price, Mensur Suljovic won a from both sides not good match against Kyle Anderson and today meets Damon Heta. Jermaine Wattimena prevailed over Gabriel Clemens and will play tonight against Raymond van Barneveld. In the best first round match Krzysztof Ratajski won the close encounter against Nathan Aspinall.
Schedule, Results

1. November
BDO World Championships 2020
Today the draw for the first and second round of the men and of the first round of the women took place.
The number 1 seed Dutchman Wesley Harms will play in his second round match against the winner of the first round match between Andreas Harrysson and the World Masters winner John O'Shea. The reigning women's champion and number two seed Japanese Mikuru Suzuki will begin her campaingn against unseeded Maria O'Brien.
Participants, Draw

World Series of Darts Finale - Preview
Tonight in Amsterdam the final of this year's World Series of Darts will begin. For the Dutch legend Raymond van Barneveld it will be the last televised PDC tournament in front of his Dutch fans.
But tonight in the first round only the sixteen unseeded players will stand at the oche and van Barnevelds opponent will be decided in the match between his fellow country man Jermaine Wattimena and German Gabriel Clemens.
Participants, Schedule, Results

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