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  • January 2021

Top ⇑

- 3. William Hill PDC World ChampionshipLondon, EnglandPDC
29.-31. The Masters Milton Keynes, EnglandPDC

  • February 2021

Top ⇑

6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2Queensland, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2New South Wales, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2Victoria, AustraliaDPA/PDC
8.-17.European Qualifying SchoolNiedernhausen, GermanyPDC
8.-17. UK Qualifying SchoolMilton Keynes, EnglandPDC
25.-28.Super Series 1Bolton, EnglandPDC

  • March 2021

Top ⇑

5.- 7.UK OpenMilton Keynes, EnglandPDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4Queensland, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4New South Wales, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4Victoria, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2Tasmania, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2South Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
6.-7.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2Western Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
13.-14.DPA Satellite Tour 1+2ACT Bubble, AustraliaDPA/PDC
16.-19.Super Series 2Milton Keynes, EnglandPDC
20.-21.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4Western Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC

  • April 2021

Top ⇑

5. - 9.Premier League Darts 1 - 5Milton Keynes, EnglandPDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6Queensland, AustraliaDPA/PDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6New South Wales, AustraliaDPA/PDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6Victoria, AustraliaDPA/PDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4ACT Bubble, AustraliaDPA/PDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4Tasmania, AustraliaDPA/PDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4South Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
10.-11.DPA Satellite Tour 3+4Western Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
19. -22.Premier League Darts 6 - 9Milton Keynes, EnglandPDC
24.-27.Super Series 3Niedernhausen, GermanyPDC

  • May 2021

Top ⇑

1.-2.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8Queensland, AustraliaDPA/PDC
1.-2.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8New South Wales, AustraliaDPA/PDC
1.-2.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8Victoria, AustraliaDPA/PDC
1.-2.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6ACT Bubble, AustraliaDPA/PDC
1.-2.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6Tasmania, AustraliaDPA/PDC
1.-2.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6South Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
15.-16.DPA Satellite Tour 5+6Western Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
29.-30.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8ACT Bubble, AustraliaDPA/PDC

  • June 2021

Top ⇑

5.-6.DPA Satellite Tour 9+10Queensland, AustraliaDPA/PDC
5.-6.DPA Satellite Tour 9+10New South Wales, AustraliaDPA/PDC
5.-6.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8Tasmania, AustraliaDPA/PDC
5.-6.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8NewSouth Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
12.-13.DPA Satellite Tour 7+8Western Australia, AustraliaDPA/PDC
19.-20.DPA Satellite Tour 9+10Victoria, AustraliaDPA/PDC

  • July 2021

Top ⇑

7.Apatin OpenApatin, SerbiaWDF
7.- 11.WDF Europe Cup YouthHungaryWDF
17.- 25.World MatchplayBlackpool, EnglandPDC
24.-25.Luxembourg Open/MastersLuxembourgWDF

  • August 2021

Top ⇑

1.Pacific MastersAustraliaWDF
4.New Zealand OpenNew TealandD.A./WDF
6.- 7.New South Wales Darts MastersWollongong, AustraliaPDC
13.- 14.Queensland Darts MastersQueensland, AustraliaPDC
13.- 15.Antwerp OpenAntwerp, BelgiumWDF
13. -15.Belgium OpenAntwerp, BelgiumWDF
20.- 21.NZ Darts MastersHamilton, New ZealandPDC
20.- 22.Swedish Classic FRI LDO/ Sun GentsMalmö, SwedenWDF
20.- 22.Swedish OpenMalmö, SwedenWDF
22.- 23.Salavat Yulaev CupRussiaWDF
30.Murray Bridge ClassicMurray Bridge, AustraliaD.A./WDF

  • September 2021

Top ⇑

3.- 5.Dutch OpenAssen, NetherlandsWDF/NDB
10.- 12. England ClassicSelsey, EnglandEDO/WDF
10.- 12. England MastersSelsey, EnglandEDO/WDF
12.Taranaki OpenRussiaWDF
12.- 13.Kalashnikov CupRussiaWDF
12.- 13.Udmurtia OpenRussiaWDF
18.- 19. DDV Ranking EventSteinfurt, GermanyDDV/WDF
18.- 19.Belfry OpenBelgiumWDF
18.- 19.Bruges OpenBruges, BelgiumWDF
18.Auckland OpenAuckland, New ZealandD.A./WDF
19.North QLD ClassicAustraliaD.A./WDF
28.- 29.WDF World Cup CupDenmarkWDF

  • October 2021

Top ⇑

- 2.WDF World Cup CupDenmarkWDF
3.Australian MastersGeelong, AustraliaD.A./WDF
8.- 10.Klondike OpenEdmonton, CanadaWDF
8.- 10.Northern Ireland Matchplay/OpenNewry, North IrelandWDF
15.- 17.British Classic/OpenBridlington, EnglandEDO/WDF
17. DDV Ranking EventHamburg, GermanyDDV/WDF
23.Alan King MemorialAuckland, New ZealandD.A./WDF
23.-25.Bob Jones MemorialTrenton, Ontario, CanadaNDF/WDF
29.- 31.Hungarian Classic + MastersBudapest, HungaryWDF

  • November 2021

Top ⇑

11.Malta OpenMaltaWDF
13.- 14.Irish Open/ClassicKillarney, Republic of IrelandBDO/WDF
14.Great Lakes OpenAustraliaWDF
20. DDV Ranking EventRoßtal, GermanyDDV/WDF
20.Latvia OpenRiga, LatviaWDF
21.Riga OpenRiga, LatviaWDF
21.Ted Clements MemorialNew ZealandWDF
27.- 28.Hong Kong OpenHong KongWDF
27.- 28.Italian Grand MastersItalyWDF
27.- 28.Italian OpenItalyWDF
27.- 28.Russian OpenSankt-Petersburg, RussiaWDF
27.- 28.Sankt-Petersburg OpenSankt-Petersburg, RussiaWDF

  • December 2021

Top ⇑

2. - 5.World MastersAssen, NetherlandsWDF/NDB
11.Ural CupRussiaWDF

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