The Door stays closed

While at first view I only thought the seize and the entrance of the press tent had changed over the time I found out there were a few more changes.

Food in the press tent this year mainly is McCoy's Crisps as McCoy is one of the sponsors and we always have a carton of those standing around. But of course they are handed out the the crowd as well!! Of course most are not just "ordinary" crisps but "Limited Edition" crips and they've got fanciful names like "Peppered Bullseye Steak". This variety though never will be my favourite.

Near the entrance - in the so called FanVille - this year one can find four Dartslive machines accompanied by quite a lot of young Japanese wearing Dartslive scarfs and shirts. They are all really friendly and all talk quite good English. Before the matches and during the breaks usually people crowd around them. In the first days Paul Lim always threw some kind of high score and whoever scored higher could win something. But I'll write more about this machines in an own article.

A lot was already written about the missed and then reappeared banners. I don't think anybody wanted to belittle John Part's or Dennis Priestley's achievements. Somehow there seems to be less room at that wall this year and Dennis Priestley's banner is now half hidden behind the commentary tower. Probably that was the reason for not hanging them up and nobody expected the reactions. Might be I would have been better for John Part would his banner not have been reappeared.

As an reaction to the wind blown match last year between James Wade and Adrian Lewis something else has changed too - the might be responsible doors which opens the ways downstairs to the players lounge now have to stay closed as soon as players and officials are in the venue - no one is allowed to open them during the matches. For me that means even longer ways but hopefully it will help to hinder another difficult match during this year's World Championship!

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