Phil Taylor and the quarter of an interview...

Globaldarts this year again travelled to London to have a look at the PDC World Championship. I hope that this year not again the snow will be a problem and that I will be home in time for Christmas. Though "in time" can be interpreted differently. Last year I just managed to arrive at home on the 23. December at around eight o'clock in the evening.
So - I plan to be home on the 21. and hope it really will happen.

The 16. December was my first day here in London. I can't say there were any outstanding matches, all were a little bit one-sided. Justin Pipe really had to battle against Sean Reed at the beginning of the match and was totally exhausted afterwards but he managed to progress. Japanese Muramatsu convinced against "the strong man from Sweden" Dennis Nilsson, Michael Smith never showed the same performance as on the youth tour and Co Stompe had an easy match against him. Wes Newton had a few more problems against Kurt van de Rijk but never was in real danger.
Phil Taylor didn't play as dominant as one is used to but though Muramatsu really showed a good performance Taylor had never to fear for his win.

Rather astonishing Taylor appeared in the press room after the match, most players tend to disappeared when they have to play the last match of the evening to be never seen again. But Phil Taylor seemed to have a lot of time - so Lawrence Lustig took the picture of me and him. Would I have known before I would have set up an appointment with the make-up artist from Sky Sport, who is originally from Norway..-

I thought it would be a good idea to use the quarter of an interview though it is not from yesterday evening but from last years Grand Slam. We never finished it - Phil Taylor never found the time but I don't want to withhold it from you - I think it's quite interesting. I hope one day I will do a complete interview with "The Power" but to be sure I will not want to use the old questions.

So now here the quarter of an interview with Phil Taylor:

Do you enjoy it to be so well-known or don't you like it?

I don't feel famous or well-known. I know I am but I don't feel so. And I wake up every morning with the idea I am poor and have to work hard... It would be a fault to think I am rich and don't have to work

Is the price money still important for you or is it more the competition?

Yes, of course, it's not that I need the money but the family can do with it. I've got a big family with children and grand children - they all need houses and cars.

Was there ever a time you lost all interest in playing darts?

Never. I always enjoyed and loved it,

How difficult is it for you to still motivate yourself - you've won more or less everything on can win - don't you ever have a problem to motivate you for still another tournament?

It is no problem at all. I still love it. I love it on stage - that's something you have to do. There are players here who don't love and enjoy it. They better should leave it.

Or is your motivation more to be plan better and better and to get more and more perfect?

That is certainly part of my motivation. But as I said it's really no problem to motivate myself at all.

Do you think one really could play perfect matches in a row during a tournament or will the human factor in the end hinder that?

Of course I would love to be able to do that, Nine-Darter after Nine- Darter after Nine-Darter. But realistically I don't think it will ever happen. As I always say fail to prepare properly - prepare to fail. You are German you'll understand this I would say I think German - I really want to do as good as possible A lot of English players don't understand - and off they are to ..the pub

Do you like a tight competition?

I would say I like a good match. My opponent in some way doesn't matter to me at all. I am there to give my best and to make the best even better. But I like it when my opponent gives his best as well and doesn't just give in. That's something I estimate.

You told me once might be you win so often because you are most experienced in winning - but how difficult is it to get out of a too experienced in losing circle?

I think that change might b e the solution. When you keep losing there must be something wrong with your practice - so try to find out and change. You have to try and to find out what works for you. I can't say do this or do that - it's probably different for everybody.

It's not that you never ever lose - but losing seems to make you even more determined. Does a defeat motivate you?

That's true - I get very determined when I lose. And I am looking forward to play this opponent again and next time will be a win. The opponent might not really look forward to it..

And what do you think one has to do to be really professional?

Professionalism leaves no room for partying. One can't any longer party around all the time - it will show in your game. There are a lot of players around who will not like to hear it or don't understand.

How many hours a day would you say you are occupied with darts in whatever form when your are at home and have you time for hobbies at all?

I would say not so many hours. You see I am 49 now and I really need some time to rest and to relax in between the tournaments. So relaxing and resting is an important part for me. I've a great house beside a golf course - there's no noise it's absolutely pitch black in the night.

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