Stairs, stairs and - well, stairs...

Might be a strange topic for an article from the World Championship, but I think each person who uses with luggage in London the public transport will have some experience with stairs.

The British seem to love stairs. Otherwise I think there wouldn't be so many.

When you stay underground and want to change from one underground to another you have to climb stairs. Usually you only find an escalator when you leave the underground. With luggage and a Laptop and a camera on your back it's a good practice for your bodily fitness!!!
This winter all escalators down seem to be serviced and everybody has to climb down very narrow and steep stairs.

In some underground stations I by now discovered the fire escapes, most very narrow spiral staircases, which seem to be totally deserted in contrary to the crowded station and which lead to as well deserted seemingly endless passages. An experience you shouldn't miss and which puts a totally new complexion on the discussions about the safety measures in Stuttgart's new train station...

Of course you can find a lot of other stairs in London, some are modern and blinking like the one that leads to shop in Oxford Street. Others - and you can often find them in the older hotels, are narrow, steep, full of nooks and crannies, look very nice but it's hard to overcome them with luggage on the way to your room.

Another speciality some hotels have to offer are the stairs to shower or bathroom in your room. I've already experienced them several times. They add a lot of charm to the rooms - seriously!!!

And of course one can find a lot of stairs in and around the Alexandra Palace. One always has to climb one to reach the Ally Pally on its hill at all; it's a very good-looking stair. Then there are several stairs leading up to the first floor which all are as stairs in a "Palace" should be as are the stairs leading down into the players practice room and lounge.

And then of course we've the stairs - not really good looking, more practical then attractive - but nevertheless the stairs all the players prepare for all through the year: those stairs which are used for the walk-on on the stage of the Alexandra Palace. For Phil Taylor though those will this year not be the stairs to another World Champion Title.

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