Today I once again travelled to London's Alexandra Palace to enjoy the World Championship for a few days. The sun shone in London, no snow was to be seen and it felt quite warm. It really should stay like this - then I'll have no problems with my flight back home,
This year had to look for another accommodation as "my" hotel was announced to be renovated. Well - it was not, it just has disappeared. So I looked for another hotel nearby and in the end didn't have a real choice as there are only two hotels around and one of those already was fully booked in July as the sky commentators and some PDC Officials always stay there.
Due to the usual pre Christmas stress I was already tired when I arrived here. I always wonder who has invented the tale of the "pensive Advents season".We'll see how it will develop over the next few days.

In the Alexandra Palace it was as usual on a Monday evening comparatively quiet but the atmosphere was great. Nothing much had changed, only the press tent seemed to have grown and the entrance was on the other side. In the press tent I found the answer of one of my "Where" questions." Where is Eric Bristow???" Well - to be sure he's back in the press tent and in the commentary box .

The next "Where" question I can answer now as well is "Where was John Part looking to during his match against Joe Cullen?" Well - to the left as there are those big World Champion pictures on the wall. There always hang one of John Part too but this year it has disappeared and I've no idea why. But I can understand why John Part was angry about it though that had no negative effect on his match. On the contrary - as he told me once he can play better when he feels angry. So now I hope he'll stay angry for some time during this World Championship.
There used to be one with Dennis Priestley as well which has disappeared this year. Of course I now wonder what Dennis Priestley's reaction will look like.

There is another "Where" question I can answer you to finish this rather short first article, a question to be sure all are deeply interested: "Where can you find the escape route in Alexandra palace?" Today (and as I was assured) on every single day of the tournament you can find it here: Here is behind the press tent. The question I can't answer though is, how the crowd is supposed to find the way there.

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