BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 3. Day

On the third day of the BDO World Championships the last two preliminary round matches were played.
In the first of the two preliminary round matches with Andy Hamilton another former PDC player stood at the oche. Hamilton was the crowd's favorite but during the first two sets he couldn't keep up with his opponent - the Canadian David Cameron. In the third match it for a short time looked Hamilton would turn the match around in his favor but Cameron pulled a 91 Checkout out of the hat and won the match 3:0. For the second time in six attempts the Canadian progressed into the first round.
In the last preliminary round match Serbian Oliver Ferenc and Ryan Hogarth came on stage. Ferenc had qualified for the first time for the BDO World Championship but he has already taken part in the PDC World Championship. Hogarth only started to put up real resistance in the third set but it was too late. Even though Ferenc missed six matchdarts he was finally able to hit Double 1 for a 3:0 win.
The first round match between Dutchman Willem Mandigers and Paul Hogan ended the afternoon session. It was a rather one-sided and far from high class match. Hogan found no way into the match and couldn't keep up with Mandigers scores. So this win ended 3:0 as well - and Mandigers progressed.

The evening session consisted of three men's and one ladies first round matches and started with the match between German Michael Unterbuchner and Australian Justin Thompson who had won his preliminary round match with 3:0. It was a close but nevertheless not really thrilling match in which both players had problems to convince with high scores. In the end Unterbuchner won it with 3:2 but it was hard work for him.
In the only ladies match of the day Anastasia Dobromyslova played against Laura Turner. It was Turner's Lakeside debut and it showed - in the so far weakest performance of this year's women's competition. She was rather frustrated after the match. Dobromyslova on the other side performed magic in the first set in which she averaged over 90. In the second set she played less outstanding but won the match 2:0 with an overall average of 81.99.
The night went on with an at least from Welshman Jim Williams high-class first round match. The first four sets of the match though were rather patchy and hard fought in with Roger Janssen Williams had an opponent who always seemed to be one step ahead. In the fifth set Williams finally found his game, Janssen no longer was able to keep up and Williams progressed into the next round.
In the last match of the night with Dean Reynolds another Welshman stood at the oche. For some time he was regarded as a big talent and he celebrated some successes on the PDC Development Tour. He decided to stay in the BDO and it looks he's no longer as good as he was. The match was far from high class and one-sided as well though Daniel Day returned with a short comeback into the match. With the second lowest average - 76.95 - Reynolds in the end reached a 3:1 win and the next round. But he'll have to improve quite a lot against his fellow country man Jim Williams.

Statistics - Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
81.9913006Dobromyslova 2:0Turner59.1002128

Statistics - Preliminary Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
86.1315857Cameron 3:0Hamilton83.5245457
82.4717395Ferenc 3:1Hogarth81.1846981

Statistics - First Round, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
78.9915430Mandigers 3:0Hogan88.3225711
90.1249854Unterbuchner 3:2Thompson86.7349279
92.2549503Williams 3:2Janssen85.9869113
80.2828725Day 1:3Reynolds76.5928374

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