BDO World Championship - Report, Statistics 7. Day

On the seventh day of the BDO World Championships the two women's semi-finals and the four men's quarterfinals took place.

To start the afternoon session Wayne Warren played against the last Dutchman still in the tournament - Chris Landman. Warren till now had shown dominant performances in the tournament and in this match again he was the better player though his double trouble affected him a lot. Chris Landman - who's scores were much lower - even managed to get into the lead for a while. But in the end Warren managed to win 5:3 and for the first time progressed into the semi-finals. Warren threw 15 180s in the match.

The first women's semi-final between Lisa Ashton and Corrine Hammond followed. Hammond won her fist matches without problems but had averaged far lower than number 1 seed Ashton. So it was not astonishing that Hammond was just not good enough to hinder Ashton to progress with a 2:0 win into the final.

The third match of the afternoon session was the second men's quarterfinal between Mario Vandenbogaerde and David Evans. Evans was only for a short time really in the match so the Belgian dominated most of the time. Vandenbogaerde won 5:3 and reached the semi-finals in his World Championship debut.

The evening session started with the quarterfinal between Jim Williams and Paul Hogan. While Hogan had delighted the crowd with his matches before he this time couldn't find the doubles and scored low - s a not really strong Williams had the match under control from the beginning. Even when Hogan won a set he didn't settle in the match. Williams won a one sided and slightly disappointing quarterfinal with 5:1.

In the second women's semi-final reigning champion Mikuru Suzuki played against Beau Greaves. Both players looked nervous and both didn't play outstanding. The first two sets were hard-fought and divided among the two women. After the break in the third set Greaves couldn't keep up any longer and Suzuki won the set 3:0. So she again stands in the final.

The last match of the seventh day was a quarterfinal between two former BDO world Champions - Scott Mitchell played against Scott Waites. Both had impressed in the tournament so far and this quarterfinal was the best and most evenly matched of the four. The lead changed several times. In the ninth and deciding set Waites only won one leg and Mitchell after 2015 for the second time progressed into the semi-finals of the World Championship.

Statistics - Semi-Finals Women
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
84.2613006Ashton 2:0Hammond77.0812775
76.2415057Greaves 1:2Suzuki79.1505145

Statistics - Quarterfinals, Men
Ave180sPointsPlayervPlayer Ave180sPoints
91.141516162Warren 5:3Landman85.04415335
89.39414237Evans 3:5Vandenbogaerde89.50714559
82.14510870Hogan 1:5Williams86.81111777
93.851015955Waites 4:5Mitchell92.53615915

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