PDC Home Tour - Championship Group, Final

Aspinall wins Home Tour
Nathan Aspinall won his three matches in the Championship Group and is the inaugural PDC Home Tour Champion.

Aspinall started the night with a 6:3 win over Jelle Klaasen. Though Klaasen managed to win three legs Aspinall dominated the match all the time and the Dutchman had no chance at all. The fourth match of the night was the clash between Aspinall and Gary Anderson and the match which decided the win. It was a very close and from both players high class match. Aspinall had the throw in the deciding leg and he used his advantage to win. In the last match of the night Aspinall won against Jonny Clayton with 6:4. Clayton himself had no chance to win the title going into the match but a Clayton win would have helped Anderson to snatch the title, Clayton almost hit a nine-darter in the match but he couldn't hinder Aspinall to win.
Gary Anderson ended after clear wins over Jonny Clayton (with an outstanding 109.2 average) and Jelle Klaasen despite his great performances on the second place of the table. His defeat by Aspinall was his only defeat of the complete event.
Jonny Clayton didn't play as strong as in his Last 8 group but played strong nevertheless though he had no chance on the night against Aspinall and Anderson. But he defeated Jelle Klaasen - who couldn't win a single match and who was the weakest player in this Championship Group.

Nathan Aspinall 6:3 Jelle Klaasen (97.0, 5x180 : 83.7, 1x180)
Gary Anderson 6:2 Jonny Clayton (109.2, 2x180 : 96.9, 2x180, 111 Finish)
Jelle Klaasen 2:6 Jonny Clayton (88.7, 3x180 : 96.7, 3x180)
Gary Anderson 5:6 Nathan Aspinall (101.2, 4x180 : 106.4, 5x180)
Gary Anderson 6:3 Jelle Klaasen (96.0, 2x180, 130 Finish : 87.3, 1x180, 144 Finish)
Jonny Clayton 4:6 Nathan Aspinall (99.0, 2x180 : 92.6, 5x180)

1Nathan Aspinall330+66
2Gary Anderson321+64
3Jonny Clayton312-22
4Jelle Klaasen303-100

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