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The World is a big soft-dart tournament which is played in eight phases and the Grand Final for the first time in 2011.
The winner will get a very high price money - 1.000.000 Hong Kong Dollars, that's around 100 000 Euro or 82.300 British Pound or around 128.500 US Dollar.
The tournament is played on Dartslive machines which offer the newest technology available. Every person who plays on such a machine gets his personalized card and can play with it all over the world on Dartslive machines. So it is possible that a player in the USA can make an appointment and play with a player in Australia or somewhere in Asia or Europe "live". All informations, including results and achievements are saved on the card.
Due to the price money not only players from Asia and the Pacific region travelled to Hong Kong but quite a few North Americans and some players from Europe as well.
The tournament will be televised live on ustream .
The format is throughout 701 Cricket - 701 Cricket - Choice, Best of five Legs. On the Saturday before the tournament a shoot out will be played to decide the seeding of the tournament.

Stage 1 13. May, Las Vegas, USA Winner: Alex Reyes
Stage 218. June, La Rochelle, France Winner: Paul Lim
Stage 330. July, Taichung, Taiwan Winner:
Stage 419. August, Tokio, Japan Winner:
Stage 522. October, Malaysia Winner:
Stage 63. December, Hong Kong Winner:

Stage 18. May, Las Vegas, USA Winner: Boris Krcmar
Stage 219. June, La Rochelle, France Winner: Alex Reyes
Stage 314. August, Taipei, China Winner: Paul Lim
Premium Stage27. August, Tokio, Japan Winner: Paul Lim
Stage 411. September, Goryang, Korea Winner: Paul Lim
Stage 518. October, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Winner: Tengku Sha
Grand Final4. December, Hong Kong Winner: Boris Krcmar

Stage 15. April, Macau Winner: Lourence Ilagan
Stage 224. May, Singapore Winner: Adrian Gray
Stage 314. June, La Rochelle, France Winner: Leonard Gates
Phase 49. August, Toronto, Canada Winner: Sho Katsumi
Phase 520. September, Malaysia Winner: Shintaro Inoue
Phase 618. October, China Winner: Randall van Deursen
Phase 729. November, Taipei Winner: Boris Krcmar

Stage 15. April, Macau Winner: Adrian Gray
Stage 213. June, La Rochelle, France Winner: Haruki Muramatsu
Stage 317. August, Shanghai, China Winner: Boris Krcmar
Phase 428. September, Tokyo, Japan Winner: Darin Young
Phase 51. November, Las Vegas, USA Winner: Boris Krcmar

Phase 128. April, Hong Kong Winner: Ronald Briones
Phase 226. May, Hong Kong Winner: Scott Kirchner
Phase 316. June, La Rochell, France Winner: Stephen Bunting
Phase 414. July, Seoul, Korea Winner: Ronald Briones
Phase 525. August, Shanghai, China Winner: Lourence Ilagan
Phase 621. September, Las Vegas Winner: Lourence Ilagan
Phase 713. October, Hong Kong Winner: Christian Perez
Phase 83. November, Hong Kong Winner: Stephen Bunting
Grand Final14./15. December, Hongkong Winner: Lourence Ilagan

Phase 118. März, Hong Kong Winner: Paul Lim
Phase 215. April, Hong Kong Winner: Sho Katsumi
Phase 327. Mai, Hong Kong Winner: Keita Ono
Phase 417. Juni, Hong Kong Winner: Royden Lam
Phase 522. Juli, Hong Kong Winner: Lourence Ilagan
Phase 626. August Winner: Royden Lam
Phase 730. September, Las Vegas Winner: Lourence Ilagan
Phase 828. October Winner: Ray Carver
Grand Final15./16. December, Hongkong Winner: Takehiro Suzuki

Phase 1 12. March, Hongkong Winner: Lourence Ilagan
Phase 224. April, Hongkong Winner: John Part
Phase 35. June, Hongkong Winner: Ting Chi Royden Lam
Phase 424. July, Hongkong Winner: Ronald Briones
Phase 511. September, Hongkong Winner: Raymond Carver
Phase 68. October, Hongkong Winner: Paul Lim
Phase 730. October, Hongkong Winner: Raymond Carver
Phase 813. November, Hongkong Winner: David Fatum
Grand Final17./18. December, Hongkong Winner: Paul Lim

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