WDF Asia-Pacific Cup

The Asia-Pacific Cup is a WDF tournament which is played like the Europe Cup and the America Cup alternately with the WDF World Cup every second year.
It first was played in 1980 and offered from the start competiontions for men and women. Players from the USA and Canada took part as well till in 2000 the first America Cup was played.

All countries from Asia and the Pacific region which are members of the WDF can take part.

The Asia-Pacific Cup began as "Pacific Cup". In the 1990's the WDF offered an Asia Cup as well. Out of financial reasons many of the countries couldn't take part in both events. So the WDF in the end decided to give up the Pacific Cup and to play an Asia-Pacific Cup instead. Beside the Asiatic countries Australia, New Zealand, and till 2000 the USA and Canada could take part in it.
Originally the participating national teams consisted of two female and two male players and all tournaments, the ladies and men's singles and doubles, the mixed doubles and the mixed team competition were played round robin.

Over the years the format changed. The team competition first changed into a four men's team competition and then again back to a mixed team event but is now played by four men and two women.

The player taking part most often was Paul Lim. He took part seven times and played for three different nations over the years: for Singapor, for Papua New Guinea and for the USA. Three times he won the men's singles.

Winners Men
Singles Doubles
1980Paul LimK.C. Mullany/Jerry Umberger
1982Terry O'Dea Terry O'Dea/Barry Atkinson
1984Paul Lim Bob Sinnaeve/Dave Green
1986Paul Lim Gordon Allpress/Barry Whittaker
1988Russell Stewart Russell Stewart/Terry O'Dea
1990Albert Ansty Russell Stewart/Keith Sullivan
1992Keith Sullivan Keith Sullivan/Wayne Weening
1994Russell Stewart John Part/Carl Mercer
1996Graham HuntCarl Mercer/Yves Chamberland
2000 Warren ParryHardip Singh/Tengku Hadzali Shah
2002Herbie NathanGraham Hunt/Anthony Fleet
2004Robert GrantDaisuke Yakahama/Hiroshi Watabnabe
2006Amin Abdul GhaniKuji Aoki/Taro Yachi
2008Peter MachinSelbaraju Subramaniam/Ananden Tandrian
2010Koha KokiriAnthony Fleet/Geoff Kime
2012Kenichi Aijki Rob Modra/Darren Webster

Winners Ladies
Singles Doubles
1980Ivy HamptonIvy Hampton/Cherry Bradshaw
1982Barbara FletcherLee-Ann Pickett/Angie Luscombe
1984Lilian BirdLilian Bird/Jane Karena
1986Cathy KarpovitchRani Gill/Amy Earle
1988Louise Ball Lori Braithwaite/Kathy Hopkins
1990Jane KarenaPatricia Farrell/Carmen Pasher
1992Charmaine BarneySandy Reitan/Kathy Maloney
1994Patricia FarrellPatricia Farrell/Andrea Sorensen
1996Dot McLeodDot McLeod/Megan Rodgers
2000 Yaruki NishikawaJannette Jonathan/Marion Morgan
2002Jannette JonathanJanice Hinojales/Paulita Villanueva
2004Megan SmithJannette Jonathan/Megan Smith
2006Megan SmithJannette Jonathan/Megan Smith
2008Corrine HammondCorrine Hammond/Louise Ball
2010Jannette JonathanCorrine Hammond/Lavinia Hogg
2012Corrinne Hammond Corrinne Hammond/Natalie Carter

Winners common events
Team Mixed Doubles Overall
1980SingaporTerry O'Dea/Barbara FletcherAustralia
1982USATerry O'Dea/Barbara FletcherNew Zealand
1984USABob Sinnaeve/Rani GillNew Zealand
1986USAGordon Allpress/Lotti ChalcroftUSA
1988USARussell Stewart/Julie ThomasAustralia
1990USAPaul Lim/Eva GrigsbyUSA
1992New ZealandKeith Sullivan/Louise BallAustralia
1994AustraliaJohn Part/Patrica FarrellCanada
1996CanadaGraham Hunt/Dot MacLeodAustralia
2000New Zealand-New Zealand
2002Manila-New Zealand
2004Neuseeland-New Zealand
2006Philippines-New Zealand
2010Australia- Australia
2012Australia- Australia

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