Darius Labanauskas
Birthday: 26. July 1976
Lives in: Lithunia
Born in: Lithunia
Organisation: BDO

Darius Labanauskas is the best known und most successful Lithunian darts player and the first ever player from Lithunia who will give his debut on the BDO World Championship stage in Lakeside.
Labanauskas in 2011 and 2013 won the Lithunian Open, 2012 and 2013 the Estonian Open and 2014 the Riga Open and the Riga Masters. He's member of the national team of Lithunia, in 2011 stood together with Arunas Ciplys in the pairs final of the WEDF Europe Cup and in 2013 in the singles final of the same tournament where he lost to Irishman David Concannon.
2015 he will for the first time represent his home country in the BDO World Championship. Labanauskas played in the first round against number 16 seed Robbie Green and lost 1:3.

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