Alan Norris
Birthday: 21. February 1972
Lives in: England
Born at: Yeovil, England
Nickname: Chuck
Walk-On-Music: Loose my mind (Brennan Heart
Organisation: BDO
Internet-Site: Alan Norris

Alan Norris plays the BDO circuit since 2006. Norris lived for some time in Spain where he worked for a Swedish company. He then moved to Sweden and played for some years in the Swedish national team. In 2009 he returned to England,lived then some time in Scotland. He moved to the Netherlands but is at the moment back in England.

2007 Norris won the national Swedish championship and was then for two years the number 1 in Sweden. 2008 he reached the quarterfinals of the Welsh Open, the Norway Open, the Denmark Open and the Zuiderduin Masters and qualified for the first time for the BDO World Championship. He returned in 2010, lost first round but stayed in Lakeside as a commentator. Thanks to some good results he qualified again for 2011 and 2012. In 2012 he reached the quarterfinals where he lost to the later World Champion Christian Kist. He returned in 2013 but was elimated second round. Though Norris had a rather slow season in 2013 he again qualified as an unseeded player for the BDO World Championship 2014.

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