Grand Slam of Darts 2011

Tournament Information

Saturday, 12. NovemberFirst RoundReports
Sunday, 13. NovemberFirst RoundAfternoonEvening
Monday, 14. NovemberFirst RoundReports
Tuesday, 15. NovemberFirst RoundReports
Wednesday, 16. NovemberFirst RoundReports
Thursday, 17. NovemberSecond RoundReports
Friday, 18. NovemberSecond RoundReports
Saturday, 19. NovemberQuarterfinals
Sunday, 20. NovemberSemifinals + FinalReports


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Gruppe A
Scott Waites (1)
Mark Walsh
Tony O'Shea
Michael van Gerwen

Guppe B
Raymond van Barneveld (8)
Dean Winstanley
Ted Hankey
Ian White

Gruppe C
Gary Anderson (5)
Wayne Jones
Brendan Dolan
Nigel Heydon

Gruppe D
James Wade (4)
Terry Jenkins
Justin Pipe
Dave Chisnall

Gruppe E
Phil Taylor (2)
Mervyn King
Steve Beaton
James Hubbard

Gruppe F
Wes Newton (7)
Paul Nicholson
Barry Bates
Magnus Caris

Gruppe G
Mark Webster (6)
Jan Dekker
John Part
Arron Monk

Gruppe H
Adrian Lewis (3)
Vincent van der Voort
Co Stompe
Martin Phillips

Group AWon LostDiffPoints
Michael van Gerwen21+ 3 4
Mark Walsh21 + 24
Scott Waites1 2 0 2
Tony O'Shea1 2 - 5 2

Group BWon LostDiffPoints
Dean Winstanley 30 + 9 6
Ted Hankey 2 1 + 1 4
Ian White12-3 2
Raymond van Barneveld0 3- 7 0

Group CWon LostDiffPoints
Wayne Jones2 0 + 5 4
Gary Anderson1 1 + 2 2
Nigel Heydon110 2
Brendan Dolan0 0 - 7 0

Group DWon LostDiffPoints
Terry Jenkins 2 1 0 4
James Wade2 1 0 4
Justin Pipe12+ 2 2
Dave Chisnall1 2 - 2 2

Group EWon LostDiffPoints
Phil Taylor3 0 + 8 6
Steve Beaton21 + 3 4
Mervyn King1 2 - 2 2
James Hubbard0 3 - 9 0

Group FWon LostDiffPoints
Paul Nicholson3 0 + 7 6
Wes Newton21+ 6 4
Magnus Caris 1 20 2
Barrie Bates0 3 - 13 0

Group GWon LostDiffPoints
Mark Webster30 + 7 6
John Part2 1 + 1 4
Jan Dekker1 2 - 1 2
Arron Monk0 3 - 7 0

Group HWon LostDiffPoints
Adrian Lewis30 + 8 6
Martin Phillips 2 1 + 5 4
Co Stompe1 2 - 52
Vincent van der Voort0 3 - 8 0

Saturday, 12. November - First Round     Best of 9 Legs
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Group Matches 1, Groups A - D
Wayne Jones5:2Brendan Dolan
Mark Walsh5:2Tony O'Shea
Dean Winstanley 5:0Ted Hankey
Raymond van Barneveld4:5Ian White
James Wade5:4Dave Chisnall
Scott Waites3:5Michael van Gerwen
Gary Anderson 3:5Nigel Heydon
Terry Jenkins1:5Justin Pipe

Reports Day one

Sunday, 13. November - First Round     Best of 9 Legs
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Group Matches 1, Groups E - H, Afternoon
Paul Nicholson5:0Barrie Bates
Wes Newton5:2Magnus Caris
Mark Webster 5:4Arron Monk
Vincent van der Voort3:5Co Stompe
Mervyn King3:5Steve Beaton
Phil Taylor5:1James Hubbard
Adrian Lewis5:4Martin Phillips
Jan Dekker2:5John Part

Reports Day Two, Afternoon

Group Matches 2, Groups A - D, Evening
Winners of Saturday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Terry Jenkins5:3Dave Chisnall
Gary Anderson5:1Brendan Dolan
Scott Waites4:5Tony O'Shea
Dean Winstanley5:4Ian White
Raymond van Barneveld2:5Ted Hankey
James Wade5:4Justin Pipe
Wayne Jones5:3Nigel Heydon
Mark Walsh 5:3Michael van Gerwen

Reports Day Two, Evening

Monday, 14. November - First Round     Best of 9 Legs
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Group Matches 2, Groups E - H
Winners of Sunday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Barrie Bates1:5Magnus Caris
Mervyn King5:3James Hubbard
Jan Dekker5:1Arron Monk
Vincent van der Voort 2:5Martin Phillips
Mark Webster5:1John Part
Phil Taylor5:3Steve Beaton
Wes Newton4:5Paul Nicholson
Adrian Lewis 5:1Co Stompe

Reports Day Three

Tuesday, 15. November - First Round     Best of 9 Legs
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Group Matches 3, Groups A -D
Raymond van Barneveld2:5Dean Winstanley
Mark Walsh2:5Scott Waites
Brendan Dolan5:3Nigel Heydon
Justin Pipe 4:5Dave Chisnall
Tony O'Shea2:5Michael van Gerwen
James Wade3:5Terry Jenkins
Ted Hankey5:2Ian White
Gary Anderson 5:1Wayne Jones

Reports Day four

Wednesday, 16. November - First Round     Best of 9 Legs
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Group Matches 3, Groups E - H
Adrian Lewis5:2Vincent van der Voort
Wes Newton5:1Barrie Bates
Steve Beaton5:2James Hubbard
John Part 5:3Arron Monk
Co Stompe5:2Martin Phillips
Phil Taylor5:3Mervyn King
Mark Webster5:3Jan Dekker
Paul Nicholson 5:4Magnus Caris

Report Day five

Thursday, 17. November - Second Round     Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Groups A - D
Dean Winstanley9:10Mark Walsh
Michael van Gerwen9:10Ted Hankey
Gary Anderson10:3James Wade
Terry Jenkins10:8Wayne Jones

Reports Day six

Friday, 18. November - Second Round     Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Groups E - H
Paul Nicholson10:8Steve Beaton
Mark Webster10:8Martin Phillips
Phil Taylor10:3Wes Newton
Adrian Lewis10:8John Part

Reports Day seven

Saturday, 19. November - Quarterfinals     Best of 31Legs
Top ⇑
Mark Walsh16:14Ted Hankey
Gary Anderson 16:12 Terry Jenkins

Mark Webster 5:16Adrian Lewis
Phil Taylor16:7 Paul Nicholson

Sunday, 20. November - Semi Finals and Final     Best of 33 Legs
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Afternoon - Semi Finals
Mark Walsh 11:16 Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor 16:9Adrian Lewis

Evening - Final
Phil Taylor 16:4Gary Anderson

Report Semi Finals + Final

Grand Slam of Darts Participants

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2010 Grand Slam of Darts
Winner: Scott Waites
Runner-up: James Wade
Semi-Finalists: Steve Beaton, Wayne Jones

2009 Grand Slam of Darts
Winner: Phil Taylor
Runner-up: (Scott Waites)
Semi-Finalists: Raymond van Barneveld, Terry Jenkins

PDC Tournaments
2011 World Championship
Winner: Adrian Lewis
Runner- up: Gary Anderson
Semi-Finalists: Mark Webster, (Terry Jenkins)

2010 World Championship
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: Simon Whitlock had to withdraw due injury
Semi-Finalists: (Mark Webster), (Raymond van Barneveld)

Previous World Champions
2009 (Phil Taylor)
2008 John Part
2007 (Raymond van Barneveld)

2011 World Matchplay
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: (James Wade)

2010 World Matchplay
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: (Raymond van Barneveld)

2011 World Grand Prix
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: Brendan Dolan

2010 World Grand Prix
Winner: (James Wade)
Runner- up: (Adrian Lewis)

2011 UK Open
Winner: (James Wade)
Runner- up: Wes Newton

2010 UK Open
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: (Gary Anderson)

2011 Premier League Darts
Winner: (Gary Anderson)
Runner- up: (Adrian Lewis)

2010 Premier League Darts
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: (James Wade)

2011 Championship League Darts
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: Paul Nicholson

2010 Championship League Darts
Winner: (James Wade)
Runner- up: (Phil Taylor)

2011 Players Championship Finals
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: (Gary Anderson)

2010 Players Championship Finals
Winner: Paul Nicholson
Runner- up: (Mervyn King)

2011 European Championship
Winner: (Phil Taylor )
Runner- up: (Adrian Lewis)

2010 European Championship
Winner: (Phil Taylor)
Runner- up: (Wayne Jones)

BDO Turniere
2011 World Championship
Winner: (Martin Adams)
Runner- up: Dean Winstanley
Semi-Finalists: Martin Phillips, Jan Dekker

2010 World Championship
Winner: (Martin Adams)
Runner- up: Dave Chisnall
Semi-Finalists: (Martin Phillips), Tony O'Shea

Previous World Champions
2009 Ted Hankey
2008 (Mark Webster)
2007 (Martin Adams)

Other Tournaments
PDC Under-21 World Championship 2011
Finalist 1: Michael van Gerwen
Finalist 2: James Hubbard

PDC Under-21 World Championship 2010
Winner: Arron Monk

Other Qualifiers

Grand Slam of Darts Wildcard Qualifier
Winner: Nigel Heydon
Runner-Up: Magnus Caris

Should winners and/or runner-ups from the World Grand Prix or the Championship League darts already have qualified free places will be filled with players as follows:

1. Highest placed non-qualified player on the main PDC Order of Merit
Mark Walsh

2. Highest placed non-qualified player on the Players Championship Order of Merit
Justin Pipe

3. Highest placed non-qualified player on the European Order of Merit
Vincent van der Voort

4. Third-placed play-off winner at the Wildcard Qualifier
Ian White will be invited

Should one of the World Youth Championship finalists have previously qualified, then an additional place would be made available to a further player from the Wildcard Qualifier.

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