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Saturday, 12. NovemberGroup Matches 1, Afternoon
Saturday, 12. NovemberGroup Matches 1, EveningReport, Statistics Day 1
Sunday, 13. NovemberGroup Matches 2, Afternoon
Sunday, 13. NovemberGroup Matches 2, EveningReport, Statistics Day 2
Monday, 14. NovemberGroup Matches 3 Report, Statistics
Tuesday, 15. NovemberGroup Matches 3Report, Statistics
Wednesday, 16. NovemberSecond RoundReport, Statistics
Thursday, 17. NovemberSecond RoundReport, Statistics
Friday, 18. NovemberQuarterfinalsReport, Statistics
Saturday, 19. NovemberQuarterfinals Report, Statistics
Sunday, 20. NovemberSemifinals, Afternoon
Sunday, 20. NovemberFinal, EveningReport Finals Day, Statistics


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Group A
Michael van Gerwen (1)
Brendan Dolan
Max Hopp
Martin Adams

Group B
Robert Thornton (8)
Gerwyn Price
Dimitri van den Bergh
Scott Waites

Group C
Peter Wright(5)
Simon Whitlock
Ted Evetts
Jeff Smith

Group D
Phil Taylor(4)
Ian White
Darren Webster
Darryl Fitton

Group E
Gary Anderson (2)
Alan Norris
Nathan Derry
Glen Durrant

Group F
Mensur Suljovic(7)
Raymond van Barneveld
Nathan Aspinall
Danny Noppert

Group G
James Wade(6)
Dave Chisnall
James Wilson
Jamie Hughes

Group H
Adrian Lewis (3)
Benito van de Pas
Chris Dobey
Scott Mitchell

Group AWon LostDiffPoints
Michael van Gerwen3-+116
Brendan Dolan 21-1 4
Max Hopp12-3 2
Martin Adams-3-7 0

Group BWon LostDiffPoints
Gerwyn Price2 1+44
Robert Thornton21+1 4
Dimitri van den Bergh21+1 4
Scott Waites 03-6 0
Thornton wins Nine-Dart Shoot Out against van den Bergh
Group CWon LostDiffPoints
Peter Wright3-+11 6
Jeff Smith21-2 4
Simon Whitlock12-22
Ted Evetts-3-7 0

Gruppe DGew VerlDiffPunkte
Phil Taylor21+34
Darryl Fitton21-2 4
Darren Webster1 2+2 2
Ian White12-3 2

Gary Anderson3-+9 6
Glen Durrant21+8 4
Nathan Derry12-9 2
Alan Norris-3-80

Group FWon LostDiffPoints
Raymond van Barneveld3 - +96
Danny Noppert21+2 4
Mensur Suljovic12-22
Nathan Aspinall-3-9 0

Group GWon LostDiffPoints
Jamie Hughes21 +3 4
James Wade21+2 4
James Wilson1202
Dave Chisnall12-5 2

Group HWon LostDiffPoints
Benito van de Pas3+8 6
Chris Dobey11+3 4
Scott Mitchell12-2 2
Adrian Lewis- 3-90

Qualified players are highlighted

Saturday, 12. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Group Matches 1, Groups B, C, F, G
Gerwyn Price4:5Dimitri van den Bergh
Simon Whitlock5:1Ted Evetts
Dave Chisnall 2:5James Wilson
Mensur Suljovic3:5Danny Noppert
Robert Thornton5:3Scott Waites
Raymond van Barneveld5:1Nathan Aspinall
James Wade5:3Jamie Hughes
Peter Wright5:1Jeff Smith

Group Matches 1, Groups A, D, E, H
Brendan Dolan5:4Max Hopp
Alan Norris4:5Nathan Derry
Ian White5:3Darren Webster
Benito van de Pas5:4Chris Dobey
Phil Taylor5:1Darryl Fitton
Gary Anderson5:4Glen Durrant
Michael van Gerwen5:2Martin Adams
Adrian Lewis1:5Scott Mitchell

Report, Statistics Day 1

Sunday, 13. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Groups B, C, F, G - Second matches
Winners of Saturday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Ted Evetts4:5Jeff Smith
Mensur Suljovic5:3Nathan Aspinall
Gerwyn Price 5:2Scott Waites
Dave Chisnall1:5Jamie Hughes
Robert Thornton5:4Dimitri van den Bergh
James Wade5:3James Wilson
Raymond van Barneveld5:2Danny Noppert
Peter Wright5:0Simon Whitlock

Groups A, D, E, H - second matches
Winners of Saturday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Darren Webster4:5Daryl Fitton
Adrian Lewis3:5Chris Dobey
Alan Norris 1:5Glen Durrant
Max Hopp5:3Martin Adams
Phil Taylor5:1Ian White
Gary Anderson5:0Nathan Derry
Michael van Gerwen5:1Brendan Dolan
Benito van de Pas5:1Scott Mitchell

Report + Statistics Day Two

Monday, 14. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Final Group matches, Groups A, D, E, H
Adrian Lewis2:5Benito van de Pas
Gary Anderson5:2Alan Norris
Phil Taylor0:5Darren Webster
Michael van Gerwen5:1Max Hopp
Brendan Dolan5:3Martin Adams
Chris Dobey5:3Scott Mitchell
Nathan Derry0:5Glen Durrant
Ian White4:5Darryl Fitton

Report and Statistics Day Three

Tuesday, 15. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Final Group matches, Groups B, C, F, G
James Wade3:5Dave Chisnall
Peter Wright5:3Ted Evetts
Dimitri van den Bergh5:4Scott Waites
Nathan Aspinall 2:5Danny Noppert
Robert Thornton3:5Gerwyn Price
James Wilson4:5Jamie Hughes
Mensur Suljovic 3:5Raymond van Barneveld
Simon Whitlock 4:5Jeff Smith

Report + Statistics Day four

Wednesday, 16. November - Second Round Matches, Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Gerwyn Price9:10Brendan Dolan
Phil Taylor10:5Jeff Smith
Michael van Gerwen10:5Robert Thornton
Peter Wright10:3Darryl Fitton

Report + Statistics Day five

Thursday, 17. November - Second Round, Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Jamie Hughes9:10Chris Dobey
Benito van de Pas2:10James Wade
Gary Anderson10:9Danny Noppert
Raymond van Barneveld10:7Glen Durrant

Friday, 18. November - Quarterfinals, Best of 31 Legs
Top ⇑
Michael van Gerwen16:3Brendan Dolan
Peter Wright16:10Phil Taylor

Report and Statistics

Saturday, 19. November - Quarterfinals, Best of 31Legs
Top ⇑
Chris Dobey5:16James Wade
Gary Anderson16:13Raymond van Barneveld

Report and Statistics

Sunday, 20. November - Semi Finals and Final, Best of 33 Legs
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Afternoon - Semi Finals
Michael van Gerwen16:10Peter Wright
James Wade16:14Gary Anderson

Evening - Final
Michael van Gerwen16:8James Wade

Report Finals Day, Statistics

Grand Slam of Darts Participants
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One-Year Invitations to be issued to a maximum of 16 players from the events below in the order of automatic qualifiers listed (players who have already qualified listed in brackets):

2016 PDC World Champion - Gary Anderson
2016 PDC World Championship Runner-Up - Adrian Lewis
2015 Grand Slam of Darts Winner - Michael van Gerwen
2015 Grand Slam of Darts Runner-Up- Phil Taylor
2016 Premier League Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 Premier League Runner-Up - (Phil Taylor)
2016 World Matchplay Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 World Matchplay Runner-Up - (Phil Taylor)
2016 World Grand Prix Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 World Grand Prix Runner-Up - (Gary Anderson)
2015 Players Championship Finals Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2015 Players Championship Finals Runner-Up - (Adrian Lewis)
2016 UK Open Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 UK Open Runner-Up - Peter Wright
2016 European Championship Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 European Championship Runner-Up - Mensur Suljovic
2016 Masters Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 Masters Runner-Up - Dave Chisnall
2015 World Youth Championship Winner- Max Hopp
2015 World Youth Championship Runner-Up - Nathan Aspinall
2016 World Series of Darts Finals Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 World Series of Darts Finals Runner-Up - (Peter Wright)
2016 Champions League of Darts Winner - (Phil Taylor)
2016 Champions League of Darts Runner-Up - (Michael van Gerwen)
2016 World Cup Winner - (Adrian Lewis & Phil Taylor)
2016 World Cup Runner-Up (Michael van Gerwen &) Raymond van Barneveld

Should the list above produce 16 players in the order of events listed, no further players shall qualify automatically.

Should the list above produce fewer than 16 players, then additional places up to a total of 16 players shall be filled from the reserve list in the following order:
2016 PDC European Tour event winners on 17. October (in Pro Tour Order of Merit position order at cut-off date 7. November)

Mensur Suljovic
James Wade
Alan Norris

2016 Players Championship event winners on 17. October(in Pro Tour Order of Merit position at cut-off date 7. November)

Benito van de Pas
Ian White
Gerwyn Price, Standby
Simon Whitlock, Standby

If the automatic qualifiers list and reserve list as stated above produces less than 16 players, then additional places shall be awarded to the PDC Qualifier.

The remaining 16 places shall be filled with eight players from a PDC Qualifier and eight players from the BDO system.

Four BDO invitees
2016 Lakeside World Champion - Scott Waites
2016 Lakeside World Championship Runner-Up - Jeff Smith
2015 World Masters Winner – Glen Durrant
2016 World Trophy Winner - Darryl Fitton

The other four BDO participants come from the BDO Invitional Ranking standing 30. September. The top four not yet invited players will get an invitation.
Scott Mitchell
Danny Noppert
Jamie Hughes
Martin Adams

PDC Qualifier, 23. October
Robert Thornton
Dimitri van den Bergh
Ted Evetts
Brendan Dolan
Chris Dobey
James Wilson
Nathan Derry
Darren Webster

Qualified Players
On 7. November

Martin Adams (BDO)
Gary Anderson (2)
Nathan Aspinall
Dave Chisnall
Nathan Derry
Chris Dobey
Brendan Dolan
Glen Durrant (BDO)
Ted Evetts
Darryl Fitton (BDO)
Max Hopp
Jamie Hughes (BDO)
Adrian Lewis (3)
Scott Mitchell (BDO)
Danny Noppert (BDO)
Alan Norris
Gerwyn Price
Jeff Smith (BDO)
Mensur Suljovic (7)
Phil Taylor (4)
Robert Thornton (8)
Raymond van Barneveld
Benito van de Pas
Dimitri van den Bergh
Michael van Gerwen(1)
James Wade (6)
Scott Waites (BDO)
Darren Webster
Ian White
Simon Whitlock
James Wilson
Peter Wright (5)

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