Grand Slam of Darts 2020

Tournament Information
Groups and Group Tables

Monday, 16. NovemberGroup Matches 1, AfternoonReport, Statistics
Monday, 16. NovemberGroup Matches 1, Evening
Tuesday, 17. NovemberGroup Matches 2, Afternoon
Tuesday, 17. NovemberGroup Matches 2, EveningReport, Statistics Day 2
Wednesday, 18. NovemberGroup Matches 3 Report, Statistics
Thursday, 19. NovemberGroup Matches 3Report, Statistics
Friday, 20. NovemberSecond RoundReport, Statistics
Saturday, 21. NovemberSecond Round
Sunday, 22. NovemberQuarterfinals, Afternoon
Sunday, 22. NovemberQuarterfinals, Evening Report, Statistics Quarterfinals
Monday, 23. NovemberSemifinals
Tuesday, 24. NovemberFinalReport Final, Statistics

Groups and Group Tables
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Group A
Michael van Gerwen (1)
Joe Cullen
Gabriel Clemens
Adam Hunt

Group B
Gary Anderson (8)
Simon Whitlock
Ryan Searle
Adam Gawlas

Group C
Michael Smith (4)
Krzysztof Ratajski
Jose de Sousa
Lisa Ashton

Group D
Rob Cross (5)
Dave Chisnall
Luke Humphries
Justin Pipe

Group E
Peter Wright (2)
Ian White
Devon Petersen
Dirk van Duijvenbode

Group F
James Wade (7)
Glen Durrant
Jermaine Wattimena
Damon Heta

Group G
Gerwyn Price (3)
Jonny Clayton
Ryan Joyce
Mikuru Suzuki

Group H
Nathan Aspinall (6)
Dimitri van den Bergh
Ricky Evans
Wayne Warren

Group AWon LostDiffPoints
Michael van Gerwen, q 3-+11 6
Adam Hunt, q12-3 0
Gabriel Clemens12-42
Joe Cullen12-4 2

Group BWon LostDiffPoints
Simon Whitlock, q 3-+7 6
Gary Anderson, q2 104
Ryan Searle12-3 2
Adam Gawlas-3-3 0

Group CWon LostDiffPoints
Michael Smith, q 3-+106
Jose de Sousa, q21+2 4
Krzysztof Ratajski12-3 2
Lisa Ashton-3-9 0

Group DWon LostDiffPoints
Dave Chisnall, q3-+76
Rob Cross, q2 1+4 4
Luke Humphries12-3 2
Justin Pipe-3-8 0

Group EWon LostDiffPoints
Devon Petersen, q3-+9 6
Ian White, q12-1 2
Peter Wright12-2 2
Dirk van Duijvenbode 12-62

Group FWon LostDiffPoints
James Wade, q3-+86
Damon Heta, q21+2 4
J.Wattimena1 2+12
Glen Durrant -3-11 0

Group GWon LostDiff Points
Gerwyn Price, q3-+4 6
Jonny Clayton, q21+4 4
Ryan Joyce12+22
Mikuru Suzuki-3-10 0

Group HWon LostDiffPoints
Dimitri van den Bergh, q3-+12 6
Nathan Aspinall, q21+5 4
Ricky Evans12-6 2
Wayne Warren- 3-110

Qualified players are highlighted

Monday, 16. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Afternoon - Groups B, D, F, H
Rob Cross5:1Justin Pipe
Dave Chisnall5:4Luke Humphries
James Wade5:2Damon Heta
Simon Whitlock5:3Ryan Searle
Glen Durrant1:5Jermaine Wattimena
Nathan Aspinall5:0Wayne Warren
Dimitri van den Bergh5:1Ricky Evans
Gary Anderson5:3Adam Gawlas

Evening - Groups A, C, E, G
Jonny Clayton5:4Ryan Joyce
Joe Cullen2:5Gabriel Clemens
Krzysztof Ratajski4:5Jose de Sousa
Michael Smith5:1Lisa Ashton
Michael van Gerwen5:0Adam Hunt
Gerwyn Price5:4Mikuru Suzuki
Peter Wright4:5Dirk van Duijvenbode
Ian White2:5Devon Petersen

Report, Statistics Day 1

Tuesday, 17. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Afternoon - Groups B, D, F, H
Winners of Monday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Ricky Evans5:3Wayne Warren
Luke Humphries5:4Justin Pipe
Ryan Searle5:4Adam Gawlas
Glen Durrant1:5Damon Heta
Gary Anderson1:5Simon Whitlock
James Wade5:3Jermaine Wattimena
Rob Cross2:5Dave Chisnall
Nathan Aspinall1:5Dimitri van den Bergh

Evening - Groups A, C, E, G

Winners of Monday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Krzysztof Ratajski5:4Lisa Ashton
Joe Cullen5:4Adam Hunt
Ryan Joyce5:1Mikuru Suzuki
Peter Wright5:3Ian White
Devon Petersen5:2Dirk van Duijvenbode
Michael van Gerwen5:1Gabriel Clemens
Gerwyn Price5:3Jonny Clayton
Michael Smith5:2Jose de Sousa

Report + Statistics Day Two

Wednesday, 18. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Final Group matches, Groups B, D, F, H
Simon Whitlock5:4Adam Gawlas
Dave Chisnall5:2Justin Pipe
James Wade5:2Glen Durrant
Dimitri van den Bergh5:1Wayne Warren
Jermaine Wattimena4:5Damon Heta
Gary Anderson5:3Ryan Searle
Nathan Aspinall5:1Ricky Evans
Rob Cross5:2Luke Humphries

Report and Statistics Day Three

Thursday, 19. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Final Group matches, Groups A, C, E, G
Jose de Sousa5:1Lisa Ashton
Michael Smith5:2Krzysztof Ratajski
Jonny Clayton5:0Mikuru Suzuki
Gerwyn Price 5:4Ryan Joyce
Ian White5:1Dirk van Duijvenbode
Peter Wright2:5Devon Petersen
Gabriel Clemens 2:5Adam Hunt
Michael van Gerwen 5:3Joe Cullen

Report + Statistics Day four

Friday, 20. November - Second Round Matches, Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Dimitri van den Bergh10:3Jonny Clayton
James Wade10:4Ian White
Simon Whitlock10:6Adam Hunt
Dave Chisnall7:10Jose de Sousa

Report + Statistics Day five

Saturday, 21. November - Second Round, Best of 19 Legs
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Michael Smith10:9Rob Cross
Devon Petersen7:10Damon Heta
Michael van Gerwen10:2Gary Anderson
Gerwyn Price8:10Nathan Aspinall

Sunday, 22. November - Quarterfinals, Best of 31 Legs
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Michael Smith14:16Jose de Sousa
Damon Heta13:16James Wade

Nathan Aspinall15:16Dimitri van den Bergh
Michael van Gerwen 15:16Simon Whitlock

Report and Statistics Quarterfinals

Monday, 23. November - Semi Finals , Best of 33 Legs
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Semi Finals
Simon Whitlock12:16Jose de Sousa James Wade16:15Dimitri van den Bergh

Tuesday, 24. November - Final, Best of 33 Legs
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Jose de Sousa16:12James Wade

Report Final, Statistics

Grand Slam of Darts Participants
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On 12. November
Invitations to be issued to a maximum of 22 players from the events below in the order of automatic qualifiers listed (players who have already qualified listed in brackets):

2020 PDC World Champion - Peter Wright
2019 PDC World Championship Runner-Up -(Michael van Gerwen)
2019 Grand Slam of Darts Winner - Gerwyn Price
2019 Grand Slam of Darts Runner-Up - (Peter Wright)
2020 Premier League Winner - Glen Durrant
2020 Premier League Runner-Up - (Nathan Aspinall)
2020 World Matchplay Winner - Dimitri van den Bergh
2020 World Matchplay Runner-Up - Gary Anderson
2020 World Grand Prix Winner - (Gerwyn Price)
2020 World Grand Prix Runner-Up - Dirk van Duijvenbode
2020 UK Open Winner - Michael van Gerwen
2020 UK Open Runner-Up - (Gerwyn Price)
2020 Masters Winner - (Peter Wright)
2020 Masters Runner-Up - Michael Smith
2020 European Championship Winner -
2020 European Championship Runner-Up -
2020 World Series of Darts Winner - (Gerwyn Price)
2020 World Series of Darts Runner-Up - Rob Cross
2020 World Cup Winner -
2020 World Cup Runner-Up(2 players with highest individual taking preference if only one spot available) -
2019 Players Championship Finals Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2019 Players Championship Finals Runner-Up - (Gerwyn Price)
2019 World Youth Championship Winner - Luke Humphries
2019 World Youth Championship Runner-Up - Adam Gawlas
2010 Home Tour Champion - Nathan Aspinall
2020 PDC Summer Series OOM Highest-Placed Player - James Wade
2020 PDC Autumn Series OOM Highest-Placed Player - Damon Heta
2020 PDC Winter Series OOM Highest-Placed Player - Jermaine Wattimena
2020 PDC Women's Qualifier - Lisa Ashton
Should the list above produce 22 players in the order of events listed, no further players shall qualify automatically.

Should the list above produce fewer than 22 players, then additional places up to a total of 16 players shall be filled from the reserve list in the following order:
2020 PDC European Tour event winners - (Gerwyn Price), Devon Petersen, Jose de Sousa
2020 Players Championship event winners on 9. November(in Pro Tour Order of Merit position at cut-off date 9. November) - (Gary Anderson), (Nathan Aspinall), Ryan Searle, (Krzysztof Ratajski), (Peter Wright), (Gerwyn Price), Ian White, (Michael van Gerwen), (Ryan Joyce), (James Wade)

The remaining 10 places shall be filled with eight players from a PDC Qualifier and two players from the BDO system.

BDO Representatives
BDO World Champion 2020 - Wayne Warren
BDO Women's World Champion 2020 - Mikuru Suzuki

PDC Tour Card Holders Qualifier, 8 places
Ricky Evans
Adam Hunt
Krzysztof Ratajski
Ryan Joyce
Dave Chisnall
Simon Whitlock
Justin Pipe
Gabriel Clemens

Reserve List Joe Cullen - qualified
Devon Petersen - qualified
Jose de Sousa - qualified
Ian White - qualified
Ryan Searle - qualified

All Winter Series events winners who have not yet qualified for the Grand Slam join Ian White and Ryan Searle on the Reserve List.
If all players on the Reserve List are in the Grand Slam, any further players would come from the eight "Last 16 Losers" from the PDC Tour Card Holder Qualifier who will placed in PDC Order of Merit order after the conclusion od the PDC Winter Series.
The current rankings look like this:
Brendan Dolan
Steve Beaton
Ryan Searle
Mickey Mansell
Matthew Edgar
Rowby-John Rodriguez
Jason Lowe
Peter Jacques

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