Premier League 2024

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Thursday, 1. FebruaryUtilita Arena, CardiffReport, Statistics
Thursday, 8. FebruaryMercedes Benz Arena, BerlinReport, Statistics
Thursday, 15. FebruaryOVO Hydro, Glasgow
Thursday, 22. FebruaryUtilita Arena, NewcastleReport, Statistics
Thursday, 29. FebruaryWestpoint Arena, Exeter
Thursday, 7. MarchBrighton Centre, Brighton
Thursday, 14. MarchMotorpoint Arena, Nottingham
Thursday, 21. March3Arena, Dublin
Thursday, 28. MarchSSE Arena, Belfast
Thursday, 4. AprilAO Arena, Manchester
Thursday, 11. AprilUtilita Arena, Birmingham
Thursday, 18. April Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam
Thursday, 25. AprilM&SBank Arena, Liverpool
Thursday, 2. May P&J Live, Aberdeen<
Thursday, 9. MayFirst Direct Arena, Leeds
Thursday, 16. MayUtilita Arena, Sheffield
Thursday, 23. MayO2 Arena, London - Play-Offs

Luke Humphries
Michael van Gerwen
Michael Smith
Nathan Aspinall
Gerwyn Price
Rob Cross
Peter Wright
Luke Littler

PosNamePointsNights WonRUSemisLegsLegdiff
1Michael van Gerwen153--62/50+12
2Luke Littler9-1353/49+4
3Rob Cross9-1347/46+1
4Nathan Aspinall811-45/44+1
5Michael Smith71-140/41-1
6Luke Humphries7-1246/43+3
7Gerwyn Price5-1133/41-8
8Peter Wright0---18/30-12

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Thursday, 1. February - Utilita Arena, Cardiff
Top ⇑
Peter Wright3:6Rob Cross
Gerwyn Price6:4Nathan Aspinall
Michael van Gerwen6:5Michael Smith
Luke Littler6:2Luke Humphries

Gerwyn Price6:2Rob Cross
Michael Smith6:5Luke Littler

Michael Smith6:2Gerwyn Price

Report and Statistics

Thursday, 8. February - Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin
Top ⇑
Nathan Aspinall4:6Michael van Gerwen
Michael Smith6:5Gerwyn Price
Luke Littler6:5Rob Cross
Luke Humphries6:4Peter Wright

Michael van Gerwen6:5Michael Smith
Luke Littler6:5Luke Humphries

Michael van Gerwen6:5Luke Littler

Report and Statistics

Thursday, 15. February - OVO Hydro, Glasgow
Top ⇑
Rob Cross6:4Michael Smith
Michael van Gerwen6:2Peter Wright
Nathan Aspinall3:6Luke Humphries
Gerwyn Price6:5 Luke Littler

Rob Cross 4:6Michael van Gerwen
Luke Humphries6:5Gerwyn Price

Michael van Gerwen6:5Luke Humphries

Thursday, 22. Februar - Utilita Arena, Newcastle
Top ⇑
Michael Smith5:6Nathan Aspinall
Rob Cross6:5Luke Humphries
Peter Wright5:6Luke Littler
Gerwyn Price4:6Michael van Gerwen

Nathan Aspinall6:4Rob Cross
Luke Littler5:6Michael van Gerwen

Nathan Aspinall4:6Michael van Gerwen

Report and Statistics

Thursday, 29. February - Westpoint, Exeter
Top ⇑
Luke Humphries6:3Michael van Gerwen
Nathan Aspinall6:4Peter Wright
Gerwyn Price1:6Rob Cross
Luke Littler6:2Michael Smith

Luke Humphries5:6Nasthan Aspinall
Rob Cross6:3Luke Littler

Nathan Aspinall6:2Rob Cross

Thursday, 7. March - The Brighton Centre, Brighton
Top ⇑
Luke HumphriesvGerwyn Price
Rob CrossvMichael van Gerwen
Nathan AspinallvLuke Littler
Michael SmithvPeter Wright

Thursday, 14. March - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham
Top ⇑
Peter WrightvGerwyn Price
Luke HumphriesvMichael Smith
Michael van GerwenvLuke Littler
Rob CrossvNathan Aspinall

Thursday, 21. March - 3Arena, Dublin
Top ⇑
Fixtures based on league table following Night Seven

Thursday, 28. March - SSE Arena, Belfast
Top ⇑
Luke Humphriesv
Michael SmithvMichael van Gerwen
Nathan AspinallvGerwyn Price
Rob CrossvPeter Wright

Thursday, 4. April - AO Arena, Manchester
Top ⇑
Nathan AspinallvRob Cross
Luke LittlervMichael van Gerwen
Michael SmithvLuke Humphries
Gerwyn PricevPeter Wright

Thursday, 11. April - Utilita Arena, Birmingham
Top ⇑
Peter WrightvLuke Humphries
Rob CrossvLuke Littler
Gerwyn PricevMichael Smith
Michael van GerwenvNathan Aspinall

Thursday, 18. April - Ahoy, Rotterdam
Top ⇑
Michael SmithvLuke Littler
Rob CrossvGerwyn Price
Peter WrightvNathan Aspinall
Michael van GerwenvLuke Humphries

Thursday, 25. April - M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool
Top ⇑
Quarterfinals Nathan Aspinall
Luke LittlervGerwyn Price
Luke Humphriesv
Peter WrightvMichael van Gerwen
Michael SmithvRob Cross

Thursday, 2. May - P&J Live, Aberdeen
Top ⇑
Peter WrightvMichael Smith
Luke LittlervNathan Aspinall
Michael van GerwenvRob Cross
Gerwyn PricevLuke Humphries

Thursday, 9. May - First Direct Arena, Leeds
Top ⇑
Michael van GerwenvGerwyn Price
Luke LittlervPeter Wright
Luke HumphriesvRob Cross
Nathan AspinallvMichael Smith

Thursday, 16. May - Utilita Arena, Sheffield
Top ⇑
Fixtures based on League Table following Night 15

Thursday, 23. May - The O2, London Play-Offs
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