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The PDC Youth Tour is played since 2011. In 2011 all the events were played during Players Championships weekends after the Players Championship on Saturday.

Starting 2012 the Youth Tour weekends are independent from the Pro Tour while the dates don't collide. On the Saturdays always two tournaments are played followed by one on Sunday. From 2014 only two tournaments on the Saturdays will be played. Since 2015 on Saturday and Sunday all in all four tournaments are played.

As the Youth proved to be a success in 2012 it was enlarged from 15 events to 21. Till now for 2013 only 15 events are known. In 2014 it will be 16 events - two each played on eight Saturdays.

Price money earned counts for the PDC Youth Tour Order of Merit.

The Top 20 of the Youth tour Order of Merit are automatically qualified for the PDC Unicorn World Championship. The top two of the tanle will get a Pro Tour Card for the following two years while the third to eighth will get free entry i to the Q-School of the following year.

All players between 16 years and 21 years can take part in the Youth Tour. 2015 the age limit was changed to 23 years.

2013 the Youth Tour was renamend in "Challenge Tour". In 2014 after the introduction of the Challenge Tour for PDPA Associate Members it again was called Youth Tour and together with the Challenge Tour formed the PDC Developement Tour. In 2016 the name Youth Tour was changed permanently to "Development Tour" and the tour was enlarged to 20 events - four of them played in Germany.

Development Tour 2020
Top ⇑
DT 1 + 2 29. FebruaryHildesheim, Germany Winners: Berry van Peer, Ryan Meikle
DT 3 + 4 1. MarchHildesheim, Germany Winners: Ryan Meikle, Wessel Nijmann
DT 5 + 625. SeptemberBarnsley, England Winners:
DT 7 + 826. SeptemberBarnsley, England Winners:
DT 9 + 1027. SeptemberBarnsley, England Winners:

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2020 will be played on 14. September in Wigan till including the semi-finals. The final will take place on 29. November in Minehead.

Ranking 2020
Top ⇑
On 2. March

1Ryan Meikle£4.200
2Wessel Nijman£2.250
3Berry van Peer£2.200
4Martin Schindler£2.050
5Dom Taylor£1.600
5Niels Zonneveld£1.600
7Nico Kurz£1.500
8Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£900
9Brian Raman£850
10Sebastian Bialecki£800
11Keelan Kay£750
12Ted Evetts£700
13Kevin Troppmann£650
13Bradley Brooks£650
15Jaicob Selby-Rivas£600
15Kevin Doets£600
15Jamal van den Herik£600
18Lewis Williams£550
19Maikel Verberk£500
20Luke Colwill£400
20Mike van Duivenbode£400
20Geert Nentjes£400
20Keanne Barry£400
20Damian Mol£400
20Joshua Richardson£400
20Gian van Veen£400
27Bertus Herks£350
27Joe Davis£350
27Marcus Tommaso Brambati£350
27Brad Phillips£350
27Ciaran Teehan£350
32Liam Meek£300
32Sven Hesse£300
32Kalam Marsh£300
32Daniel Bastiaansen£300
32James Beeton£300
32Aaron Ayres£300
32Jack Main£300
32Reece Colley£300
32Justin van Tergouw£300
32Thomas Lovely£300
Development Tour 2019
Top ⇑
DT 1 + 2 9. MarchWigan, England Winners: Ted Evetts, Nathan Rafferty
DT 3 + 4 10. MarchWigan, England Winners: Ryan Meikle, Ted Evetts
DT 5 + 620. AprilWigan, England Winners: Jeffrey de Zwaan, Corey Cadby
DT 7 + 821. AprilWigan, England Winners: Ryan Meikle, Callan Rydz
DT 9 + 108. JuneMilton Keynes, England Winners: Ted Evetts, Geert Nentjes
DT 11 + 129. JuneMilton Keynes, England Winners: Luke Humphries, Ted Evetts
DT 13 + 1417. AugustHildesheim, Germany Winners: Shane McGuirk, Ted Evetts
DT 15 + 1618. August Hildesheim, GermanyWinners: Geert Nentjes, Ted Evetts
DT 17 + 182. NovemberWigan, England Winners: Luke Humphries, ted Evetts
DT 19 + 203. NovemberWigan, England Winners: Ted Evetts, Luke Humphries

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2019 will be played on 5. November in Wigan till including the semi-finals. The final will take place on 25. November in Minehead.

Ranking 2019
Top ⇑
Final Standings 3. November
1Ted Evetts£17.600
2Luke Humphries£10.400
3Geert Nentjes£9.400
4Ryan Meikle£5.700
5Ciaran Teehan£5.050
6Shane McGuirk£5.000
7Nathan Rafferty£4.450
8Callan Rydz£4.150
9Keanne Barry£4.050
10Jeffrey de Zwaan£3.950
11Greg Ritchie£3.700
12Bradley Brooks£3.250
13Andrew Davidson£3.050
14William Borland£3.000
15Corey Cadby£2.800
16Harry Ward£2.450
17Kevin Doets£2.300
18Owen Roelofs£2.300
19Danny van Trijp£2.200
20Justin Smith£2.200
21Ben Cheeseman£2.100
22Nathan Girvan£2.100
23Lewis Pride£2.050
24Jared Cole£2.050
25Mike de Decker£2.050
26Mike van Duivenbode£2.000
27Wessel Nijman£1.950
28Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£1.900
29Justin van Tergouw£1.750
30Berry van Peer£1.700
31Christian Bunse£1.650
32Rhys Griffin£1.600

Development Tour 2018
Top ⇑
DT 1 + 2 14. April Wigan, England Winner: Nathan Rafferty, Wessel Nijmann
DT 3 + 4 15. AprilWigan, England Winner: Ron Hewson, Niels Zonneveld
DT 5 + 626. MayHildesheim, Germany Winner: Rowby-John Rodriguez, Kenny Neyens
DT 7 + 827. MayHildesheim, Germany Winner: Luke Humphries, Ted Evetts
DT 9 + 109. JuneWigan, England Winner: Both Martin Schindler
DT 11 + 1210. JuneWigan, England Winner: Ryan Meikle, Ted Evetts
DT 13 + 1422. SeptemberPeterborough, England Winner: Luke Humphries, George Killington
DT 15 + 1623. September Peterborough, England Winner: Dimitri van den Bergh, Jarred Cole
DT 17 + 183. NovemberWigan, England Winner: Berry van Peer, Luke Humphries
DT 19 + 204. NovemberWigan, England Winner: Dimitri van den Bergh, Ted Evetts

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2018 will be played on 5. November in Wigan till including the semi-finals. The final will take place on 25. November in Minehead.

Ranking 2018
Top ⇑
Final Standings on 4. November
1Luke Humphries£8.000
1Dimitri van den Bergh£8.000
3Ted Evetts£7.800
4Geert Nentjes£6.350
5Martin Schindler£5.950
6George Killington£5.300
7Rowby-John Rodriguez£5.200<
8Ryan Meikle£4.450
9Niels Zonneveld£4.400
10Christian Bunse£4.350
11Jarred Cole£4.150
12Nathan Rafferty£3.750
13Berry van Peer£3.650
14Kenny Neyens£3.400
15Rob Hewson£3.300
15Wessel Nijman£3.300
17Bradley Brooks£3.000
18Jimmy Hendriks£2.800
18Dawson Murschell£2.800
20George Gardner£2.650
21Bradley Kirk£2.400
21Justin van Tergouw£2.400
23Mike de Decker£2.350
23Rhys Griffin£2.350
25Tommy Wilson£2.250
26Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£2.100
26Lee Budgen£2.100
28Rhys Hayden£2.050
29Brian Raman£2.000
29Scott Dale£2.000
29Melvin de Fijter£2.000
29Joe Davis£2.000

Development Tour 2017
Top ⇑
DT 1 + 2 18. February Wigan, England Winners: Luke Humphries, Dimitri van den Bergh
DT 3 + 4 19. FebruaryWigan, England Winners: Ryan Meikle, Luke Humphries
DT 5 + 618. MarchBarnsley, England Winners: Kenny Neyens, Dimitri van den Bergh
DT 7 + 819. MarchBarnsley, England Winners: Adam Hunt, Steve Lennon
DT 9 + 1027. MayHildesheim, Germany Winners: Luke Humphries, Mike van Duivenbode
DT 11 + 1228. MayHildesheim, Germany Winners: Jeffrey de Zwaan, Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
DT 13 + 1416. SeptemberBarnsley, England Winners: Dimitri van den Bergh, Mike van Duijvenbode
DT 15 + 1617. September Barnsley, England Winners: Martin Schinlder, Luke Humphries
DT 17 + 184. NovemberWigan, England Winners: Mike de Decker, Ted Evetts
DT 19 + 205. November Wigan, England Winners: Rowby-John Rodriguez, Luke Humphries

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2017 will be played on 6. November in Wigan down including the semi-finals. The final will be played on 26. November in Minehead.

Ranking 2017
Top ⇑
Final Standings
PlayerPrice Money
1Luke Humphries£10.100
2Dimitri van den Bergh£9.800
3Adam Hunt£8.000
4Kenny Neyens£6.750
5Mike van Dijvenbode£5.150
6Ryan Meikle£4.750
7Steve Lennon£4.150
8Harry Ward£4.050
9Martin Schindler£3.350
10Ted Evetts£3.200
11Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£3.100
12Justin van Tergouw£2.850
13Jeffrey de Zwaan£2.700
14Mike de Decker£2.550
15Dawson Murschell£2.450
16Rhys Griffin£2.350
17Adam Smith-Neal£2.250
18Rowby-John Rodriguez£2.200
19Josh Payne£2.100
20Berry van Peer£1.900
21Ronnie Roberts£1.900
22Brian Raman£1.800
23Rhys Hayden£1.800
24Stephen Rosney£1.750
25Sven Groen£1.600
26Jimmy Hendriks£1.550
27Rob Hewson£1.500
28Dan Read£1.450
29John Brown£1.400
30Joe Davis£1.350
31Jake Jones£1.200
32Thomas Lovely£1.200

The first two players in the final ranking will get a Tourcard for two years, the players ranked 3 - 8 can take part in Qualifying School for free.

Development Tour 2016

Top ⇑

DT 1 + 2 26. March Wigan, England Winners: Callum Loose, Steve Lennon
DT 3 + 4 27. MarchWigan, England Winners: Josh Payne, Adam Hunt
DT 5 + 623. AprilMuehlheim, Germany Winners: Max Hopp, Ross Twell
DT 7 + 824. AprilMuehlheim, Germany Winners: Kenny Neyens, Dean Reynolds
DT 9 + 1014. MayWigan, England Winners: Dean Reynolds, Ross Twell
DT 11 + 1215. MayWigan, England Winners: Aden Kirk, Ross Twell
DT 13 + 143. SeptemberCoventry, England Winners: Dean Reynolds, Dimitri van den Bergh
DT 15 + 164. September Coventry, England Winners: Dean Reynolds (both)
DT 17 + 1815. OctoberWigan, England Winners: Dean Reynolds, Corey Cadby
DT 1916. October Wigan, England Winner: Mike de Decker

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2016 will be played on 21. October in Barnsley down till the semifinals. The final will take place on 27. November in Minehead.

Ranking 2016

Top ⇑

Final Standings
PlayerPrice Money
1Dean Reynolds£14.650
2Ross Twell£7.750
3Aden Kirk£6.400
4Steve Lennon£5.750
5Adam Hunt£5.550
6Callum Loose£5.100
7Josh Payne£4.850
8Rowby-John Rodriguez£4.350
9Dimitri van den Bergh£4.050
10Jeffrey de Zwaan£3.900
10Berry van Peer£3.900
12Kurt Parry £3.450
13Mike de Decker £3.400
14Jimmy Hendriks£3.200
15Keegan Brown£2.800
15Max Hopp£2.800
17Aaron Dyer£2.650
17Kenny Neyens£2.650
19Luke Humphries£2.250
20James Hubbard£2.200
20Bradley Kirk£2.200
22Dirk van Duijvebode£2.150
23Nick Kenny£2.100
23Scott Dale£2.100
25Corey Cadby£2.050
26Sven Groen£1.850
27Harry Ward£1.800
28Kevin de Vries£1.750
29Ryan de Vreede£1.700
29Charlie Beaumont£1.700
31Ronnie Roberts£1.500
32Daniel Jensen£1.450
32Arron Fairweather£1.450
32Liam Devries£1.450
32John de Kruijf£1.450

Youth Tour 2015

Top ⇑

YT 1 + 2 25. April Coventry, England Winners: Rowby John Rodriguez, Berry van Peer
YT 3 + 4 26. AprilCoventry, England Winners: Aden Kirk, Berry van Peer
YT 5 + 627. JuneCoventry, England Winners: Mike de Dekker, Benito van de Pas
YT 7 + 828. JuneCoventry, England Winners: Nathan Aspinall, Dimitri van den Bergh
YT 9 + 1012. SeptemberCoventry, England Winners: Jamie Lewis, Dimitri van den Bergh
YT 11 + 1213. SeptemberCoventry, England Winners: Mike de Decker, Aaron Dyer
YT 13 + 1417. OctoberWigan, England Winners: Bradley Kirk, Sven Groen
YT 15 + 1618. October Wigan, England Winners: Dean Reynolds, Bradley Kirk

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2014 will be played on 19. October in Wigan including the semi-finals

Ranking 2015

Top ⇑

On 19. October
PlayerPrice Money
1Bradley Kirk£8.400
2Mike de Decker£6.900
3Nathan Aspinall£5.950
4Benito van de Pas£5.800
5Berry van Peer£5.550
6Dimitri van den Bergh£5.150
7Shaun Griffiths£4.900
8Josh Payne£4.600
9Aaron Dyer£4.000
10Jamie Lewis£3.800
11Dean Reynolds£3.600
12Aden Kirk£3.150
13Sven Groen£3.000
14Rowby-John Rodriguez£2.450
15Nick Kenny£2.350
16Ted Evetts£2.300
16Christopher Quantock£2.300
18Adam Hunt£2.250
18Roxy-James Rodriguez£2.250
20Harry Ward£1.900
21Mike Zuydwijk£1.700
21Jeffrey de Zwaan£1.700
23Sam Hewson£1.650
24Rhys Griffin£1.550
24Sam Head£1.550
26John de Kruijf£1.500
27Scott Dale£1.450
28Jordan Matthews£1.350
28Wouter Vaes£1.350
28Joshua Richardson£1.350

Youth Tour 2014

Top ⇑

YT 1 + 2 1. March Wigan, England Winners: Nick Kenny, Lewis Venes
YT 3 29. MarchReading, England Winner: Mike Zuydwijk
YT 45. AprilReading, England Winner: Dimitri van den Bergh
YT 5 + 626. AprilWigan, England Winners: Sam Hewson, George Killington
YT 7 + 817. MayCoventry, England Winners: Dimitri van den Bergh, James Hubbard
YT 9 + 1031. MayWigan, England Winners: Adam Hunt, Nick Kenny
YT 11 + 125. JulyCoventry, England Winners: Dean Reynolds, Reece Robinson
YT 13 + 1427. September Coventry, England Winners: Dimitri van den Bergh, Josh Payne
YT 15 + 161. November Wigan, England Winners: Keegan Brown, Dean Reynolds

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship 2014 will be played on 5. April in Reading till including the semifinals

Ranking 2014

Top ⇑

On 3. November
1Dimitri van den Bergh£4.325
2Josh Payne£4.125
3James Hubbard£3.050
4Keegan Brown£2.850
5Nick Kenny£2.850
5Reece Robinson£2.825
7Dean Reynolds £2.700
8Adam Hunt£2.550
9Sam Hewson£2.450
10Mike Zuydwijk£2.175
11Max Hopp£1.975
12George Killington£1.825
13Rowby-John Rodriguez£1.800
13Lewis Venes£1.450
15Ryan de Vreede£1.400
16Jake Jones£1.300
17Rhys Hayden£1.200
18Adam Smith-Neale£1.175
19John de Kruijf£1.175
20Aden Kirk£1.100
21Dirk van Duijvenbode£1.100
22Jack Tweddell£1.075
23James Thompson£1.075
24Kurt Parry£1.025
25Jeffrey de Zwaan£975
25Matthew Dicken£925
27Liam Cooper£775
28Kevin Voornhout£750
28Shaun Narain£725
30Josh McCarthy£700
31Ted Evetts£675
32Ben Songhurst£675

Youth Tour 2013

Top ⇑

YT 1 + 2 23. March Barnsley, England winner: Rowby-John Rodriguez, Josh Payne
YT 3 24. MarchBarnsley, England winner: Kurt Parry
YT 4 + 520. AprilWigan, England winner: Adam Hunt, Jamie Lewis
YT 621. AprilWigan, England winner: Ross Smith
YT 7 + 811. MayWigan, England winner: Ross Smith, Graham Hall
YT 912. MayWigan, England winner: Benito van de Pas
YT 10 + 1113. July Barnsley, England winner: Ben Ward, Ross Smith
YT 1214. July Barnsley, England winner: Jan Dekker
YT 13 + 147. SeptemberReading, England winner: Ben Ward, Luke Woodhouse
YT 158. SeptemberReading, England winner: Ricky Evans
YT 16 + 1728. SeptemberCrawley, England winner: Dinmitri van de Bergh, Matthew Dennant
YT 1829. SeptemberCrawley, England winner: Ross Smith

Ranking 2013

Top ⇑

PlayerPrice Money
1Ross Smith£2.700
2Ben Ward£2.175
3Ricky Evans£1.975
4Adam Hunt£1.925
5 Rowby John Rodriguez£1.450
6Jan Dekker£1.425
6Kurt Parry£1.425
8Luke Woodhouse£1.225
9Josh Payne£1.175
10Matthew Dennant£1.075
11Dirk van Duijvenbode£1.050
12Daniel Day£1.025
13Richard Baillie£1.000
13Gaz Cousins£1.000
13Reece Robinson£1.000
13Benito van de Pas£1.000
17Chris Aubrey£975
18Max Hopp£950
18Alan Bell£925
20Jamie Lewis£900
21Ryan de Vreede£775
22Sam Hewson£750
23Lewis McGurn£725
24Samuel Head£700
24Dimitri van den Berg£700
26Shaun Griffiths£675
27Jake Patchett£625
28Stuart Bousfield£600
29Nathan Aspinall£575
30Graham Hall£550
31Keegan Brown£525
32Shaun Griffiths£500
32Josh Jones£500
32Wouter Vaes£500

Youth Tour 2012

Top ⇑

YT 1 + 2 21. April Derby, England winner: Arron Monk, Michael Smith
YT 3 22. AprilDerby England winner: Arron Monk
YT 4 + 519. MayReading, England winner: James Hubbard, Michael Smith
YT 620. MayReading, England winner: Arron Monk
YT 7 + 82. JuneBruehl, Germany winner: Adam Smith-Neale, Chris Aubrey
YT 93. JuneBuehl, Germany winner: Jamie Lewis
YT 10 + 1114. July Barnsley, England winner: Sam Hamilton, Arron Monk
YT 1215. July Barnsley, England winners: James Hubbard
YT 13 + 144. AugustDerby, England winner: Jamie Lewis, Jamie Landon
YT 155. AugustDerby, England winner: Michael Smith
YT 16 + 1729. September Wigan, England winner: Michael Smith, Keegan Brown
YT 1830. September Wigan, England winner: Michael Smith
YT 193. NovemberCrawley, England winner: Arron Monk
YT 204. November Crawley, England winner: Arron Monk

Ranking 2012

Top ⇑

PlayerPrice Money
1Arron Monk£4.900
2Michael Smith £3.925
3James Hubbard£2.850
4Jamie Lewis£2.125
5Chris Aubrey£1.675
6Keegan Brown£1.525
6Josh Payne£1.525
8Sam Hill£1.400
9Shaun Griffiths£1.350
9Jake Patchett£1.350
11Samuel Head£1.300
12Adam Hunt£1.225
12Jamie Landon£1.225
14Adam Smith-Neale£1.125
15Ricky Evans£1.050
15Reece Robinson£1.050
17Matthew Dennant£1.000
17Ben Songhurst£1.000
19Jake Jones£950
20Aden Kirk £825
21Sam Hamilton£775
22Steve Haggarty£725
22Oliver Stell£725
22Vouter Waes£725
25Paddy Meaney£700
25Brandonn Monk£700
27Martin Heneghan£650
27Jack Hill£650
27George Killingdon£650
27Darren Whittingham£650
31Kurt Parry£625
32Lee Whitworth£625

Price Money

Top ⇑

YearWinnerSecondSemifinalQuarterfinalLast 16Last32Last 64
2013500 pound300 pound200 pound100 pound75 pound50 pound-
20141000 pound500 pound250 pound150 pound100 pound50 pound25 pound

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