World Matchplay 2014

Tournament Information


Saturday, 19. JulyFirst Round Report, Statistics
Sunday, 20. JulyFirst Round/AfternoonReport, Statistics
Sunday, 20. JulyFirst Round/EveningReport, Statistics
Monday, 21. JulyFirst RoundReport, Statistics
Tuesday, 22. JulySecond RoundReport, Statistics
Wednesday, 23. JulySecond Round
Thursday, 24. JulyQuarterfinals 1
Friday, 25. JulyQuarterfinals 2Report, Statistics
Saturday, 26. JulySemifinals
Sunday, 27. July FinalReport, Statistics

Saturday, 19. July - First Round     Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Ian White10:4Terry Jenkins
Simon Whitlock10:6Kevin Painter
Michael van Gerwen10:7Steve Beaton
James Wade10:5Andy Smith

Report and Statistics

Sunday, 20. July - First Round      Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Dave Chisnall10:4Dean Winstanley
Brendan Dolan4:10Richie Burnett
Robert Thornton8:10Paul Nicholson
Andy Hamilton10:3Wayne Jones

Reports and statistics second day, Afternoon

Justin Pipe8:10Michael Smith
Wes Newton11:9Ronnie Baxter
Phil Taylor10:4Darren Webster
Raymond van Barneveld10:4Vincent van der Voort

Reports and statistics second day, Evening

Monday, 21. July - First Round      Best of 19 Legs
Top ⇑
Peter Wright6:10Stephen Bunting
Mervyn King10:4Kim Huybrechts
Adrian Lewis10:0Andrew Gilding
Gary Anderson10:8Jamie Caven

Report and statistics fourth day

Tuesday, 22. July - Second Round      Best of 25 Legs
Top ⇑
Andy Hamilton10:13Dave Chisnall
James Wade13:2Richie Burnett
Michael van Gerwen13:4Ian White
Simon Whitlock13:8Raymond van Barneveld

Report, Statistics

Wednesday, 23. July - Second Round      Best of 25 Legs
Top ⇑
Paul Nicholson13:15Wes Newton
Stephen Bunting8:13Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor/Nine-Darter13:8Michael Smith
Adrian Lewis13:8Mervyn King

Thursday, 24. July - Quarter Finals      Best of 31 Legs
Top ⇑
Michael van Gerwen16:12Dave Chisnall
Simon Whitlock16:10James Wade

Friday, 25. July - Quarterfinals      Best of 31 Legs
Top ⇑
Adrian Lewis8:16Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor16:6Wes Newton

Report and Statistics

Saturday, 26. July - Semifinals      Best of 33 Legs
Top ⇑
Simon Whitlock13:17Michael van Gerwen
Gary Anderson15:17Phil Taylor

Sunday, 27. July - Final      Best of 35 Legs
Michael van Gerwen9:18Phil Taylor

Report, Statistics

World Matchplay Participants

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  • PDC Order of Merit
1Michael van Gerwen
2Phil Taylor
3Adrian Lewis
4Simon Whitlock
5James Wade
6Peter Wright
7Robert Thornton
8Andy Hamilton
9Dave Chisnall
10Wes Newton
11Gary Anderson
12Brendan Dolan
13Raymond van Barneveld
14Mervyn King
15Justin Pipe
16Ian White

  • Pro Tour Order of Merit
1Steve Beaton
2Kim Huybrechts
3Vincent van der Voort
4Jamie Caven
5Michael Smith
6Terry Jenkins
7Dean Winstanley
8Ronnie Baxter
9Kevin Painter
10Stephen Bunting
11Darren Wbster
12Andrew Gilding
13Wayne Jones
14Andy Smith
15Paul Nicholson
16Richie Burnett

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