Grand Slam of Darts 2022

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Global Darts in Wolverhampton:
Out of Darkness Cometh
Some fans dress up as dart boards...
Saturday, 12. NovemberGroup Matches 1, Afternoon
Saturday, 12. NovemberGroup Matches 1, EveningReport, Statistics Day 1
Sunday, 13. NovemberGroup Matches 2, Afternoon
Sunday, 13. NovemberGroup Matches 2, EveningReport, Statistics Day 2
Monday, 14. NovemberGroup Matches 3 Report, Statistics
Tuesday, 15. NovemberGroup Matches 3Report, Statistics
Wednesday, 16. NovemberSecond RoundStatistics
Thursday, 17. NovemberSecond RoundReport, Statistics
Friday, 18. NovemberQuarterfinals 1Report, Statistics
Saturday, 19. NovemberQuarterfinals 2Statistics
Sunday, 20. NovemberSemifinals, Afternoon
Sunday, 20. NovemberFinal, EveningReport Finals Day, Statistics

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Group A
Gerwyn Price (1)
Dave Chisnall
Raymond van Barneveld
Ted Evetts

Group B
Danny Noppert (8)
Simon Whitlock
Mensur Suljovic
Christian Perez

Group C
Michael Smith (4)
Joe Cullen
Ritchie Edhouse
Lisa Ashton

Group D
Rob Cross (5)
Dirk van Duijvenbode
Martin Schindler
Adam Gawlas

Group E
Peter Wright (2)
Nathan Aspinall
Alan Soutar
Fallon Sherrock

Group F
Jonny Clayton (7)
Damon Heta
Jermaine Wattimena
Leonard Gates

Group G
Michael van Gerwen (3)
Ross Smith
Luke Woodhouse
Nathan Rafferty

Group H
Luke Humphries (6)
Ryan Searle
Josh Rock
Scott Williams

Group AWon LostDiffPoints
Raymond van Barneveld, Q30+86
Gerwyn Price, Q21+4 4
Dave Chisnall120 2
Ted Evetts03-12 0

Group BWon LostDiffPoints
Danny Noppert, Q30+5 6
Simon Whitlock, Q21+24
Mensur Suljovic12-1 2
Christian Perez03-6 0

Group CWon LostDiffPoints
Michael Smith, Q 30+106
Joe Cullen, Q12+2 4
Ritchie Edhouse12-5 2
Lisa Ashton04-7 0

Group DWon LostDiffPoints
Dirk van Duijvenbode, Q30+56
Rob Cross, Q1 2+2 4
Martin Schindler120 2
Adam Gawlas03-7 0

Group EWon LostDiffPoints
Nathan Aspinall, Q21+6 4
Alan Soutar, Q21+34
Peter Wright21+2 4
Fallon Sherrock03-11 0

Group FWonLostDiffPunkte
Jonny Clayton, Q21+7 4
Jermaine Wattimena, Q21+24
Damon Heta21+14
Leonard Gates03-10 0

Group GWon LostDiffPunkte
Michael van Gerwen, Q21+6 4
Ross Smith, Q 21+34
Luke Woodhouse12-4 2
Nathan Rafferty12-5 2

Group HWon LostDiffPoints
Luke Humphries, Q21+5 4
Josh Rock, Q21+2 4
Scott Williams12-22
Ryan Searle12-5 2

Saturday, 12. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Afternoon - Groups A, B, C, D
Simon Whitlock5:2Mensur Suljovic
Dirk van Duijvenbode5:4Martin Schindler
Joe Cullen5:1Ritchie Edhouse
Dave Chisnall3:5Raymond van Barneveld
Rob Cross5:2Adam Gawlas
Danny Noppert5:4Christian Perez
Gerwyn Price5:2Ted Evetts
Michael Smith5:3Lisa Ashton

Evening - Groups E, F, G, H
Ross Smith4:5Luke Wooodhouse
Ryan Searle5:4Josh Rock
Damon Heta2:5Jermaine Wattimena
Nathan Aspinall4:5Alan Soutar
Luke Humphries5:2Scott Williams
Peter Wright5:1Fallon Sherrock
Michael van Gerwen5:2Nathan Rafferty
Jonny Clayton5:0Leonard Gates

Report, Statistics Day 1

Afternoon - Groups A, B, C, D
Winners of Saturday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Sunday, 13. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Ritchie Edhouse5:2Lisa Ashton
Martin Schindler5:3Adam Gawlas
Mensur Suljovic5:2Christian Perez
Dave Chisnall5:2Ted Evetts
Danny Noppert5:2Simon Whitlock
Rob Cross3:5Dirk van Duijvenbode
Gerwyn Price4:5Raymond van Barneveld
Michael Smith5:1Joe Cullen

Evening - Groups E, F, G, H
Winners of Saturday's matches play winners, loser's play losers
Josh Rock5:4Scott Williams
Damon Heta5:4Leonard Gates
Ross Smith5:2Nathan Rafferty
Nathan Aspinall5:1Fallon Sherrock
Jonny Clayton5:0Jermaine Wattimena
Michael van Gerwen5:1Luke Woodhouse
Peter Wright5:4Alan Soutar
Luke Humphries5:1Ryan Searle

Report + Statistics Day Two

Monday, 14. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Final Group Matches - Groups A, B, C, D
Dirk van Duijvenbode5:3Adam Gawlas
Raymond van Barneveld5:0Ted Evetts
Simon Whitlock5:3Christian Perez
Danny Noppert5:4Mensur Suljovic
Gerwyn Price5:4Dave Chisnall
Joe Cullen5:3Lisa Ashton
Michael Smith5:1Ritchie Edhouse
Rob Cross5:4Martin Schindler

Report and Statistics Day Three

Tuesday, 15. November - First Round, Best of 9 Legs
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Final Group Matches - Groups E, F, G, H
Jermaine Wattimena5:1Leonard Gates
Jonny Clayton2:5Damon Heta
Luke Woodhouse4:5Nathan Rafferty
Michael van Gerwen 4:5Ross Smith
Alan Soutar5:2Fallon Sherrock
Peter Wright2:5Nathan Aspinall
Ryan Searle3:5Scott Williams
Luke Humphries 3:5Josh Rock

Report + Statistics Day four

Wednesday, 16. November - Second Round Matches, Best of 19 Legs
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Raymond van Barneveld10:8Simon Whitlock
Michael Smith10:8Rob Cross
Danny Noppert8:10Gerwyn Price
Dirk van Duijvenbode4:10Joe Cullen

Statistics Day five

Thursday, 17. November - Second Round, Best of 19 Legs
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Nathan Aspinall10:6Jermaine Wattimena
Jonny Clayton8:10Alan Soutar
Michael van Gerwen10:8Josh Rock
Luke Humphries10:8Ross Smith

Report + Statistics Day six

Friday, 18. November - Quarterfinals 1, Best of 31 Legs
Top ⇑
Michael Smith16:15Joe Cullen
Raymond van Barneveld16:13Gerwyn Price

Report and Statistics Quarterfinals 1

Saturday, 19. November - Quarterfinals 2, Best of 31 Legs
Top ⇑
Alan Soutar12:16Nathan Aspinall
Michael van Gerwen 10:16Luke Humphries

Statistics Quarterfinals 2

Report and
Sunday, 20. November - Semi Finals and Final, Best of 33 Legs
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Semi Finals, Afternoon
Raymond van Barneveld12:16Michael Smith Nathan Aspinall16:12Luke Humphries

Final, Evening
Michael Smith16:5PNathan Aspinall

Report Finals Day, Statistics

Grand Slam of Darts Participants
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2021/22 PDC World Champion - Peter Wright
2021/22 PDC World Championship Runner-Up - Michael Smith
2021 Grand Slam of Darts Winner - Gerwyn Price
2021 Grand Slam of Darts Runner-Up - (Peter Wright)
2022 Premier League Winner - Michael van Gerwen
2022 Premier League Runner-Up - (Joe Cullen)
2022 World Matchplay Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2022 World Matchplay Runner-Up -(Gerwyn Price)
2022 World Grand Prix Winner - (Michael van Gerwen)
2022 World Grand Prix Runner-Up - Nathan Aspinallt
2022 UK Open Winner - Danny Noppert
2022 UK Open Runner-Up - (Michael Smith)
2022 Masters Winner - Joe Cullen
2022 Masters Runner-Up - Dave Chisnall
2022 European Championship Winner - Ross Smith
2022 European Championship Runner-Up - (Michael Smith)
2022 World Series of Darts Winner - (Gerwyn Price)
2022 World Series of Darts Runner-Up - Dirk van Duijvenbode
2022 World Cup Winners - Damon Heta, Simon Whitlock
2022 World Cup Runner-Up - (Gerwyn Price), Jonny Clayton
2021 Players Championship Finals Winner - (Peter Wright)
2021 Players Championship Finals Runner-Up - Ryan Searle
2021 World Youth Championship Winner- Ted Evetts
2021 World Youth Championship Runner-Up - Nathan Rafferty
2022 PDC Women's World Matchplay Winner - Fallon Sherrock
2022 PDC Women's Series Winner - Lisa Ashton
2022 Challenge Tour Winner - Scott Williams
2022 Development Tour Winner - Josh Rock
2022 ODC Asian Championship Winner - Christian Perez
2022 North American Championship Winner - Leonard Gates
2022 PDC European Tour Event Winners - Luke Humphries, (Michael van Gerwen), (Gerwyn Price), (Michael Smith)
2022 Players Championship Winners - (Michael Smith), (Michael van Gerwen), (Joe Cullen, (Peter Wright), (Gerwyn Price), (Ryan Searle), (Damon Heta), Rob Cross

PDC Tour Card Holders Qualifier, 8 places
Ritchie Edhouse
Raymond van Barneveld
Adam Gawlas
Alan Soutar
Martin Schindler
Luke Woodhouse
Mensur Suljovic
Jermaine Wattimena

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